Like Australia, immigration rorts run riot across New Zealand

By Leith van Onselen

Over the past few years, MB has meticulously catalogued the widespread rorting of Australia’s immigration system that pervades across the entire economy.

Well, it appears New Zealand is experiencing the very same systemic rorting, according to a recent detailed report published in

After months of investigating visa frauds at the heart of our immigration system, we’re convinced it’s broken. Corruption and exploitation run almost unchecked. Our newest arrivals are told that fraud and graft are acceptable and unpunished. Scammers operate almost openly, safe in the knowledge they won’t be prosecuted.

Our stories initially focused on restaurateur Gurpreet Singh, who for some years appears to have run schemes where he charged up to $35,000 for visas to Indian migrants desperate to stay in this country. Gurpreet has operated thus far without any action from Immigration NZ which, by their own admission, has known some of what he was up to for four years.

But Gurpreet, if he cared at all about the exposure, was unlucky. There are any number of other chancers out there running exactly the same scheme as him…

After our first story, the emails began arriving, and they haven’t stopped. Lots were from other migrants trying to tell their stories.

We could only investigate a fraction; and frankly, many were the same, just with the names changed. We chased some down, and found them to be true. In all cases, the villains had never been punished – and yet we were able to establish fairly quickly exactly what they were up to.

The basic scams they run are:

* The Fake Job. There’s the paperwork to satisfy Immigration NZ and a salary paid to satisfy the IRD, but the job doesn’t exist and the migrant has to return the salary in cash (and top it up for the tax that’s been deducted).

* The Underpaid Job. They might tell Immigration NZ and IRD that they’re paying minimum wage – but the migrant is either returning some of their salary, or working a huge number of extra hours for free, or for cash under the table and below the minimum.

* The Inflated Job. The real job might be washing dishes – but when it comes to the paperwork, it’s a manager’s position…

We’ve talked to countless migrants who came here thinking they would get residency and a well-paid job. Almost all studied for meaningless qualifications purely to secure visas, worked in low-paid, unskilled jobs, and were ruthlessly exploited, usually by other, earlier-arriving migrants, who drained them of their cash…

Yet more emails came from Kiwis with tip-offs about the healthcare industry, hospitality, supermarkets, fruit-picking, IT. Some were angry, most resigned, several had contacted Immigration NZ and felt they’d been fobbed off…

In industries like fast food, liquor stores, gas stations, restaurants and fruit-picking, the reality is that corrupt employers have a huge business advantage because they can massively underpay their staff. It leaves legitimate employers with a choice: do the same, and compete, or stay legal, and face going bust…

Immigration advisor Malkiat Singh describes the situation now as “generational exploitation”. Each new wave of migrants is exploited, accepts that’s how it works, and in turn, once established, goes on to exploit those that arrive after them. For some, it appears, their major source of income is simply from charging newcomers for visas and fake jobs…

New Zealand sells migrants a dream: a reasonably-priced, high-quality education that will, in our own words, be a “pathway to residency”, the chance to live here permanently in a skilled job. Our official website tells them it will be “the time of their life”. One union organiser, First Union’s Mandeep Bela calls this “education trafficking”…

Too often, it appears, the qualifications are worthless, and the work they end up in is underpaid, unskilled and exploited.

Replace the words New Zealand with Australia and the stories read like a carbon copy.

Both nations are running exploitative mass immigration programs under the guise of imaginary ‘skills shortages’, which are actually designed to lower labour costs for employers by crushing wages and abrogating their responsibility for training, while also feeding the growth lobby more consumers.

Both nations’ immigration systems require root-and-branch reform, starting with dramatically lowering the overall permanent migrant intake, as well as setting a wage floor for ‘skilled’ migrants at the 80th to 90th percentile of earnings, thus ensuring the scheme is used sparingly by employers on only the highest skilled migrants, not as a general labour market tool for accessing cheap foreign labour.

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    • That is very interesting.

      In some areas, the product is definitely not cheap: try buying milk / orange juice etc at a 711 or petrol station and you’ll see what I mean. Even with pizza, while the cost via Dominoes is much lower than a traditional family run outlet, the size and quality is much less. Granted, getting a delivery of McDonalds via Uber Eats at 0100 on a cold rainy night for $10 is a good deal – most of us wouldn’t do the job for that.

