Essential: Labor romps ahead as Scummo fudges Hayne

Via The Guardian:

The banking royal commission findings appear to have delivered a political fillip to Labor, with the opposition extending its lead over the Coalition 55% to 45% on the two-party-preferred measure.

The new Guardian Essential poll, taken before Monday’s major party brinkmanship on asylum seekers in the lead-up to the resumption of parliament, puts the government’s primary vote on 34% and Labor’s on 38%, and the independents’ share of the vote has risen to 11%, up from 9%.

The positive movement in Labor’s direction follows a shift in favour of the Coalition in last week’s survey. Last week Labor was ahead of the Morrison government on the two-party-preferred measure 52% to 48% – a shift within the margin of error from the last voter survey of last year, and one in mid-January that had Labor ahead 53% to 47%.

The fallout from the banking royal commission, controversy over the Liberal Tim Wilson’s use of a taxpayer-funded inquiry into Labor’s policy on franking credits to leverage a partisan campaign, and an escalating political brawl about border protection dominated the news last week.

Voters in the survey were asked a series of questions about the final recommendations of the banking royal commission delivered by Kenneth Hayne. The responses suggest people are impatient to see parliament move on the changes proposed by the royal commissioner, but are cynical about whether the process will deliver lasting improvements.

Both Labor voters (63%) and Coalition voters (62%) say the current session of parliament should not conclude until the banking royal commission overhaul is dealt with.

Leadership change, anyone?


  1. Guys
    there is gunna be a massive depression
    for many years
    why be a part of it
    why not be in opposition, you’re still collecting wages and super
    some battles just arent worth winning

  2. proofreadersMEMBER

    “Leadership change, anyone?”

    What back to the future to Abbottolypse or time for Creepy Pete?

  3. Leadership change? Oh yes please, please, please yes get rid of Bull Shitten.

    And then replace him with…with…I dunno…with Albanese…strewth….how about…Plibersek…Bowen….Ah jeez…we are doomed.

      • Oh please dear lawdy yes!

        I’d love an intelligent angry asian woman to lead the country. It would be glorious.

      • Penny would need to transfer from the Senate to the House. A well known path of peril that some survive. Baaaarnaby for example.

      • Actually if you thought the upcoming election was a lay up ALP landslide, then it would be opportune for Senator Wong to get a quality House seat if she was interested and could get the hierarchy on side. I must admit I was thinking the landslide was on late last year when the Federal Libs couldn’t even buy a vowel without stuffing it up, and the Vic Libs completely forgot how to run a campaign, but on border security and dividend imputation ALP seem determined to give the Libs hope where there should be none. Polls are still strongly pro-Opposition but ALP still have time to butcher their opportunity.

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        Penny Wong is so far from suitable, she’s no better than Albo, Plibersek etc, the ALP need to bring forward a new generation the current bunch are tainted and no better than the Libs/Nats Wong is an open borders type, a dreamer not a realist and in power previously was no effective. Plus she is very distracted from the real best interests of Australia as a nation by her own sexuality where she puts her personal life as a lesbian woman above the overall population, it’s a common achilles heel of minority group members in politics and she has 2, the Asian Lesbian woman is more at the front of her decision making than the Australian Woman making decisions on the best future for the Australian Nation as a whole, inclusive of the majority population of European heritage. Government by minority preference is no good, we see that with the Lib doing their job for the property lobby, it’s no better with the lefties governing for the migrants and other minorities given first preference on policy. That type of governing delivers rubbish like the outspending of public funds on the minorities like Muslims and African migrants, they can’t be the recipients of more money than the average Aussie or you deliver resentment or hatred as we have now.

  4. greedypuppyMEMBER

    Pushing hard on Border Security ain’t gonna play to Scott Morrison -its only gonna embolden Dutton