When will the Trump shutdown end?

by Chris Becker

As adult supervision returns to Congress (but not the Senate) on January 3rd, the US Government shutdown rolls on with news this morning that President Trump has invited the new Congressional leadership to the White House.

From The Hill:

Trump will host the leader and whip of each party from both chambers, a list that includes expected Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), incoming House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), House GOP leaders Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Steve Scalise (R-La.), Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Majority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.), Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), and Democratic Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), sources told The Hill.

The news of the briefing comes after a prolonged impasse in which Trump hammered Democrats as weak on border security, and Democrats set out a plan to pass bills re-opening the government in the House, which they will control starting Thursday.

 Trump has demanded $5 billion to fund a border wall along the southern border, while Democrats have refused to offer anything more than an extension for 2018 border security funds that included $1.3 billion for fencing.

Will this end the shutdown or will we witness another shellacking of Trump on camera by Pelosi and Schumer?

Whatever the case, markets are wanting a fresher start to the new year after a terrible 2018,  as Asian markets wake up to another day of volatility and uncertainty. The ASX200 has opened 0.5% lower this morning after the NYE holiday, but luckily with another Japanese holiday closing bond markets as well it may pay to start trading tomorrow instead.


  1. “As adult supervision returns to Congress (but not the Senate) on January 3rd” Geez and your talking about acting liking an adult with this…..

    • The GOP have as a body holding control of Congress, abrogated their duties in keeping the executive branch to account – one hopes the Democrats can grow a pair and put Trump in his place, as is their constitutional duty to do so.

      • Democrats are a waste of space…… but then so are alot of the Republicans…….

        Obviously if the American people thought Trump need to be put in his place then the Dems would be controlling both the House and Senate. When Obozo finished his first 2 years his party got wiped out in both chambers because his policies, mainly healthcare act, was a disaster because the American people wanted to put him in his place…….

      • As adult supervision returns to Congress (but not the Senate) on January 3rd,……..Chris, I think you mean When juvenile, deep state, corruption returns to Congress………

      • You’ve got be kidding. The bloody Democrats (Killaries mob) are even opposing Trump for wanting to pull out of Syria -somewhere the Yanks shouldn’t even be. Totally illegal like most $hit the Yanks pull on weaker Countries.
        The whole edifice of American Govt is corrupt & needs taken down. Bring it on.

      • Seriously Becker

        You of all people should know that the real power in the USA is in the senate; a little research might help.

        Your bias is showing and it is a very bad look; maybe par for the course for MB ( Macro Bulldust ).

  2. If the shutdown is so bad for Trump, why is it the Democrats who are trying to bring the shutdown to an end? I put it to you, Chris, that the Pelosi/ Schumer vs Trump showdown was worse for the former and not the latter. Trump’s voters want that wall, and the Democrats know they look very weak on border security and national security. Hence why in that showdown Schumer and Pelosi were at pains to stress that Democrats don’t want illegal immigrants flooding the country…..they just don’t like the wall.

    Even if the wall is ineffective , and it will be, its what it signals to a huge swathe of the country: we hear your concerns and we are doing something about it. These are the voters the Democrats need to win over/back. They won’t capture the presidency without them.

    • The Democrats just recorded a blue wave of record proportions in the House of Reps despite the gerrymandering while Drumpf’s approval rating sits at minus 17 per cent. Recapture which voters? They have deserted Drumpf in droves and the real show is only just beginning

      • Drumpf? You sound deranged. Trump will win a second term because the Democrats still think someone like Warren is electable.

        They haven’t learned a single thing.

      • Just did a fact check on that. Lol at Wikipedia.
        Scroll to the table under historical records of midterms…
        Looks like even with the record wave to the dems, it’s still the largest number held since George bush in 2002. And back then u.s. Was in the throws of 9/11 aftermath. Nothing unites the Americans like a war.
        Whilst it might be true, it’s not actually a terrible result for trump in context of their own history it seems.