      For all the problems that the congestion brings, the looming collapse in health / social services as millions of PRs are granted in the next few years and the growing portion of the population who operate outside the taxation system, I would prefer to manage my snacking by the old fashioned method of simply driving down and getting it myself.

      • In some areas, the product is definitely not cheap

        But in most areas the product is cheaper than it otherwise would be. Just like in the US, people here and in NZ would squeal like stuck pigs if this cheap labour were to be forcibly removed.

        There is a whiff of hypocrisy and b♦llsh♦t about this issue, especially here at MB where it is conflated with high house prices (which exist all over the world now, even where there is minimal immigration).

      • The new PRs will be heavy users of the healthcare system, and abusers of the tax system. Ever with a hand out, without putting much in. We have no issue in allowing heavy smokers, the overweight, the ones well on their way to being diabetics. We are allowing in people who think it is okay to work cash in hand (or the like), but still wave their magical Medicare cards around and expect instant service. The whole social service system will collapse, and the Left will wonder how this ever happened.

      • But UberEats is so modern! So progressive! To hell with any social cost! They even have Ruby Rose (Ruby Bloody Rose) flogging its greatness! Don’t be such a grandpa, join us!

    • Most of it’s going into the boss’s pocket (and the banks) rather than keeping prices down.

    • What if getting cheaper strawberries or whatever does not outweigh the extra taxes that you have to pay to cover public services for low skilled immigrants, such as their health care, education for their children, etc.? Or the days stolen from your life crawling through heavy traffic or on long, frustrating hunts for expensive parking due to the extra congestion? Or grossly inflated housing costs and long waiting lists in the hospitals?

      • We have been letting in strawberry pickers from Fiji since Howard was PM. The good thing is, they are not given an Aussie passport.

        But when it comes to selling the strawberries in shops, we should reserve those jobs for Aussies. Along with the job of delivering the strawberries by truck. Not to mention, the accounting jobs in the strawberry company.

        Gas reservation is not enough. We need job reservation.

  1. – Also blame the (very) high levels of debt in both NZ and Straya. It means that households must pay large amounts of money to the service their debts and then those households have (much) less money left over for spending on all kinds of other things (e.g. food, furniture, cars, electricity, clothing, Insurance, etc.).
    – Then it is no wonder that the retail sector is getting hurt. Car sales are falling, etc etc. And that in turn is a reason for companies to seek to lower their costs by using low cost immigration workers.
    – Removing or halving that debt (e.g. government decree) would already have a major positive impact on Household spending.

  2. Lie to get into the country, and keep lying to get what you want, at any price. Past behaviour is a good indicator of future behaviour.

  3. return the salary in cash

    Exactly why there should be no occupation list but a simple $52k/year tax on every work visa.

  4. NZ is just a feeder intake.. a transit lounge for the third would migrant guestworkers.
    NZ has an outlet – Australia is these trafficked migrant’s end destination.
    86% of foreign migrant arrivals in NZ who are given the NZ passport stamp then enter Australia & it’s a 90% one way flow.
    As Winston Peters said “NZ only sells 2 things, milk powder to the Chinese & passport entry stamps to Australia to the third world”. Peters even offered to apologise to Australia for the migrant trafficking trade.

    Of course Peters is now in power, and as NZ foreign minister he has done nothing about it.
    Because the NZ government want the trans Tasman trafficking & Australia as their outlet to continue.
    So NZ can shed their migrant intake mistakes & social burden into Australia and its then Australia’s problem.
    We have 687,000 NZ Special Category Visa holders in Australia.
    Of these 259,000 or 37% are non NZ born, usually Asian or Indian and very low grade, most would not be able to directly enter Australia. (Why they go via NZ).
    The rest of the non NZ born are typically African, Middle Eastern, South American or Eurotrash, often having been in Australia & exited or refused Australian visas so they go via the NZ b a ck door.
    NZ is notoriously easy to get into, as easily frauded aa Australia in fake doc, fake health checks, child bridges, fake family & partners, fake courses, fake pretext.

