Can someone sue the Greens to get the name back

Because this has as much to do with the environment as a wilderbeast playing a game of chess:

Vote Sustainable Australia!


    • Dunno – but that dude on the mobile to the right and those four behind the glorious leader looking at their screens are certainly representative of the green populace: Thoroughly interested… NOT!

  1. They should rename themselves as the ‘Social Justice Warrior Party’.

    Why are they not putting ‘Stop Adani’ as the front, centre and back of their election campaign? is it because Adani is Indian?

    • They’ve obviously done market research and decided SJW is the way to get more votes. Perhaps SJW is a better way of signalling virtue than “caring” about the environment?

    • … because they’re selling ‘Hope’ and ignoring ‘Reality’.

      The message is clear: if you believe in the Easter Bunny and utopian multi-cultural societies brimful of people who only ‘care about others’ then The Greens are your party.

    • They probably should but I don’t see what difference it will make other than removing a source of easy posts for the MB bloggers- the people who vote Green like that stuff and those who don’t already vote for someone else.

  2. Can’t deny the choices we make today will shape the future for generations to come.

    But, all too late.

  3. Token appearance of different races, genders, sexualities, religions…. Is it just me or does this ‘push’ of “diversity” in media and advertising just seem insincere and borderline patronising to ethnics?!

    • I can just imagine a Greens fanatic fapping over this video being like ughhh so much diversity, were soo much better than all those racist people out there! (ie. anyone who doesnt vote Greens) Hunnnph.

      • Seeing as straight white males are persona non grata these days, are you remotely surprised?

        It hasn’t occurred to these numpties that virtually every groundbreaking invention (bar a handful) in the past 200yrs arrived courtesy of …. drum roll …. straight white males.

        Not to worry, living in caves and rubbing sticks together is fun too 😉

      • Too right Dominic. Anyone read the comments on twitter? Just as funny and true. Greens in Aus and undemocrats in US are pushing for dictatorship and communism under the pretense of democracy. I can’t believe some ppl are falling for it too

      • @haroldus

        Probably fair – every groundbreaking invention since about 1940 has pretty much come about due to Alan Turing -except the ones we owe to Grace Hopper.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        ^^ Every ground breaking invention since 1940? Dude died in 1954 after being castrated in 1952 for being a homo. His work never counted as far as society was concerned because things entered his pooper as well as left it. He’d be a Greens poster boy nowadays.

      • If you weren’t too busy getting your knickers in twist seeing people who aren’t white, you’d have noticed plenty of them.

    • Sic semper tyrannis

      Its from American IVY league humanities philosophy from the 1980’s – 1990’s and is known as Intersectional politics, Identity politics etc.

      It is being attacked on all sides as purely subjective, without any credibility at all and is derived from the ideas of a “POST TRUTH” world which Post Modernism gave us from people like Michelle Foucault.

      Chomsky and now many others including Jordan Peterson are raging against its origins – Post Modernism as one of the most self serving, narcissistic, and entirely without merit philosophies to ever exist – and they are right.

      Fundamentally – the entire structure and “truth” of the western world comes from a discredited white mans view – white man built it, white man created it, white man benefits from it – so it is illegitimate and everything within it is illegitimate.

      An example of this is US debating competitions where “ethnics” now refuse to debate by the rules and instead do “slam poetry” and shout over their opposition. This is being put forward as a logical response to the oppression of the white patriarchy in the discredited western world and is the only reasonable response to a system set up to favour white people using their logic, their facts, their TRUTH to overwhelm the legitimate truths of ethnics.

      They are winning hands down by doing slam poetry and screaming over the top of their opposition.

      This is post-modern intersectional identity politics.

      This is the Greens.

      They are just too STUPID to understand what it is they are actually mindlessly repeating like lobotomized drones.

      Horrific stuff.

  4. Sustainable Australia Party still wants some immigration – and wants to accept refugees. Any party that genuinely puts the Australian environment first should aim to decrease the number of humans in Australia (and surrounding waters). Around 15 mil is the best natural carrying capacity. Of course we can’t actively subtract from the number of people in a given country but with a zero immigration policy and a declining birth rate, it would put us on the correct environmental track long term.

    • Sic semper tyrannis

      Its funny – the Greens will celebrate the Australian Aboriginals incredibly sympathy with the Australian landscape, living in harmony with it for thousands of years and only marginally entirely reshaping it with fire and destroying all mega fauna and introducing apex predators, a symbiotic, harmonious relationship at its peak of less than a million aboriginals.

      • Well all humans (from advanced hunter gatherers like the Australian aboriginal to techno corporate consumers like modern Westerners) are destructive. It is the combination of numbers of humans and ease of destruction that determines whether the natural environment can flourish.