      • Of course I sound deranged Nathan. Because Drumpf is the actual family name. Anybody who states a fact sounds deranged to a Drumpf supporter. Obviously Trump is not a real name, however Drumpf is and that is his real name. The facts scream which is unfortunate for Drumpf supporters, which is why he is negative 17 in the latest disapproval ratings.

      • Yes the Senate results were par, nothing special. The Senate races were mainly in non swing Republican states. The map suited Republicans, wont be that way in 2020. Meanwhile there were many swing seats on the Representatives and almost all went to Democrats, best result for them since the Watergate election of 1974. And your article is out of date, Democrats won 40 seats in the Reps, not 24 as the article said. Overall the tone of the article is a brush off of the extent of the defeat, this has happened to a number of Presidents it said. Yes but no President has as much to hide as this one, so it is in fact different. He has so many people in acting positions due to the resignations over corruption and the impossibility of working with the crank in chief that its difficult to see who will actually accept an appointment. Even Republican types are avoiding the call up, they have a career to think about

      • astrolin I sent you the article for the graph that shows the presidents seats won and lost. That pretty much says it all. You can spin and talk all your BS you want. The graph is FACTS and he didnt do bad at all especially compared to Obozo after his first two years plus other previous presidents but you keep spinning your BS away because it is comical.

    • Even if the wall is ineffective , and it will be, its what it signals to a huge swathe of the country: we hear your concerns and we are doing something about it. These are the voters the Democrats need to win over/back.

      I doubt the overlap between people who think the wall should be built (rather than doing something productive and helpful) and swinging voters is particularly big. Especially if you also subtract the people being hurt by the current toys-out-of-the-pram reaction to the wishes of the other 50% of voters.

      • Interested to know drsmithy –
        1. Do you want open borders?
        2. If Yes, why?
        3. How many extra millions can the EU, Australia & the USA take before quality of life, the quality of the environment and health & welfare of it’s citizens are adversely affected detrimentally?
        This is an honest enquiry – beacuse the ‘Border Protection’ is so emotive…….to be clear, I am talking about a ‘line in the sand’, where is it and why?

      • As I have made abundantly clear on countless occasions, I am in favour of reducing and controlling immigration largely in line with SAP’s (and MB’s) policies.

        Trump’s wall has nothing to do with “border protection”, any more than “stop the boats” does.

      • interested partyMEMBER

        Trump’s wall has nothing to do with “border protection”

        What is it about then?

      • Dog whistling.

        Much like “stop the boats” was used locally – though here it was also leveraged to hop a few more stepping stones towards authoritarianism with Border Farce.

      • interested partyMEMBER

        And here I was thinking the opioid crisis was part of the reason. Also child trafficking…..
        And there is this……He did campaign on the promise of a wall; seems he is damned if he does it…..and damned if he don’t.

        Some folks just will never be satisfied.

      • He did campaign on the promise of a wall;

        LOL. Apparently all it takes for legitimacy is to “campaign on it”.

        I am sure you would be offering similarly unquestioning loyalty to any of Hillary’s ideas so long as she “campaigned on it”, right ?

        Some folks just will never be satisfied.

        I imagine the majority of voters who went the other way are rather disappointed, yes.

      • interested partyMEMBER

        A good case of Whataboutism you have there.

        “unquestioning loyalty “….hardly. You also make good assumptions.

      • Ohhhh, drsmitthy you gest – you are like the each bet with the TAB – pence/cent here; pence/cent there – either we protect the borders (insert reason here – Keep Ozzie small under 30 million, environment, health & welfare costs, infrastructure, peace of mind e.t.c.) or we show “compassion for the suffering” – which is it Smithy?

      • Ohhhh, drsmitthy you gest – you are like the each bet with the TAB – pence/cent here; pence/cent there – either we protect the borders (insert reason here – Keep Ozzie small under 30 million, environment, health & welfare costs, infrastructure, peace of mind e.t.c.) or we show “compassion for the suffering” – which is it Smithy?

        Can you write that again in English ?

      • The usual muddle from drsmithy, the lover of the biggest tax haven and money laundering country in the world, Switzerland. My hero comrade Schmidt !