    The actual number of genuine NZ born in Australia is declining as the wave or arrivals in the 1980’s go back.
    When was the last time you met or even heard the dulcet tones & mangled vowels of a new genuine NZ born arrival? As rare as a kiwi in the bush.

    The simple fix is that the NZ / Aust SCV should be restricted to only Australia or New Zealand Born.

    All non NZ Born SCV (the trafficked Asians & Indians vis the NZ b a ck door) in Australia should be placed on a Non NZ born Sub class visa & have all work rights or benefits removed. They would have to return to NZ & the migrant trafficking trade into NZ would halt overnight.

    These 259,000 non NZ born SCV in Australia are just 9% of the overall migrant trafficking problem we have.

    We have 2.8 million migrant guestworkers in Australia.
    Most are adult. Most are of third world origin.
    China, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Northern & South East Asia, Middle East & African.
    Mostly are unskilled. Trafficked in by foreign agent procurers, invariably in loan debt, on some form of visa pretext as the article outlines.
    Invariably frauded, invariably criminal, each wave of migrant guestworkers then criminally facilitating the next wave in chain migration.

    Only here to work (the 690,000 NZ SCV are permanent stay full work rights) , or to work illegally, to snag a PR & be the anchor in further chain migration.

    The 2.8 million migrant guestworkers are now 1 in 9 of the people in Australia.
    We have more guestworkers than Gaddafi at his peak.
    Collectively they form a sub economy of $140 billion, with $70 billion of that in underground illegal migrant guestworkers.

    They are 1 in every 5 people working.
    Of that, half or 1 in every 10 people working is a migrant guestworker in some form of visa breach.

    Australia’s largest industry is supported by widespread foreign run criminal syndicates organizing the fake ID, ABN, labour rings, cash in hand & other rackets, so little or no tax paid.

    Highly concentrated in Sydney & Melbourne.
    1 in 4, or 1.3 million migrant guestworkers are in Sydney.
    1 in 5 or 1.1 million migrant guestworkers in Melbourne.
    400k elsewhere in mini-me migrant ghettos in our other cities.
    Occupying some 650,000 ex Australian dwellings now foreign owned & converted to migrant only cash in gags sub let bunk share. There’s your housing bubble.

    Temporary Visa Migrants by
    🔹Visa Category Dec-2018
    🔻est in visa breach / illegal working.
    🔹Overstayers: 69,000, all work illegally 🔻40,000
    🔹Visitor: 395,000. 40% work illegally 🔻160,000
    🔹Bridging 197,000 explosion Given work rights!
    🔹Foreign Student (672,000) 575,000 on student visa & 97,000 on other visas. partial work rights & partners with full work rights. 75% work illegally 🔻504,000.
    🔹Working Holiday, 148,000 many illegally🔻60,000
    🔹Grad Temp 65,000 Partial rights / illegally 🔻20,000
    🔹Skilled Regional Prov 20,000 – fraud visa 🔻10,000
    🔹Other TR 70,000, wide abuse🔻40,000 work illegally
    🔹Empl Sponsored 152,000 (457 + TSS) visa fraud, cash back & fake wages. Partners as well. 🔻70,000
    🔹Temp ‘Partner’ 90,000 Work illegally 🔻45,000
    🔹NZ SCV 687,000. Have full work rights, over 259,000 non NZ Born Indian & Chinese via ba ck door
    🔹Bus Prov 28,000 Widespread visa fraud 🔻10,000

    TR / SCV migrant guestworkers 2,431,000
    Third world unskilled 2,100,000
    Fake visa pretext 1,600,000
    🔻Visa breach working illegally 950,000
    That’s 2.4 million TR, nearly 1 million in visa breach.

    Then we have on top of that another 440,000 who come in to work illegally as Tourist Visitors.
    Australia has 8.8 million Tourist arrivals a year.
    Many are on short & medium repeat stay. 3 months, 6 months, repeat tourist visits. Most are from China, South Asia & India. The vast bulk are not ‘tourists staying in hotels spending money’. They are mostly poor third world lowlife who can’t get in on a TR visa. Spend some time at the airport immigration or flight arrivals. Or check the Tourism Australia stats.
    The vast majority are not tourists but migrant ‘visitors’ spending zero in any business or tourist activity.

