Scummo launches do-nothing election campaign

It didn’t really work for Do-nothing Malcolm but that’s not going to stop do-nothing Scummo from having a red not go, via Jen Hewitt:

Labor is “soft” and “weak”. Scott Morrison says so…the prospect of a brawl over border protection and national security is like a beacon glimmering in the political darkness…In terms of political strategy, this is all about trying to keep the Coalition safe – at least somewhat safer than it would otherwise be. But it also translates into a broader political clarion call about keeping Australia strong, insisting that only this government can be trusted to keep the country and the economy secure.

…So Morrison also makes constant references to the need to keep women safe from domestic violence and children safe from bullying and sexual exploitation online and in the real world.

…The government, Morrison argues, will deal with reform of the financial services sector in a “prudent, measured, responsible way”.

The question is will doing nothing on immigration, border security, criminal bankers, wages, house prices and the per capita recession to be announced in March gel with the polity at this juncture?

After all, this is what the Turnbull Government delivered and Scummo threw him out because of it.

Meanwhile, Shorten has killed off Scummo’s border protection election as expected, via the AFR:

On Monday, the shadow cabinet recommended some key changes ift called “sensible”. The minister would have the final discretion on character grounds as well as national security but character would be codified to include such categories as the rapists, murderers and paedophiles the government claims will surge into the country.

The changes also propose giving the minister longer than 24 hours to reject a recommended transfer and the third change is to apply the rules to only those already on Manus Island and Nauru.

This, Labor says, would stop the changes attracting more people to try and reach Australia by boat.

And Bob Katter has re-emerged as a threat to the Government, also at AFR:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has not ruled out axing a $234 million deal with Bob Katter if the independent sided with Labor and forced a recall of Parliament to start dealing with the recommendations of the banking royal commission.

With Labor needing an absolute majority of 76 votes to schedule two extra sitting weeks in March, Mr Morrison’s office has been in touch with Mr Katter to try to talk him out of supporting the motion, which would be binding on the government if passed.

It is understood Mr Katter has told the government what he is saying publicly – that he is open to supporting the motion that could be put to Parliament this week. On Monday, his support for the motion appeared to strengthen with a spokeswoman saying “he wants to support it”.

Another good day for Labor.


  1. Tough on border security? The cvnts are whiteanting us through immigration rorts and they damn well know it. The masses are slowly waking up to it too.

    • Yes Timmeh !!…that also applies to Labor and the watermelon Greens.

      Will the masses vote for the Sustainable Australian Party or will they choose Labor and more of the same ?

      You get what you deserve !

      • If everyone who can votes for sustainable Australia they will have what exactly? Maybe 2 or 3 seats. What do you think they are gonna do?

      • They can do quite a lot together with the other cross-benchers, making it very hard for the major parties to get their agenda through unless they vote together, increasing voter cynicism. They can also counter the lies about mass migration and other issues that the major party politicians have been spouting without much fear of contradiction. Nearly a third of voters already will not give the major parties their primary vote. Let’s make it an even larger share.

  2. Thought Dreyfus was good on franking credit rort last night. Not sure what to make of Mayne –
    Did he have a valid point or talking own book.

    You can see people – younger in particular – are calling BS on these rorts

  3. It’s all about SECURITY with Mugabe Morrison.

    Security of tenure for himself and his band of evil incompetents at the trough.

  4. The Libs are about to hand over the keys to a smoking and wrecked Hyundai Excel, after spending years trying to convince us it was a Commodore V8 – “here you go Bill, it’s all yours now”. Seems unfair that Morrison et al won’t be in power to cop the brunt of it. The seats are torn, the tyres are flat and it turns out the supposed V8 was just 4 indian blokes hundled under the hood, running as fast as they can.

    • Now, what if they win the election. Can’t see that working out too well.

      I mean, they’ll try and blame Labor, or renewable energy, or perhaps even some obscure endangered parrot, for their woes, and whilst some moronic subset of the electorate will believe them, most will see through the cellophonic bluster for what it really is.

      Then, surely, Labor will have come to its senses on immigration – hopefully through member renewal championed by Ermo – and then can go to the 2022 election with a grab bag of electorally popular rich folk anti-gerrymandering policies, like, whocouldaimaginedit, a franking credits loophole closing, etc etc

      One can hope anyway.

      Jeez I sound like skippy. But with better spelling.

    • Jumping jack flash

      “The Libs are about to hand over the keys to a smoking and wrecked Hyundai Excel, after spending years trying to convince us it was a Commodore V8”

      Indeed, and the steering wheel isn’t even connected anymore. Since the late 90’s its remotely controlled by an ADHD 4 year old.
      Nevertheless, they take turns arguing over who’s the better driver and oh so frequently change them to no effect.

      • Incidentally, I heard that the most dangerous part of a car was the nut behind the wheel, so I removed it.

        I didn’t even get half a kilometer before ending up in a nursing home.

        You can’t believe everything you hear.

  5. This isn’t a government trying to win any more, they are just trying to save the furniture now.

  6. Bob Katter may be mad, but he is a driving force for the RC and as such will be pissed if Libs don’t act.

      • If Queenslanders pick Facepalmer’s party over anyone, it will cement a reputation as the Stupid State for all time. And that award is not easily won in Australia.

    • He may be a nutter, but he’s one of the few that actually cares for the electorate he represents: pretty novel in this day and age.

      Most of the rest are just self-centred, nest-feathering parasites – a more despicable bunch you’ll struggle to find.

      • +1 Bob is just an eccentric character. He also has some character, unlike most/all the others who as you say are just parasites

  7. It astounds me that Labor haven’t got a hold of the 64 000 tempirary protection visa holders who arrived by plane on unvetted tourist visas between Morrison and Dutton’s tenures. Can all of these visa holders be accounted for?

    • There’s not a lot that can be done to stop these arrivals. All would have arrived on valid visitor and student visas. If they claim protection here then the assessment process starts. In my view the process is too fair (appeal rights) and takes too long. We need to quickly assess which claims are spurious and remove them. Then you have the problem of the naive refugee advocates interfering in the removal process.

  8. The Traveling Wilbur

    LNP: Election campaign strategy minutes

    Our main weapon is fear.
    Fear and surprise.
    We’ll scare them into voting for us.
    And they’ll be surprised when they find out who replaces Scomo as PM after the election.

    Oh. And our main weapon is fear. And pro-diversity/immigration/slave campaigning on the DL.

  9. Jumping jack flash

    Doing nothing is what they do best. In fact it is the only thing they can do since they have no control over anything that matters anymore.

    “The question is will doing nothing on immigration, border security, criminal bankers, wages, house prices and the per capita recession to be announced in March gel with the polity at this juncture?”

    of all these things only border security the government has any influence over until they privatise that.

    Bankers, wages, house prices, and recessions in general, the government can’t really do anything directly to affect any of these things. They can barely control immigration.

    Nothing is going to change, nor can it change. The government has no control We are run by private banks who own the debt our economy is based on.

    In the case of a recession, the government will need to borrow money and spend on approved infrastructure projects. Like roads and stadiums, because roads and stadiums bring in so much extra national income.

  10. Who said “doing nothing” isn’t what most people want from a party? Really do I trust any of these politicians to actually “do anything?”. I could easily sell “Do Nothing” to a scared electorate which in current economic conditions isn’t unjustified fear either. Besides them always doing something is how we got into this mess – they overreact on the way up (let loose on supply and building) and overstimulate on the way down (FHBG, government guarantee, pump immigration) cementing moral hazard and convincing even the most conservative of Australian’s that the Government will always “do something”.