Straya sells out Canada in suicidal kowtowing

Via the AFR today:

On Thursday, Canada said that 13 of its citizens have been detained in China since Meng’s arrest. She is accused of breaking US law, and Canada has an extradition treaty with the United States (but not China, though the Trudeau government has toyed with the idea). As punishment for following its laws, Canada must pay a “heavy price,” according to Beijing’s propaganda machine.

The decision of Canada’s leadership to forge closer relations with China always required ample self-delusion. Starry-eyed over imagined future wealth and a new great power ally to offset “dependence” on the United States, Canadians in high places have wallowed in decades of denial over the realities of the Beijing regime.

The ’90s dreams of a China on an inevitable path to economic and political liberalisation are fast fading as Canada wakes up beside a cynical dictatorship with a planned economy weaponized against the West.

And where is Australia on this? Speaking in tongues, at The Australian:

The Morrison government is stepping up efforts as part of an intensified move by Western governments to combat the ­increased persecution of Christians in many parts of the world.

Canberra is co-ordinating closely with other Western governments about the fate of Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi, whose conviction for blasphemy and subsequent death sentence were overturned by the Pakistani Supreme Court in October.

Ms Bibi is in a secret location as she awaits an appeal by an Islam­ist group, Tehreek-e-­Labaik, against her acquittal.

Got to sure up the ground for Scummo’s mates down at the revivalist tent.

Meanwhile, we had better hope that we do not find ourselves in the same position as Canada any time soon because absolutely nobody will be coming to our aid then thanks to our silence today at China’s extraordinary bullying of a like-minded ally.


    • ResearchtimeMEMBER

      Hang-on, this is written by a self-confessed secularist, who doesn’t know the facts on the ground… China closed 20,000 churches last week alone, with countless persecuted.

      Its an anathema to this cultural Marxist that anyone could believe in anything else but cheap houses!

      • “Cultural Marxist”: what does that even mean? FMD people: let’s put together some words that have charged meaning and ‘bombs away’

      • @bigpadarico

        F•ck Me Dead
        Also others from the same family:
        FMy Life,
        FMe Sideways
        FThis Sh•t

        And so on…

      • “Cultural Marxist”: what does that even mean? FMD people: let’s put together some words that have charged meaning and ‘bombs away’

        Pretty much. It’s a term invented (in its contemporary usage) to take advantage of all those hard yards worked on “reds under the bed” in previous decades.

      • “Cultural” marxism refers to a shift in focus of marxist thinkers in the 1970s.
        Previously marxists saw economics as central to politics, and all of history was seen as a conflict between the oppressed workers and oppressive owners.
        They argued that the workers should band together and overthrow the owners and a perfect world would appear.

        Then, in the 1970s, the west started to learn about the atrocities of marxist governments: over 100 million killed in the 20th Century in their attempts to create utopia.
        Despite the failure of their beliefs in practice, the marxists were still quite attached to their politics and thought if they tweaked their plans a bit, they’d get it all right this time.
        So they focused on how straight white men have caused all the problems in the world with their “cultural constructs” that they use to oppress everyone else.

        Now these fruitloops are at it again, trying to radically reshape the world or kill a load of people trying.

      • ResearchtimeMEMBER

        In a nut shell, the biggest victim free speech… or fake news according to Trump!

  1. I don’t see how the Meng case is related to the Bibi case. Not trying to challenge the argument, but struggling to understand it.

  2. Given that the Canadian government has said several times that they don’t see an explicit link between the 13 detainees and Meng, what would you have ScoMo do?

  3. What a confusing post. Is it about China or Pakistan? Why mix the 2 unrelated stories?

    Sounds deep state like scare fest journalism from AFR. China’s cleaning out deep state just like USA.

  4. Hmmm only 13 citizens.
    I would have thought a Chinese Princeling was worth at least 20 Canadian plebs.
    I guess the exchange rate is not what it used to be.

    gotta learn the rules before you decide to play hard ball with the big boys.!

    • China doesn’t even know the rules that’s why they play copycat which may have ensured Meng won’t be going home

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      Those 13 is merely a warning. If Meng is deported to the US, I expect almost every non-Chinese Canadian to be locked up.

      • Curiously I just spoke to someone that knows her farther, he was joking about the old expression
        hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
        apparently they need to write a Chinese translation that includes disrespected Huawei founders.
        He is not a happy man and this is just not the way that gentlemen play the game
        All suggests two big unanswered questions:
        Are these the new rules?
        Are you absolutely sure these are the rules you want?

      • Even StevenMEMBER


        They’re certainly the rules I want. Everything else is just a slow slide into corruption. It reveals China for who they are – about as subtle as a hammer and a pretty poor global citizen.

        Oops- I’m probably getting a downgrade to my social credit score for that!

      • @ES In your mind China might be little more than global thugs but like it or not they’ve earned a seat at the grown-ups table. You cant disrespect this right without disrespecting yourself and to be honest at this level it’s not politics it’s karma.
        what I might want to do to them, must be tempered by the reality that I wouldn’t ever want it done unto me or my friends etc.
        like I said:
        Are you quite sure these are the new rules?

