Lame duck Morrison throws $2b climate change hail mary

By Leith van Onselen

The man that once waved a lump of coal around parliament has announced a $2 billion Climate Solutions Fund to reduce Australia’s emissions. From The ABC:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will today launch a new pre-election climate change policy, pledging $2 billion for projects to bring down Australia’s emissions.

The Climate Solutions Fund is an extension of former prime minister Tony Abbott’s Emissions Reduction Fund…

“We acknowledge and accept the challenge of addressing climate change, but we do so with cool heads, not just impassioned hearts,” he said.

“Our Climate Solutions Package will ensure Australia meets our 2030 emissions reduction target — a responsible and achievable target — building on our success in comprehensively beating our Kyoto commitments.”

In July 2007, when the Howard Government was in its death throes, John Howard also had a mea culpa and announced that a carbon trading scheme would be set up if he won the 2007 Election.

History doesn’t repeat but it sure does rhyme.

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  1. i can’t recall ever looking forward to voting in an election as much as I am this one. I will be positively giddy come that fateful Saturday morning

  2. And the first million goes to mining company for gas power plant they were going to build anyway.
    Scotty should have announced a $50 billion fund so he could give away even more dosh to his cronies while lying to us he was saving the climate

    • Lol, yup. Just waiting for a bunch of ex coal miners to set up a “save the rainforest” org and get gifted 400 odd million from Scummo without even asking for it.

  3. Remember last year when Malcom Turnbull waved a cheque of half a billion dollars to the Barrier Reef fund. Look what that did to him.

    • proofreadersMEMBER

      Got him in the good books with some mates and maybe saved him from being kicked out by the great unwashed (the electorate), instead of those warm and fuzzy LP folk?

  4. That lump of coal in parliament was a shocking display of corruption.

    It later turned out that the rock was supplied by the Minerals Council.

    $2 billion handout to the rich is like paying migrants to stay in the regions. Every “skilled” immigrant should be required to give a Nissan Leaf to the ATO.

    • “Could someone please define climate change.”

      Here is a hint. If you are asking, you probably don’t know enough science (and about the Scientific Method) to be part of the conversation.

      The Climate is changing (global temperature rise, warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets, retreating glaciers, decreased snow cover, seas rising, declining arctic sea ice, extreme weather events, ocean acidification) and that humans are the cause of most of it. These are facts. There is almost no PhD level Scientists (in a ‘hard’ science) on the planet that do not agree with this ‘theory’ (that are not being paid to disagree by the Fossil Fuel industry). If you do not have a PhD in a ‘hard’ scientific field then you do not have a say in the conversation. So don’t reveal your ignorance by trying to argue against it.

      • You seem rather starstruck by ‘PhDs’

        As a relative of mine (who has a PhD) said many years ago: “What’s the fuss, anyone can get one — you just have to persevere.”

        There is a lot of truth to this statement. I know two people personally who are currently doing PhDs — there are no time constraints and you get hand-held by a number of supervisors. The only people who embark on a PhD who don’t get them are those who die of boredom or frustration along the way.

        Most people with PhDs are those who are desperate to be called “Doctor” but didn’t the wit or the ability to get into med school.

      • The climate managed to change all by itself without human intervention far more than any of the current “climate change” predictions. Short term we may be the cause of most of it but on geological timescales we are insignificant.

        Re PhD’s you forgot the willingness to commit large amounts of time, for which you will never be financially rewarded for with remuneration prospects.

  5. Isn’t it $2B over 10 years? So less than $200M a year, or less than half a Barrier Reef donation, or less than half the donation to the Shack on an island…..

    And if by some miracle of opportune boat arrivals and racist virtue signalling they do get back in, they can just go quiet on it and pay it out to a mates business to make them “Greener”

    • Its a $2 billion *fund* which means approximately $40 million p.a. in fund management fees to mates.

      Notice how we have funds for everything now, not direct expenditure?

  6. KYOTO ????????????
    What the Fuc king Fuc
    Howard blackmailed the rest of the worlds govts to let Australia INCREASE it’s Fuc king emmissions as his condition for signing.
    No Fuc king wonder we can Fuc king meet the emmissions target.

  7. This has got nothing to do with climate change It’s nothing more than a clumsy, half assed attempt to fix a political problem.