        Even though the Australian aboriginals possibly hunted animals like Diprotodont to the last living beast, there were also climatic changes that helped it, along with the giant Roos and Goannas, go extinct. Do we blame Ice Age hunter gatherers for the extinction of the Mammoths and Woolly Rhinos or do we blame the ice retracting?

        As destructive as primitive human tribes could be, the small numbers of them spread over the globe could not disrupt nature to the same degree 7 billion advanced humans in ever expanding cities can. And no, I’m not some climate warrior thinking we should all bow to the Paris accord and save the planet – just a realist who understands that there are too many humans on Earth and, being lucky enough to live in a country with far less of them, thinks we should preserve our natural advantage as best we can – even if that means refusing entry to the rest of humanity.

  5. Probably should sue the “Labor” party and the “Liberal” party before we get around to suing the Greens

  6. Yeah, take that immigracists! They turn hope into action! They also turn viable political platforms into twisted and confused brain farts. They turn women in men and men into f*ck knows (women, I suppose). They turn marriage into more marriage and they turn more people into moar people. They turn Dr Di Natale into one of the few blokes without the capability to seize upon our collective disenchantment with the major parties. But best of all, they help turn our environment into a wasteland….

  7. Vomit. What an absolute cringefest that is.

    Dopamine for the inner city smuggies and cyanide for the rest of us. Vote them out of existence.

  8. I voted Green because I wanted an alternative to the Liberals – who are anything but – and Torylite Labor. Bob Brown offered something different with an environmental view that accorded with my own. Then Bob left and the whole thing started to eat itself.

    Now they do voice-overs on Microsoft adverts as an example of “action”. Pretty sad really, but c’est la vie.

    When I see poorly built high-rises go up in the middle of Newtown I might change my tune, but until then I can choose between Blue, Light Blue or Clive Facepalmer. The joys of living in Australia.

    • Sic semper tyrannis

      My first foray into politics was the Franklin River Dam issue – and that pushed me to vote Greens in the upper house and ALP in the lower and I stuck to that for a long time – have not voted Green since Brown left.

      I remember watching Milne and SHY duke it out, crying in parliament, refusing to implement the carbon emissions scheme and siding with the ALP to destroy it and thought – wow – Cheryl Curnow, Megg Lee, Natashia all over again….just no.

      Was called a misogynist. Which is what sealed the deal.


    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      So is Blue and Red,…I suppose that makes us all a little Gay.

      Dictionary result for gay

      adjective: gay; comparative adjective: gayer; superlative adjective: gayest

      light-hearted and carefree.
      “Nan had a gay disposition and a very pretty face”
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      “he thinks the obsession with celebrity is totally gay

    • Wasn’t that rainbow originally part of the Christian symbol for the flood, with a little white dove flying in front of it. Ironic, I think.

  9. “Together, we can build a future for those who play identity politics and turn a blind eye to unsustainable population growth”.

    Too long?

    For those rusted on Fake Greens maybe you need to consider that if your party has not cut through in the face of the current political farce it never will!

    The “Greens” are dead as a political force as they have not held true to basic principles of ecological sustainability. Their cognitive dissonance due to radical left ideology is unsustainable and on a collision course with common sense.

    The Fake Greens are imploding due to poor politics and incompatible policy – it never will be a force to unite the environmental and ecological vote – which it could have done on the Right and Left. Not even a psychological love-in of the party egotists could manage it. Not even Bob Brown could cut through.

    Don’t waste your vote on this car accident of ideology dressed up as “Green”.

  10. Haha – the Greens add has 666 views when I watched it – how demonic. Of course, Satan sees ‘hope for all of us!’ as we descend into hell 😀

  11. Meanwhile, America has cancelled the INF: ( at the same time as it is installing Aegis Ashore systems in Eastern Europe (Romania & Poland so far).

    You join the dots on that one and figure out why Putin said what he said here back in 2016 and why the Western media failed to highlight the significance of it:

    Nah, pay no attention to us being on a hair-trigger for nuclear annihilation at a level not seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Pay no attention to any of the other ecological or economic crises that we’re facing because we’ve got way more important things to focus on, like multiculturalism and giving a megaphone to every conceivable minority group so that they can all compete for who can be the loudest screaming “PAY ATTENTION TO ME” like a bunch of children, distracting the adults away from actually serious work that needs to be done.

    • Yes, but if you offend a minority buy not giving them a job they don’t anyway deserve the human race will be doomed to extinction.

      So, it’s like, pick your poison: nuclear annihilation or annihilation via the Virtue Ray.