NZ immigration rebounds

By Leith van Onselen

After Statistics New Zealand in January changed the way that it measures net overseas migration (NOM), resulting in large falls in the estimated migrant intake, it has released migration estimates for January 2019, which reveals that NOM is rebounding:

According to Statistics NZ:

Migrant arrivals were provisionally estimated at 151,600 (± 1,500) and migrant departures at 93,200 (± 1,100) in the 12 months ended January 2019, Stats NZ said today. This resulted in a provisional estimate of annual net migration of 58,400 (± 1,600)…

Year ended January 2019 (compared with January 2018 year) provisional estimates:

  • migrant arrivals – 151,600 (± 1,500), up 6 percent
  • migrant departures – 93,200 (± 1,100), up 4 percent
  • annual net migration – 58,400 (± 1,600), up from 52,900 (± 200).

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    • Wino Shinyface

      just surprised the first time I’ve heard of an attack on prayer time is in NZ, I thought there would be nut jobs going into mosques all over Europe by now

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Yeah camps in China are full of Wack jobs – I think there’s over a million Uyghur and God knows how many Tibetans in camps over there for objecting to being culturally and ethnically replaced .

        Identity doesn’t mean a lot to rootless urban dwelling cosmopolitans, but it means a great deal to those who identify with a particular culture – as a prior MB contributor noted:

        Beliefs matter. We have memorials for people who died to protect our nations, we are schooled in how great our country is, along with its customs, cultures, cuisines, national songs, flags and heroic origin stories. Many people are willing to die voluntarily for their belief in their nation…..fostering a cohesive national identity without triggering costly (and deadly) internal conflict between these two groups will be a delicate tightrope to walk.

        National identity and cultural values will drive people to volunteer to join the army putting their life on the line in order to defend what they believe in and who they believe they are.

        Expect far more ‘nut jobs’ in the future.

        Stronger and more united? Yeah, but nah.

  1. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    Looks like someone in NZ has finally had enough of mass migration and multiculturalism.
    Stronger and more united.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        “Shooters” – there have been several arrests, including a woman. Police rammed a Suburu that was carrying IED’s.

        Many NZ’ers are tired of both mass migration and Multiculturalism being forced down their throats – they’ve voted numerous times for politicians who’ve mouthed support for lower immigration, yet the major parties have continuously retreated from their promises and failed to address the growing community desire for it to be wound back.

        At what point do people start taking up arms to defend their beliefs, their culture and their ability to project their society into the future? Aust and NZ both have major political parties that are pushing increasingly unpopular mass migration policies and ignoring the many legitimate concerns existing citizens have in regards to Multiculturalism as a social policy.

        Obviously it would appear that today 4 people have reached that point. IMHO if Australia and NZ continue on this present course, we are simply peering through the looking glass into our collective future.

        ..fostering a cohesive national identity without triggering costly (and deadly) internal conflict between these two groups will be a delicate tightrope to walk.

        Obviously a peaceful solution is always the preference – but as I’ve said many times, Culture matters, Beliefs matter, and our politicians are ignoring that at our collective peril.

        Expect much more of this in the future, and increasingly as a two way narrative as new arrivals, or more to the point, their decedents demand that their host society respect their culture and beliefs.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        An interesting article I read the other day from Charles Hugh Smith:

        What Sort of “Democracy” Do We Have If Everyone’s Goal Is Maximizing Their Government Swag?

        IMHO Mass migration and Multiculturalism are the driving forces fracturing what remains of our Democracy.

        As I’ve said else where – our collective future isn’t one of a peaceful multicultural nirvana, but as an economic entity filled with competing cultural groupings fighting for their communities needs to be answered in primacy to all others.

        What happened in NZ today is simply the leading edge of what is to come.

      • Agree Stewie, the new breed of migrants aren’t interested in the Australian locals (be these locals of whatever ethnic background), they aren’t interested in the virtues of Australia (a sense of equality, being the main one), instead they are economic migrants coming for the economic benefits of that economic entity called Australia. In this era of cheap / free communications, they don’t need to engage and make friends with the locals because they can easily connect with their family overseas, and or, they already have their extended family and culture here and submerge themselves in their home culture whilst in Australia. They can even just catch the news in their mother tongue all paid in part by taxpayers, care of SBS. Governments know this is happening and are encouraging this. Multiculturalism has failed when there is no overarching culture to bring all the different cultures together.

    • kiwikarynMEMBER

      He was Australian, from Grafton NSW. We need to immediately build a wall, to keep these dangerous immigrants out!

      • I am in Grafton and his family is all here. At the pub tonight I will find out some more maybe. Not many strict Muslims here from my observations, probably 20 or 30 tops in a city of 30,000 so I’d say he was radicalised when he left in 2010 or so for international travel after working as a fitness trainer. I do know a couple of Shooters and Fishers supporters here and they are right racist cants though. On the whole, there is generally a lot of harmony here between Indigenous and other citizens. I am friends with quite a few and made a couple more today at the kids anti coal rally.

      • kiwikarynMEMBER

        Keep us posted on the goss – provided its accurate. Lots of misinformation and bulldust flying around over here at the moment. Unfortunately I did watch the video (thinking it was just a joke, before I knew it had been confirmed as genuine) and its disturbing the stories that so called “witnesses” inside the mosque are telling the media, who then report it as news, when the video shows that stuff never happened. So its been interesting to watch how the media and others have manipulated the story and distorted or hidden the facts.

      • An extremist Australian racist terrorist… Say no more. Pauline not looking so sexy anymore!

    • kiwikarynMEMBER

      Turns out he was the only shooter involved, just another lone wolf nutter. He didnt even live in Christchurch. I’m relieved about that, as the only thing worse than the fact it happened, would be to find out Kiwis were responsible for it. As it stands, this will be yet another thing we can hold a grudge against Australians for, like the underarm bowl and stealing pavlova.

  2. From where I stand the fundamental problem is that there will not be an Islamic Martin Luther in the near future

    The resolution cannot be be imposed externally,
    It must come from within

    Any critical analysis is considered heretical and punishable by beheading

  3. What gun was it?

    Instead of inspecting shipping containers for luxury showers and light bulbs, they should focus on guns.

  4. Weren’t we all just saying the other day that tensions are rising? I do not condone such violence. But there is now a push back, and with any push back – there is a peaceful assertion of beliefs, and then there is a more violence approach – always is.

    • Even someone I would have assumed as more left wing told me about 3 incidents with Muslims in London they had personally, and their views aren’t too dissimilar to mine.
      People want their way of life preserved. If something encroaches on this too much, you can expect conflict.

      I was also telling them how Canterbury is full of rednecks!

    • freddy lasthopeMEMBER

      A couple of months ago I was the recipient of a dogpile kicking from my “friends” on facebook when I tried to explore the christmas/celebration cake controversy in a little more depth, instead of lazily partaking in the mockery that was the approved of response in those circles. I tried to give my hypothesis on why the less sophisticated and arguably more vulnerable in society are riled up by such stories. How the vulnerable are the ones most affected by mass immigration policies, that they don’t understand why it is happening and that they’re getting angry and as such we shouldn’t just dismiss and demean them. I have been ostracised as a result with immediate family and lifelong friends no longer acknowledging me. I hate to say I told you so. Im not kidding, I hate it. Cassandra complex life sucks.