Turnbull’s ghost hovers behind Liberal Sheilas Party

Yesterday I noted that the Liberal Sheilas movement was not much more than a hollow echo of Malcolm Turnbull’s dubious values:

The candidates share independence, climate change consciousness, social progressiveness, immigration sympathies and political centrism but they do split over how these are interpreted. Steggall is against Labor tax reforms, Yates is half for them, presumably Banks is against and Phelps is an unknown but probably against given the political reality that Wentworth is the number one tax rorter in the country.

So, in truth, this looks more or less like the Turnbull Party in exile, a cluster of blue ribbon social consciences with little or no economic prowess nor vision for how to lift Aussie living standards beyond a very welcome shift towards carbon mitigation.

It might change but for now they’re good for throwing out the Coalition and not much else.

It is becoming apparent that Turnbull’s ghost is the hand that guides at least some, via Domain:

Malcolm Turnbull’s son Alex has confirmed he is involved in Liberal defector Julia Banks’ campaign to oust Health Minister Greg Hunt from his Melbourne seat, as furious Liberals declared the independent MP had “betrayed us all”.

Several Victorian Liberals are convinced the former prime minister had a role in Ms Banks’ decision to challenge Mr Hunt, who supported Peter Dutton in last year’s leadership coup.

The junior Turnbull has previously said he would bankroll independent political campaigns, particularly those prioritising climate change, as Ms Banks has pledged. He did not answer questions about any financial involvement in her campaign.

…Scores of Victorian Liberals complained Ms Banks was out for “revenge” and said she did not stand a chance of ousting Mr Hunt from the seat, which he holds on a margin of 7.8 per cent.

Just as Malcolm was a total washout, these Turnbull independents are not the great saviours that they are made out to be.

We need much deeper reform than they offer.


  1. As mentioned yesterday, they are not their to save the country, they are there to destroy the Liberal RWNJ’s hold on the Liberal Party.

    They are the Thanos of conservative politics.

    • You can’t leave it there. What’s the Australian political equivalent for every member of the Marvel Universe?

      • Abbott is the Hulk. At work he is the destroyer nonpareil who only has one speed, away from work is he actually a decent guy.

      • Julie Bishop is Natasha Romanov (the Scarlet Johansson character) – serene, smooth, loyal, highly competent and can go toe to toe with the bad guys, but is not the leader.

      • Josh Frydenburg is Loki – not without talent and ability but you never really know if he is good or bad (although really you know he is bad).

      • ScoMo is Mystique – started off as a bit player who would happily change allegiances as regularly as they changed views but in later times somehow came to be the most important of all the mutants.

      • Bob Katter is Deadpool. He’s got his own crazy R-rated spin off, mocks all the other little groups, is constantly breaking the political fourth wall, and is impossible to kill.

      • Abbott doesn’t have enough charm to be the Hulk.

        He’s more like the Godzilla, a giant reptile who wrecks everything in his path.

  2. Opportunists using the sexism card to try and save Mal some face. Look at Zali Steggalls recent comments, she’s a ponziteer through and through and basically known for being good at a sport with high economic barrier to access.

    Turnbull going the vag vote. Alex really needs that silver spoon shoved from into his mouth all the way into another bodily orifice.

    • Lol and for years the LNP has forgotten the “Vag’s” to use your sexist label, vote.

      All power to the Vag’s, may they give the LNP the pussy whipping they deserve.

  3. I also wonder if they are the start of the rejection of the idea that conservative values are an environment free zone. The planet is seriously under duress, plastic pollution, fishery decline, migratory and ocean bird wipeout, macrofauna extinction, wild forest wholesale massacre etc etc.

    The science, the evidence, is now incontrovertible. I know plenty of natural LNP voters that are looking for a conservative response to this.

    • Gee twhomever will they vote for now? Not Labor? Not teh greens? Sustainanle Australian Party? Party of Australian Sustainables? Or the Australian Sustainable Party. Or the People’s Judean Front.

      • Lol. The hardcore anti-environment right are loud and well funded, but they don’t make big numbers. In reality, the votes will probably just drift away in all directions. Unless the odd independent can galvanise them.

  4. Yeah, people need to be careful not to repeat the same old mistakes. A lot of people were taken in by Malcolm’s rhetoric, thinking he would actually stand up for the values he went on about – that he would actually be socially progressive, etc.

    These independents are saying the right things. But look deeper, and they’re only slightly less right-wing than the LNP candidates they’re up against. They’ll talk about climate change, but won’t actually vote for anything serious that would dampen any big business interests (at some point we’ll need to work out that keeping the planet habitable by humans is actually more important). They’ll vote in favour of the wealthy in tax reform. They’ll vote in favour of the banks. And so on.

    • “They’ll talk about climate change, but won’t actually vote for anything serious that would dampen any big business interests”

      I don’t think that is right.

  5. I’m just left wondering what the ungrateful LNP ba$tards expected.
    when you factor in just how much money flowed into LNP coffers virtue of MT’s connection / persuasion you’d think they’d have kissed his feet, instead as we all know they kicked his a$$ to the curb.
    What boggles the mind is that they still expected to reap the rewards that flowed from MT’s associates, it’s craziness apparently they didn’t factor in any vengeful acts, again why wouldn’t expect this sort of behavior. .
    just has one wondering who was really behind this last coup (which we all now know) but what’s not clear is why…I mean the real reason

  6. What do all these bright individuals mean when they say we need to do something about climate change. Why cant any journo ask what specifically do u have in mind as climate change action and capitalism as we have it today cannot coexist.

  7. “Political donations to the federal Liberals tallied $5.6 million, down from almost $37 million in the previous year.”

    The Liberal coffers are empty. No wonder Scumo is spending $36M of taxpayer money to spruik his government’s “achievements”

    • No point donating to a government that is clearly going to lose the next election. Why throw good money away?

      • You could get value by trying to get the right Senate outcome to block what you don’t like about the ALP.

      • Check the full twitter feed. Same size swing against the Libs in several previously-safe Lib federal seats.

        Same size swing across several.

        It’s not random.