        Bennies are Good, you know that you have eviscerated drsmithy when she has no come back other than;

        ” Can you write that again in English ?”

        She lives in a leafy Brisbane suburb far away from reality.

    • It is hard to say if mass immigration makes the electorate left wing or right wing. 32% of the legal Latinos vote for Trump because they are against abortions!

      Some old Latinos also remember how JFK tried to invade Cuba and therefore always vote against the Democrats.


      Mass immigration makes wages go down and Trump and Theresa May increased wages by deporting the illegals. Hillary Clinton said “I almost took UBI to the 2016 Presidential election but I wimped out” – so the Democrats were not offering anything other than speeches on skin colour.

      • Interested Party said Here was I thinking the opioid crisis was part of the reason? Bahahaha, Drumpf is in the swamp with big pharma. As if he wants the wall to deal with the opioid crisis. Next thing you will be telling me Mexico will be paying for the wall.

  3. I read that the administration has advised Federal employees not being paid and falling behind in rent to offer to their landlords to paint their properties for free or do some odd jobs around the property. How helpful. Let them eat cake.

  4. Ronin8317MEMBER

    A little bit of background for those people against the ‘adults in charge’ remark and think the Democrats will ‘roll over’. The government shutdown started when Trump backtracked on the deal for for ongoing funding while negotiation over the wall is ongoing. Trust between the Presidency and Senate/House is now totally gone, and Trump idea of ‘negotiation’ is for the Democrats to go to White House so he can tell them what kind of walls he wants.

    This is not ‘adult behaviour’, it’s irresponsible political point scoring.

    • Correct Ronin it is political point scoring.

      Is this not what politicians all over the world do on a daily basis??

      Indeed it is their job to point score to win favour from the great unwashed and garner their votes.

      So what is your point ?

  5. I would have thought the Dems sponsoring bills to fund the govt without funding the wall would be in the box seat. The longer the shutdown continues the more the public will be irritated and the blame will fall more to the President and the Republicans. And after that Trump will blame Reps and backdown. Will take a while to come to pass though.

  6. It does seem strange that while China has annexed the South China Sea and Russia Crimea, and these countries with North Korea have announced improved military capacity that the US President making America great again is putting so much public effort into the very small problem of securing his already secure southern land border against unarmed new arrivals. The sad thing is Trumps political posing is disruping a lot of innocent lives.

    • @Curious
      Well got to get factual when you make a statement.
      Firstly China hasn’t annexed the S. China Sea. It has built up some defensive Islands on it’s maritime border which is a very sane & practical thing to do against an ugly bully Nation that insists it’s the Planet ruler. Well done China.

      Secondly – Russia did NOT annex Crimea. It also had to protect it’s borders & military base in Crimea which has had centuries of Russian rule. The majority of residents consider them selves Russian or of Russian heritage.Russia had a freely held election & was overwhelmingly voted for to take over from Nazi Ukraine. The USA spent 50Billion $ arranging the overthrow of Ukraine’s duly elected leader right on Russia’s border. Google all this -the answers are there for all to see.

      • Even StevenMEMBER

        Very sane. Lol. They said the islands would not be weaponised. They then weaponised the islands.

        It’s a blatant land grab when there are nations with equivalent or greater claims to those islands. China was under no threat of US invasion (or invasion by anyone for that matter) so pray tell why this was necessary?

  7. – I am in favor of politicians taking a VERY LONG vacation/holiday. And that applies to the folks in Washington DC and here in Canberra.
    – Shut down the government ? Excellent idea !!!! The longer the better !!!! Just start with Congress (in the US) and then shut down the parliament here in Canberra !!!! What are they waiting for ? They already have my consent !!!

  8. Sooner or later Trump will get his way, Democrats will bend at the knees to the Republican Party and give Trump his border device and Trump will throw some silver toys to the Democrats. The blue wave (ripple) will disappear at the next next elections, when voters see how inaffective the Democrats are under the same old leadership.