Manufacturing PMI boom hits brick wall

Via the AIG this morning comes the manufacturing PMI:

Full report here.


      • correct, we don’t do real manufacturing aside from putting imported nuts into imported plastic bags using an imported packing machine using imported labour on student visas in some industrial unit in the Western Suburbs.
        Manufacturing is fu#ked, why do it? too stressful and gives you anxiety if you machine design is wrong. The boss had to drive all the way from the sunny and breezy coastal suburbs like Palm Beach to the Western Suburbs.
        Australia has evolved from it.

  1. Pls excuse my ignorance on this but where is all the building materials manufacturing in this?
    e.g. the bricks that make up the wall this is possibly hitting?

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Hey Flawse, imported a DRO from Britain and it got stuck in customs, then had to pay import duties, GST and a few other charges. One of the parts was wrong so sent it back. How do I not pay again for the replacement. Should I put it a personal name or doesn’t it make a difference?

      • Boom
        I think you’d have to make a claim, with supporting evidence, on customs for a refund. A lonmng time since I’ve done it but there ought be a form on the web somewhere.

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