Consumer anxiety booms!

Via NAB:

“Anxiety increased most over the cost of living, and despite a healthy labour market, concerns over job security also climbed to its highest level since mid-2016.”

“In terms of household finances, retirement remains the big worry, followed by providing for the family’s future, raising $2,000 for an emergency, and medical and healthcare costs.

“Against this background, almost four in 10 Australians said they had experienced some form of financial hardship last quarter, the highest in two years.”

Nothing we don’t already know.


    • Jumping jack flash

      Aren’t baristas on the critical skills shortage list?

      If he’s got enormous debt to repay, like everyone else has, bloke needs to calm down and get with the programme and steal some wages by utilising casual temporary migrant workers, if he isn’t already.

    • HadronCollision

      Let them bin chicken if it stops it going to landfill.

      Saw some folks near the local hospital in some semi forest scavenging for bottles – they had a massive sack of them. Gutsy what with the bat colony overhead *shudders*

    • This scheme is on borrowed time. When these fackers start raiding domestic yellow-tops in the middle of the night, make a racket and leave a mess in the yard of the victims it’ll only be a matter of time.