LVO talks per capita recession on The Bolt Report

On Thursday night, I gave an interview discussing Australia’s per capita recession on The Bolt Report.


Leith van Onselen


  1. – Immigration does indeed put downward pressure on wages. In that regard immigration actually weakens demand and by extension the economy.
    – But this has been pepered over by rising levels of debt. But now the credit impulse also is going/has gone into reverse.

  2. You may as well not attack him for his global warming stance – so you can appear on his show more often to demolish the lies peddles by globalists.

    (let the fake Guardian and fake ABC rant against his global warming stance)

    I was surprised to hear him speak a few words of Dutch a few months ago! He has Dutch heritage too!

    Holland had 1 million more people than AUS in 1960 and now AUS has 8 million more people than Holland!

    The median age is 42 years in Holland and 37.4 years in AUS. So, AUS imported 8 million poor people for the sake of a slightly younger population than Holland. The height of madness.

    • At least bolt has the courage to hear the truth, something that is beyond the SJW at the ABC.

  3. 3 of 4 growth drivers peaked (or peaking) right now = Labor gets one term in office.

    They will wear the full force of the downturn

  4. Good work Leith – well explained and Bolt seemed like he got that. Sadly we just need to get some politicians on board!!

  5. He let you tell it how it is. Full credit to both on this one.💪Wonder how many people see this?

  6. Great overview. Excellent reference for people who haven’t been observing this unfold.

  7. That was clear, concise and in layman’s terms so the average Skye News punter could understand it.
    Well done.

    I was surprised to hear Bolt criticism of the standing government. I wonder if Uncle Rupert will allow him to carry these views into News Corp papers?

  8. An impressive effort Leith. A clear message delivered convincingly and with gravitas. Well done.