LNP dill swallows ALP pill

Amusing stuff from the dreaded teleprompter fail files at The Guardian:

The new minister for defence industry, Linda Reynolds, has disavowed and then embraced arguments from her cabinet colleague Mathias Cormann that wages adjusting in line with economic conditions is a “deliberate design feature” of the Australian economy.

During an untidy television appearance on Sunday morning, the newly minted cabinet appointee was asked whether she agreed with the sentiment that flexibility in wages, and keeping wages at a relatively modest level, is a deliberate feature of Australia’s economic architecture to help drive employment growth – a point the finance minister made last week.

Believing the observation was an argument being put by Bill Shorten in his economic messaging, Reynolds initially flatly rejected it, and blasted the Labor leader for making it.

“No I don’t believe that – absolutely not – and for Bill Shorten to even suggest that, I think, shows a fundamental lack of understanding about economics,” Reynolds said.

When it was pointed out to her that the argument was actually Cormann’s, not Shorten’s, she promptly declared her colleague was “absolutely right”.

Cormann last week made a technocratic argument about the link between wage levels and unemployment levels during an interview with Sky News.

The finance minister noted it was “a deliberate feature of our economic architecture” that “wages can adjust in the context of economic conditions … to avoid massive spikes in unemployment, which are incredibly disruptive” – meaning wages could decrease or increase in line with prevailing conditions in the economy.

Good to see Mr Cormann being honest about the real role of mass immigration.

Not sure our national defense is in good hands though…


    • Michaelia Cash and now this muppet … it is almost as if the Libs are attempting to make a point here.

  1. Poor lady would have been expecting questions about submarines and drones. Probably doesn’t know much about employment policy. Quickly shove a woman in when things are bad and hope for the best. Maybe that approach has been taken with all ministers. Woud explain alot.

  2. The only question Defence should ask themselves if what can they offer the US, that would add value in any possible China situation. The answer is likely a port and run way and that’s it, hence why do we really bother buying 10 f35’s say, it’s just a joke

  3. Reynolds is a bit slow to think that Shorten believes that keeping wages modest was part of his plan (when it is the opposite, at least for low wage earners).

    However, Speers was disingenuous in adding this part to the original paraphrase: “and keeping wages at a relatively modest level, “ – I can’t see that Cormann has said that at all – just that system wants wages to be flexible.

  4. Another one of Crichton Brown’s WA proteges following the well worn paths of Julia B and M Cash ??

  5. St JacquesMEMBER

    Clearly then, falling house prices and rising defaults are also part of that adjustable economic architecture. FTW