“Beijing Bob” rides to the wrong rescue

Via The Australian:

Former foreign minister Bob Carr has slammed the reasons authorities have given businessman Huang Xiangmo for cancelling his visa, saying they were “flimsy” and “loose”.

Mr Huang, who is stranded overseas, yesterday released a statement about the decision and a reporter who spoke to him said ASIO had made the call stating he was “amenable to conducting acts of foreign interference”.

Mr Carr said it was “impossible to assess” whether Mr Huang should not be allowed to continue to reside in Australia where he lives with his family in a Mosman mansion in Sydney.

“The evidence behind the decision is not publicly available. Certainly no one should be excluded from Australia on the flimsy and subjective argument that they might be ‘amenable’ to foreign influence,” he said.

“Loose language like that can be used to kick anyone born overseas out of Australia.”

It’s a fair point and I wouldn’t want to see it become commonplace. But we also can’t ignore the irony of “Beijing Bob” Carr. He gave up any credibility on these questions by taking Huang’s dough for a China biased think tank in the first place.

Meanwhile, why doesn’t “Beijing Bob” use his considerable Chinese influence to help the Aussie residents in Chinese re-education camps instead? At The Guardian:

Seventeen Australian residents are believed to be under house arrest, in prison or detained in China’s secretive “re-education” centres in Xinjiang, the Guardian can reveal.

The 17 cases – 15 Australian permanent residents and two on spouse visas – have been collected by Nurgul Sawut, an advocate for Uighurs in Australia, through interviews with their family members.

The individuals are believed to have been detained while on trips to China visiting relatives. Many have children or spouses who are Australian citizens.

It is difficult to confirm their fates, given the secretive nature of the camps, but Sawut believes one of the group is in prison, four are under house arrest, and the remaining 12 are in detention centres.

Advocates for Australia’s 3,000-strong Uighur community are calling on the government in Canberra to secure the release of the detainees. Shadow foreign minister, Penny Wong, has urged the government to investigate.

At the same time, members of Australia’s Uighur population have reported serious harassment by Chinese authorities on Australian soil, including intimidating phone calls and requests to send over personal data, with the threat of reprisals against family if they do not comply.

After all, freeing our imprisoned is essential to good relations, eh Bob?


  1. Talk about picking your fights!!! Bob the political animal? This must be running against his instincts, but he vocalises anyway? The pay must be bloody good…

    The Irish have a saying “Whose bread I eat, whose song I sing…

    • Personally, I would send in Resua’s resume to the embassy, he would do it for far less, and be more eloquent to boot – or provocative? Not sure!

    • Relevant StakeholderMEMBER

      Fisho once mentioned they had seen many a man caught with their pants down whilst entertaining a young lass in China.

      I think about that often.

    • I am going to have to start carrying eggs around with me in Sydney in case I happen to see Carr or Sino Sam.

  2. How about Sino Sam, who tipped off Mr Huang his phone was being tapped ??
    Over about the last 18 months, many chinese up here syndicated to form property cartels
    and use the influence of the cartel to move council decisions
    they also set up “Structured Investment Vehicles”
    Significant Investment Visa and Premium Investment Visa “opportunities” , on a massive scale.
    the Jewel was probably at the forefront of this. buy a jewel apartment and obtain strayan citizenship
    sell the unit, then repeat.
    Well many members of the “Grey Rhino”, outfits are looking very much
    Some Ting Wong.

  3. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Oh come on. They may be Australian residents but if they’re Chinese citizens the Chinamen have a right to do with them as they please especially if they’re sh1t stirrers.

    • “The 17 cases – 15 Australian permanent residents and two on spouse visas”

      I agree with Reusa. They aren’t citizens. And you can’t be captured by the chinese if you are having brunch at Bills in Darlinghurst (well, not yet anyway). So Chinese citizens, in China, are detained. Nothing to see here folks. Let’s save our outrage if it happens to citizens who hold no other passport (and preferably who were born here).

