Corruption overtakes Libs’ anti-franking reform push

Lordy, the Coalition’s moral compass has spun wildly out of control, via Domain:

A lobby group masquerading as a grassroots organisation of disgruntled retirees is actually a network of professional lobbyists involved in the trucking industry and the Liberal Party, with a history of campaigning against Labor government policies.

Defenders of Self-Funded Retirees says it was formed by “hard-working Australians who reject Labor’s proposal to impose double taxation and to demonise us”. However, the association is managed by Liberal Party member and ACT Senate candidate Robert Gunning, along with a number of Mr Gunning’s friends from the trucking lobby.

Meanwhile, Kathrarine Murphy sums up Tim Wilson nicely:

If it wasn’t already obvious, we have entered the “whatever it takes” stage of proceedings.

The Coalition wants to get back into the contest, and is on the hunt for the knockout blow, or blows. The core objective at the moment is to get the whole country roiling about Labor’s “retirement tax” (that isn’t a tax, just like the carbon tax was never a tax despite what Tony told us).

The franking credits issue has become a proxy for “Labor will steal what’s yours and drive the country off the cliff”.

It’s that mindset that leads you to a place where you can establish an “inquiry” into a “retirement tax” (that isn’t a tax), funded by the taxpayer (thanks for that guys), and think it’s fine for the chairman of the relevant parliamentary committee (in this case Tim Wilson) to authorise what is clearly an accompanying, partisan campaign website (endorsed by him in his committee capacity) in order to better funnel outrage to the main event.

…The foundational question is this: does representative politics continue to work when the citizenry doesn’t know whose interests are being represented? It’s the question being asked in every major democracy in the world right now.

Tim Wilson in his hurry to advance, or to “help”, has overreached, and anyone who cares about parliamentary conventions can see his position isn’t tenable.

Unfortunately Wilson can’t see it, and that, right there, is our problem.

I feel dirty just writing about it.


  1. Their moral compass is spinning so fast it could probably generate enough lift to get that fat Buchholz clown from Gunna’s post off the ground.

    • We could hook it up to the national grid, electricity prices would crash as we’d have baseload, on demand & even fair dinkum power In spades!

  2. proofreadersMEMBER

    Geoff Wilson received his AO in the January 2018 Australia Day honours list – on reflection, was that for significant service rendered or to be rendered?

  3. “.. and I reiterate my deep respect for the ADF and its members,” the Queensland LNP minister said.

    Sure, unless you’re a woman in the ADF.

  4. Poor ‘ol Timmy, he looks and reeks of entitlement and privilege. You couldn’t pull that silver spoon outa his arse without disembowling him!

  5. just like the carbon tax was never a tax despite what Tony and Julia told us.

    Don’t forget Julia’s self-sabotage.

    Why on earth did she do that? Who knows?