        BTW last I checked Gentlemen didn’t rape each others daughters just because they had a grievance with the old-man

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      “gotta learn the rules before you decide to play hard ball with the big boys.!”

      It could be argued that the Authoritarian Military dictatorship of China should never have been given access to Western markets in the first place.
      A Coporate lead betrayal of Western Civilisation that will no Doubt lead to “Hard ball” play of the likes never before seen.

  5. “The Morrison government is stepping up efforts as part of an intensified move by Western governments to combat the ­increased persecution of Christians in many parts of the world.”

    Yeah, ’cause Christianity is a “religion of peace” just like Islam. If only we had more politicians banging on about religion the world would be far more peaceful hey?

    But there’s no flies on that Scotty. By embracing fossil fuels and promoting global warming lion populations will be pushed to extinction. In turn that will prevent people feeding Christians to lions. Problem solved.

    • It is rather amusing to watch the people who regularly hyper-ventilate about “identity politics” eager to embrace it when it’s the right identity.

    • I suspect the point ScoMo is more interested in is that globally speaking, Christians suffer more persecution than any other religious group.

      • The best guarantee of religious tolerance is getting religion out of politics and the separation of church and state. This is an exceedingly poor time for a PM known for his charismatic beliefs to be taking up international religious causes.

        The hole that the west is in is in part born of a long term and inappropriate tolerance of theocracies and states that go against western secular values and principles – in the name of signalling how frigging tolerant we are. In other words, we have not stood for anything other than expedience and “the economy”.

        We call Islam “a religion of peace” send live cattle to the Middle East and trade with China and flog our real estate without a whisper of our values when it comes to a myriad of dodgy policies, human rights violations and crime. Politicians sit and allow domestic tensions to build on cultural and religious fault lines without expounding secular principles that have the best chance to foster a harmonious civil society. That’s because there is money in having no principles.

        In effect, Morrison and his ilk have waged a war on reason and real western principles and have wanted to pretend that the west came about because of their religion, rather than despite of it. The abandonment of evidence-based policy and the embrace of myth-making and spin that is so much a part of the DNA of someone like Scotty is the antithesis of where secular democratic actually traditions came from.

        Western democratic traditions had their roots in The Enlightenment that pushed back against the theocracy of the Catholic Church and Christianity. So it is deeply ironic when people who have done so much to undermine secular western democracy want “the west” to save their favoured religious project.

      • Even StevenMEMBER

        Clive has expressed my feelings on the matter very well.

        I have to confess I look at people who believe in “god” in a not dissimilar manner to those who believe in pink unicorns at the bottom of their garden. We wouldn’t abide the latter, so why do we abide the former?

      • I suspect the point ScoMo is more interested in is that globally speaking, Christians suffer more persecution than any other religious group.

        Perhaps some of this because Christians have a habit of poking their noses into other people’s business.

        Also, there are Christians in some countries who think they’re being persecuted by same-sex marriage and sex-ed in schools, so that “most persecuted” stat might need some salt.

      • If you think that persecution is about same-sex marriage you might want to take that salt to Nigeria and see what’s happening there. Perhaps swing by Turkey in the way and see if you can find one of the 1.5m Armenian Christians who used to live there. Or maybe just read up on the Bibi case.

      • If you think that persecution is about same-sex marriage […]

        I don’t.

        However, there are certainly Christians in countries like Australia who like to think they’re being persecuted by same-sex marriage, and other aspects of secular society.

        This is not to say there’s not real persecution going on in the world, of course, but it pays to be a bit sceptical of self-selecting surveys.

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        The problem I have observed with true Christian believers in power is they do actually believe that a fantasy being created and watches over us good little humans. That is a very dangerous concept which absolves us of all blame and consequences. For example the Scomo and Abbott types are not buying the climate change concept anymore than Trump who is also a god botherer. The reason is they believe God would not harm his greatest creation, humanity, and they also believe their God controls the climate and environment so all the damage we’ve done is just imagined because their all powerful imaginary controller is pulling the levers according to the master plan (which ever version they have been brain washed to accept) and as long as you are a true believer nothing bad will happen to you or your family. In the mean time, the forests keep getting bulldozed and the oceans emptied of marine life and poisoned, and Cyclones more frequent and the draughts more frequent, but that only reminds them of the stories of their book, when God got upset and had to punish man… Oh wait, maybe there is something to fear after all?

  6. Why does my post here attempted several times keep getting deleted?
    Seems to happen on any article where it’s suspected I might post contrary to the authors message.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      I note that you appear to be a China fanboy. Have you been there, done business there, dealt with their government? If so how frequently or in depth? Because based on my own in depth and current dealings with that regime I tend to disagree with most of your assertions. Never think they are your friend, they are nobody’s friend and never will be, the whole nation should be treated like a supposedly tame beast. Waiting for you to let your guard down so they can eat you alive.

