Australian dollar smashed again as risk retreats

DXY firmed last night as EUR fell:

It was wall-to-wall Australian dollar carnage:

Gold was bashed:

Oil eased:

And base metals:

Big miners fell at last:

EM stocks too:

But junk was OK:

Treasuries pulled a Costanza:

As did bunds:

Stocks fell:

The global industrial economy is slowing fast as Chinese demand fades away. Europe is leading the way, with Germany in particular in free fall with the new flash PMI:

Though the services sector bounce helped the wider composite:

The US is slowing too just not as fast, with regional PMIs suggesting a big fall in the ISM ahead:

Even though the Markit version is still powering:

Either way, Europe is slowing faster and deeper than the US and the ECB is further behind the curve in responding as usual as well so I continue to see the EUR pressured and, by extension, the AUD.

That’s before we even begin to fathom the depths of China’s growing trade war Downunder and looming rate cuts.

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