LVO talks per capita recession on The Bolt Report

On Thursday night, I gave an interview discussing Australia’s per capita recession on The Bolt Report.



  1. – Immigration does indeed put downward pressure on wages. In that regard immigration actually weakens demand and by extension the economy.
    – But this has been pepered over by rising levels of debt. But now the credit impulse also is going/has gone into reverse.

  2. You may as well not attack him for his global warming stance – so you can appear on his show more often to demolish the lies peddles by globalists.

    (let the fake Guardian and fake ABC rant against his global warming stance)

    I was surprised to hear him speak a few words of Dutch a few months ago! He has Dutch heritage too!

    Holland had 1 million more people than AUS in 1960 and now AUS has 8 million more people than Holland!

    The median age is 42 years in Holland and 37.4 years in AUS. So, AUS imported 8 million poor people for the sake of a slightly younger population than Holland. The height of madness.

  3. That was clear, concise and in layman’s terms so the average Skye News punter could understand it.
    Well done.

    I was surprised to hear Bolt criticism of the standing government. I wonder if Uncle Rupert will allow him to carry these views into News Corp papers?

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