What if the Libs threw a party and nobody came?

At The Australian today, it’s not a “what if” question:

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg struggled to get past security when he drove himself to the billionaire Pratt family mansion Raheen for a fundraiser last night.

…Last night’s event was a Liberal Party pre-election fundraiser with Melbourne’s money: a $12,000-a-head dinner hosted by the billionaire family matriarch Jeanne Pratt.

…All up, we’re told there were fewer than 100 people at the Kew mansion. That’s including the Morrison ministry.

“The Libs aren’t going to bloody win are they?” one well-connected Melbourne business person told us, explaining the lack of paying guests.

No, they are not. But surely daddy told him that you get what you pay for.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Surely everyone with a brain that is turned on knows the LNP are not going to win. I hope it wasn’t the attendance at last night’s event that made one well-connected Melbourne business person realise this. I guess those that weren’t there were in the know.

    I reckon these fund raisers aren’t so much about a total victory for the party – they are about saving loyal individuals who have been useful in the past. This probably should have been advertised as the “Save Josh” fundraiser.

  2. The Pratt family? Isn’t that Bill’s ex-in laws? And anyway when it comes to who turned up it would be more about quality (of influence) not quantity (of money) that would have been the drawcard.

    • proofreadersMEMBER

      Nah – I think Bill’s ex in-laws were the Liberal blue blood family, the Beales (as in Bill was married to the daughter of Julian Beale, billionaire (?) and ex-Fed MP). However, off distant memory Dick Pratt may have occasionally offered Bill a lift on his private jet, when Bill was doing his union gig.

      • Beale is a director of Visy which is owned by Tony Pratt. Thus completes the circle.

        Aaaand – The Scanlon foundation (mass immigration lobby) boss Andrew Markus holds the Pratt Foundation Research Chair of Jewish civilization.

        Make of that what you will.

  3. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    “All up, we’re told there were fewer than 100 people at the Kew mansion. That’s including the Morrison ministry.”

    So a million dollar donation to the Governing Party gets you and your mates access to the entire ministry.
    Lots of opportunities for private behind closed doors conversations and deal making, totally undemocratic and unacceptable
    such shindiggs and donations should be outlawed.
    Our Politicians socially rubbing shoulders with these Plutocrats hopelessly corrupts them and perverts our Democracy.

    • I was rope a doped into a Lib do in the early 90’s “for the experience”. I paid $100 & wore a Tux & always wondered if my connected/rich mate paid any balance. A Beatles tribute band played, cars were raffled & went for SFA. All the notables of the time were there in their finery & glitter, developers, bankers, Martin Place types, & the glad handling spivs fronting it that we get to normally see & ‘vote” for. Much guffawing & backslapping. & quite a lot of their fossilized features still get a mention on MB’s pages today. It was all a bit movie like to me, but also much like this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSpOjj4YD8c – All of them were all Old Mates from way back – they knew who the ring in’s were & they weren’t on the centre table quaffing with them!

    • When will you realize this is how our democracy works. It has been and always will be so, despite any stories to the contrary you have been told or heard. It was designed to be this way. This pale imitation of democracy has very little to do with the actual democracy of ancient Greece.

    • Attendee’s would have been paying for access to the Pratt’s or for favours that can be done before the change of government.

      A lot can be pushed through in 2 months.

    • Don’t look now Ermo but I am sure the ALP are hosting the exact same access to the shadow cabinet for donations gigs. They’ll be making out too given folks think they can win.

  4. proofreadersMEMBER

    ““The Libs aren’t going to bloody win are they?” one well-connected Melbourne business person told us, explaining the lack of paying guests.”

    Happy clappy ScoMo would be mortified to hear that?

  5. The ministry is about 30, so add another 20 of catering staff, security and other hired help which would leave very few paying attendees.

    • … and let’s face it, those paying guests probably already have easy access to liberal ministers, so not a lot to be gained, especially when they will only be in power for a few months more.

      Better off trying to invite the shadow cabinet for dinner.

      • Not sure that the help would have counted as people for this purpose.
        Or that the entire ministry would have made it.

      • I don’t know about that Penguin. A lot can be pushed through with no planning or business case.