    These ‘tourists’ are the core of the bridging, protection & asylum claims. They also come in to use Medicare (completely broken) with a huge onshore industry in medical tourism for Indians & Asians to come here to Australia on a tourist visa to ‘borrow’ a PR or frauded Medicare card for free medical treatment & to get the PBS subsided drugs. PBS drugs they take back to China or India to sell – which then funds their criminal syndicates & the trip.

    They stay in ‘private shared accommodation’ along with the 2.4 million TR / SCV already here.

    With an average 3 month tourist visa/ “repeat & multiple stay” – the Asians & Indians get max stay, that’s about 2.2 million onshore at any one time.
    Consuming at least another 200,000 plus Australian dwellings as occupants in ‘visiting’.

    A large percentage here on a tourist visa work. Whether that’s as a nanny, cook, cleaner, farm work, labor rings, vice work – whatever. Third world poor people in a first world country, they are here to work.

    Estimates vary – but the ABF submission in 2016 to the parliamentary enquiry stated that at least 5% or more worked illegally when in Australia.
    The media has exposed some of the cash in hand, fake ID & foreign criminal syndicates trafficking these migrant tourists for labor rings & vice work etc.
    The real estimate is closer to 20% but using that very conservative estimate of only 5% of 8.8 million tourist arrivals yearly = 440,000 third world migrant guestworkers working illegally at any one time over the year.

    So the total number is:
    2.4 million TR migrant guestworkers, with at least 1 million in visa breach working illegally.
    Plus another 440,000 tourist visitors of 8.8 million a year also working illegally in visa breach.

    That’s 2.8 million migrant guestworkers with 1.4 million working illegally in visa breach.

    🔴There’s your wages issue.
    🔴There’s your GDP per Capita issue.
    🔴There’s your housing affordability & Australian homelessness issue.
    🔴There’s your city congestion & overcrowding issue.
    🔴There’s your occupants of the vast migrant slums that now engulf Sydney & Melbourne.

    The TR & TV are the core nutrient in why our cities are now vast squalid migrant guestworkers slums full of ‘Temporary Residents (TR) or ‘Tourist visitors’ (TV).

    It’s not (just) the PR.
    Yes the PR were mistake, overshoot & 78% unskilled & non assimilating but now they are only a fraction of the whole migrant intake. The PR averaged 190,000 a year or 1.9 million in the last decade.
    The 2.8 million TR & TV are 150% of the PR, equivalent to 15 years of PR intake! Even if the PR intake was zero for the next 10 years, it does nothing to fix the core TR & TV issue.

    Some action is needed.
    ➡️ It needs a Royal Commission.

    Neither political party in Australia can be trusted to act in the public interest.
    We saw in NZ that Winston Peters was elected on the promise to act on migrant trafficking including into Australia, and he has done nothing.

    Here both major parties studiously avoid the issue and the mainstream media & migrant lobbyists immediately stifle & kill any discussion on it.

    Only a Royal Commission will expose the full issue and have the authority to enable overriding immigration legislation.
    We need:
    🔸Public awareness on the true numbers.
    🔸Public awareness of the job, wages & congestion & housing impacts. How the migrant trafficking affects them personally in cost of living, job loss, wages loss , loss of opportunity, degraded education & healthcare.
    Restriction across the board on visas & work rights.
    🔸Remove all foreign student & ‘partner’ work rights.
    🔸TR visa funds checked – monthly on funds, activities, income & accommodation including rent paid & to who.
    🔸Tier 1 city duration restrictions on working holidays.
    🔸Remove or tighten up sponsor, spousal visas.
    🔸Remove skilled work visas (with 1.3 million Australian unemployed & 1.1 million seeking work, no case for these visa categories)
    🔸2 week decision on protection visas, no work rights.
    No asylum in Australia if travelled thru other countries.
    🔸No spousal or family sponsor visa grants to a non Australia born unless a citizen for 10 years. Only way stop the migrant cascade / chain migration rackets.
    🔸Massive crackdown on tourist visitors working illegally – no long term & repeat stays. Jail for anyone found harboring & employing tourist visa holders.
    🔸Removal of the NZ b ac k door access. Aust/NZ SCV only for Aust/NZ born.