Meet Scott Morrison, your Property Council PM

Michael Sainsbury has done a great job exposing Prime Minister Scott Morrison at Below are my favourite extracts:

WHEN SCOTT Morrison either accidently – or more likely with great skullduggery – emerged as the successor to Malcolm Turnbull in August 2018, the congratulations naturally enough flooded in. But for most Australians, it was unclear just exactly who had become their new leader.

Clues could be found in those heaping praise on the new, then-invisible PM that in itself, is no mean feat for a man who had been Treasurer for three years. Prominent in their praise were gushing notes from the Property Council of Australia (PCA), the PMs first employer and the tourism sector.

Morrison has not forgotten his old mates – he is, after all, a successful politician – and has launched a full frontal attack on Labor policies that threaten the property sector (in the name of good management of course, we would never suggest anything else)…

By 1995, Morrison felt he had a good grip on the basics and skipped out of the Bligh St offices of the Property Council of Australia where he had spent six years cutting his teeth as a spinner, lobbyist and propagandist. He landed in the tourism sector…

Perhaps this is unsurprising as all these things are hallmarks of the one through line of his career: spin-doctoring — for property and tourism lobby groups and for the Liberal Party in its backrooms and in parliament. It’s a decidedly tactical rather than strategic game operated by guns for hire rather than true believers — and Morrison has already handed the electorate ample evidence of his willingness to change his mind for votes.

Sainsbury’s article is incredibly detailed and well worth reading if you are keen to understand what drives Scott Morrison, as well as the interests lurking in the background.

If nothing else, the article helps to explain Morrison’s incessant opposition to housing and mortgage broker reform.

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  1. After former Liberal PM’s Howard and Abbott astonishing decision to vouch for the convicted child rapist Pell, Scott Morrison knows beyond any doubt that come next election he truly burnt toast.

  2. I no longer have much interest in knowing what drives Scott Morrison… he is about to be relegated to the dust-bin of political has-been. good riddance ScoMo

  3. No disrespect to Michael Sainsbury, but what motivates a cockroach is far more interesting and mysterious than the motivations of Scott Morrison. Self-interest, hypocrisy, narcissism and a desire to molest the truth is the age old MO of immoral scumbags who seek power.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Too right ….to think that this slime holds the title once held by people like Curtin and Chiefly…..and Whitlam shows how far the country it’s self has slid …..the sooner this smug fcuker is gone back to where he belongs in flogging dodgy apartments no one wants the better …..

  4. Scummo could probably work as a lobbyist for a number of industries.

    Did Anna Bligh have anything to do with the banks before she became an MP?

    • My Mum thinks he is wonderful, all because he is a “Christian”
      So many people are mislead by some so called “christians”

      • When you take a look at Scott Morrison and his dead eyes it’s hard to accept he believes in anything at all, let alone a higher power that tells people to try and not be cunts to one another as its number one rule

      • I don’t think Scummo actually believes that crap. I think a fake Christian persona is just part of his strategy for political advancement. Part of his political brand.

      • In which case, all of last Monday’s Q&A god-fearing panellists, from the transvestite to the marxist would meet with approval,with the exception of that wicked Jordan Peterson.

  5. No one should vote for a career politician. Their chief interest is in getting and staying in power for its and they will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

    • Jumping jack flash

      “Career politician” is something that is weird and unusual.
      With literally no skills except for talking, we let them run the country?

  6. More generally most pollies are vested IP’ers and that in itself is the biggest honest look at where they think their investment income should go ( we all pay for that), secondly via our taxes we pay again., and finally we pay for their retirement and future other benefits. So all these years when they bang on about other investments it’s only been one real investment for them. We can single Scomo out, but he’s just one drain on our future. The RBA and regulators also need to be kicked into touch on destruction of our kids future home ownership.

  7. i’m starting to wonder if it’s possible to crowdfund a project that casts a forensic eye over all govt ministers and those in the opposition shadow cabinet.

    Sort of like the candidate background checks currently performed by the parties, but with the goal to have all the dirty laundry aired. regular updates can help to keep the punters enticed with entertainment.

    Maybe get some comedians to help with the presentations so people actually want to understand just how corrupted the political system really is.

  8. Superficial maybe, but try covering alternate halves of scummo’s face in the thumbnail. One half (his right side) says “I’m happy!”. The left side says “I’m gonna get you, mate.” He can’t even keep things straight on his own face.