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        Actually there is a high likelihood that the Chinese secret serve who are alive and very active in Australia have and continue to repatriate their citizen through force and extreme coercion such as threats against family back home etc. This has been publicised. The citizen of China grew up under these conditions and don’t think it strange rather the normal actions of the dictatorship of ‘The Party’. Chairman Xi is probably the most dangerous man alive due to his absolute power over almost 1/4 of the global population and indirect power over a lot of the rest of us. He is prepared to use that power and is indeed doing so. Many I talk to in China have expressed it’s going back to the days on Mao there now. Chairman Xi is cunning and resourceful, but the focus he has on his own people and the totalitarian monitoring of the entire population shows the true hand. He knows the the biggest threat is his own people. As their lives stop improving social unrest will follow. The history of 1000s of years in China is that the next dynasty murders the previous one, there is no smooth transition and the reign of Chairman Xi is likely as not going to end in bloodshed, likely his own. Study Chinese history and you’ll understand why I feel that is their medium term future.

      • “repatriate their citizen through force and extreme coercion such as threats against family back home”

        unless you are put in a suitcase and smuggled out like mengele by mossad then again there isn’t much to see here. most australians don’t have relatives back in china to be blackmailed with and those that do, again, that is the price of deciding to emigrate and leave your family behind. Australia doesn’t owe anything to those relatives.

  4. “who is stranded overseas”

    Forgive me if I am wrong. But 1, he is a billionaire, and 2. he’s not an Australian citizen so being out of Australia is actually the natural state but I do see this is from the Australian.

    This is a great start. I’ve just started reading Silent Invasion and am on the Beijing Bob chapter. Kicking this guy out should be THE START.

  5. “Loose language like that can be used to kick anyone born overseas out of Australia.”

    um..yes……….it’s called setting precedent.

  6. Carr is nothing more than a private citizen now, just like me, right? If so, why does the MSM pay any attention to what that clown says?

    He does have a very impressive and trained voice though. He should start doing voiceovers for ads, or something useful like that. Make an honest living, rather than trousering bribes and spruiking for the Chinese tyrants.

  7. I have no idea what’s going on here but there’s a lot of wisdom in the old western adage:
    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!
    Even if all his rumored misdeed are true, it’s still wise to maintain a direct way of monitoring the influence he peddles. Denying him entry only serves to further obfuscate these already murky dealings, is that really in anyone’s interest?
    As for Chinese wisdom I’d refer to Sun Tzu’s :
    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

    I wonder which category of knowing (yourself/enemy) I’d place Australia in, actually I don’t need to wonder because a quick glance at the headlines of any daily paper tells me all I need to know about our preparedness.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Trump or No Trump.
      We certainly dont want to step out from Under the US Nuclear Umbrella any time soon.

      • Enemy, heck no China is a friend to Australia, however as with all soured relationships once best friends make the worst enemies and who knows what the future holds and what choices we will make or they might make to drive this friendship asunder.
        I suspect from this perspective soured geopolitical relationships are no different to failed marriages from this perspective the advice “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” makes even more sense.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      The observant man would hazard the conclusion that the crush loading of our society with so many who have no loyalty, or feeling of connection to our nation, has been intentional and promotes the whole plan of Australia having a very poor understanding of itself. Divide and Conquer the name of the day? I see so many messages pushed on us to confuse the populace into accepting anything published. Such as for example a current promo spot on the ABC TV with a young muslim girl playing AFL in her headscarf making a proclamation that she is the face of modern Australia. I doubt that very much! While I love AFL and am glad she’s part of the national game I note that in the ad her whole team are muslim females (so there is essentially no integration going on) and in reality we are not a muslim nation and don’t want to be either (not if you go by majority rule, and ignore the idiot virtue signally useful idiot types who run the leftie media and ignore the reality that not all arrivals are equally able/willing to integrate). But the final point is that the muslim population is a small percentage, (albeit over represented in many area include the prisons, and government handouts), they are not the face of modern Australia. In fact the face of modern Australia is the same as last year and a decade ago, we’re still overwhelmingly a European heritage nation with European Heritage values, which is the very reason everyone is falling over themselves to migrate here in the fist place. Essentially most of the world wants to live in a western society as evidenced by the hard facts of migration intention numbers, as non politically correct as that might be, it’s reality

      • The CCP is definitely using immigration as a tool to slowly take over. There is a precedent. It is exactly what they are doing in Hong Kong to subjugate the place.