Voters trust Bowen over Frydenberg on Hayne

Via AFR:

Many more voters trust Labor than the Coalition to implement the recommendations of the banking royal commission, according to a poll that also shows Josh Frydenberg and his rival Chris Bowen level-pegging as the nation’s preferred treasurer.

The latest The Australian Financial Review-Ipsos poll, the first for this political year, shows almost half of voters, or 49 per cent, trust Labor to respond to the royal commission. By contrast, about one third, or 34 per cent, trust the Coalition government which fought establishing the commission for over a year before its hand was forced.

This is one of the less explored areas of the media panic around boats. You can’t run multiple fear campaigns all at once. They lose traction. A successful moral panic must dominate all other issues. Be an overarching crisis, as it were.

Thus the Government’s other fear campaigns around Labor’s proposed tax reforms and economic credentials in general will necessarily fade.

Presumably one can also conclude that support for Bowen is support for his reforms.

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