      • @J H B C
        So you’re an expert are you ? I very much doubt that. Are you part of the team running this show? I never invited an email notification for replies to my comments so How Come you sent a message to my email address? I’d like that explained.
        Labelling me a China Fan Boy is juvenile BS – just because I refuse to join the stupid choir dumping on China for everything. That’s mainstream press territory. Yes I have spent time in China – Shanghai for 5 weeks. Not an expert.

        Before you go shooting your mouth off again go & spend the time to watch J. Pilger’s excellent Documentary –available at SBS on demand.

      • So sorry I couldn’t give you the link . The masters here have decided it would spoil their narrative so the Bots are programmed to stop the word getting out. Must stick to the BS.
        However if you want to educate yourself -search SBS under the Journalists name. Pilger .

        Seeing as you seem to have access to my email -please feel free to respond privately -go on -do it.

  7. Well that worked — But I can’t say anything about this article ? What gives – perhaps you could privately email me & explain.

  8. This post seems very confused.
    How are the cases of a Christian woman initially condemned to death in Pakistan for alleged blasphemy (that sentence should send shivers down anyone’s spine) related to possible tit for tat arrests by China against Canada?
    Seems to be a long bow being drawn to score a few cheap points.

      • Even StevenMEMBER

        In fairness, I think MB is opposed to all forms of irrationality: Christianity, Islam, property prices, politicians…

      • I used to be an atheist, but it is an extremely irrational position. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean others don’t. Just because you haven’t experienced something doesn’t mean it isn’t real (remember the Black Swan fad?). We all operate from incomplete information. Assuming others are irrational just because they have different beliefs is itself irrational. They may have different (and possibly better) information than we have. So given that over half of Australians identify as Christian of some sort; you’d need to be extremely irrational to assign a zero probability to the existence of God.

      • I’ve listened to this twice, and learned the word “eschatological”. Hitchens was a clever man, but this clip doesn’t address whether a belief in God can be rational. I was raise Catholic, but couldn’t see the evidence for it so was an atheist from age 12 to 37 (I was a massive Dawkins and Hitchens fan boy back then, so I know all of their arguments). As I got more information, I became first Buddhist-curious, then ‘spiritual but not religious’, and now I’m a Christian (I assume that’s why you were trolling me). When I get new information I update my beliefs. All seems pretty rational to me. What do you do when you get new information? Or when you meet someone with a different perspective?

      • So given that over half of Australians identify as Christian of some sort; you’d need to be extremely irrational to assign a zero probability to the existence of God.

        Does the probability of God existing reduce if you relocate to a country with fewer Christians ? Because that would be a “rational” conclusion from your (fallacious) reasoning.

      • I was using that as an illustration but forgot to say “for example”. But I suspect you knew that already. You’ll have to do better than that to prove I’m not rational.

      • “For example” in no way changes the comment.

        You’re irrational because you choose to make any given situation more complex and less understandable by adding your unfalsifiable supernatural explanation to it.

  9. Rather than jump every time the mainstream media says to do so, I’d want to know the normal detention rate of Canadians before and after the arrest. Their behaviour circa Iraq 2004 has left me permanently nervous about knee jerk assumptions based on what they say.

    • From Reuters: “Overall, there are about 200 Canadians who have been detained in China a a variety of alleged infractions who continue to face on-going legal proceedings. ‘This number has remained relatively stable,’ the official said.”

      Further: “The Canadian government has said several times it sees no explicit link between the arrest of Meng, the daughter of Huawei’s founder, and the detentions of Canadian citizens. But Beijing-based Western diplomats and former Canadian diplomats have said they believe the detentions were a ‘tit-for-tat’ reprisal by China”.

      That last part would be more credible if the diplomats had names.

      • Yes, but are those others dual nationals or westerners? My bet is most are dual and the latest are westerners with the intended message. What would you expect the Canadian Gov to say, of course they will play it down.

  10. Scummo is PM because certain parasitic business interests made it so. Scummo works for these business interests who make money out of a compliant Oz China relationship. Our foreign policy reflects not the interest of Australians and Australian values but the profit of the business interests behind Scummo.
    Ergo Australia sells out its values.

    ” Canadian consular officials saw them once each in mid-December. Overall there are about 200 Canadians who have been detained in China for a variety of alleged infractions and continue to face on-going legal proceedings. “This number has remained relatively stable,” the official said. In comparison there are almost 900 Canadians in a similar situation in the United States, the official said.”

    The Canadians seem to think it is business as usual.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Given the number of Chinese that now have Canadian citazenship and live work and do biz in China 200 may not be a big number

      • Even StevenMEMBER

        Methinks there are more than 5 times as many Canucks in the USas there are in China. So proportionately, something seems to be going on in China in terms of alleged infringements.

  12. Just had fun and loving feeling listening to a Sydney lawyer openly talk about the washing and rinsing of Mainland Chinese dirty money in real estate in Sydney over coffee. Business as usual with ScoMo Government.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      surfless, stay tuned, that might be getting a little harder soon with some doors just closed by the state governments