China’s remarkable non-rebalancing

A picture is worth a thousand words:


  1. Surely Elon can see the future for his business in China. .
    … Tesla opens factories, copycats start up (🤨🧐 now how on earth did they replicate it so quick?), replicas cost much less as they are subsidised by the State, owning Chinese built stuff = higher social score, sales plummet, Tesla exits China amidst ongoing massive profit warnings……..

    • He’ll get his ar$e handed to him by the Chinese. They don’t take prisoners and they don’t hand out windfall profits to foreigners — they keep those for themselves.

    • I think the guy is done in the west, no one will lend him money to burn anymore so he has gone to the Chinese. I wonder if he understands that Chinese money will cost him his soul and he will ultimately lose everything as the Chinese take his technology?

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      Elon may be able to make money in China, but taking the money out will be another matter..

  2. So many expert comments about China – quite laughable really.
    Most articles & comments here about China echo the Mainstream Media — I’d hoped that MB would be different.
    The USA feels threatened that their World domination is ending – and it is so just suck it up.
    It doesn’t have to be War – but unfortunately 5 eyes sees no option.

    • If you feel so cheated that people are not listening to your views

    • The chart shows China GDP per capita same as Brazil.
      China consumption per capita equal to Nigeria.

      The China ‘rebalancing’ is more than just economic.

      It’s about China actively shedding its misfits and social burden, ideally to export & dump that burden on the West & other economies.

      The current Chinese 5 year plan calls for over 100 million Chinese Hukou (internal passport social credit score etc) undesirables, slum clearance & social misfits are to be expelled from the Chinese Tier 1 cities.
      Internal relocation isn’t going well (ghost cities, roads & railways to nowhere).

      These are 2nd generation Chinese peasants & petty criminals etc that have clustered around the Tier 1 cities in China but never made the jump to be accepted as a Tier 1 City Hukou.
      They don’t have a legal internal pass to stay there and in China are ‘illegals’ – internal illegals.

      So 9 million have been exported offshore.
      Asia, Africa, Europe, US, Australia, NZ.

      The Chinese communist party & the Chinese foreign criminal syndicates actively colluding to exploit other countries visa systems & border control to dump this low life unskilled peasantry, petty criminals & social misfit burden outside of China.
      And to use them to act as the proxy to wash & launde the communist party & criminal syndicates dirty money into a foreign country non repatriation safe haven.

      Australia a beacon for exactly this.
      So now Australia has about 1.1 million of them.
      We aren’t getting the best or brightest Chinese.
      We get the Chinese criminal class, their lowlife detritus & their social burden. The Hukuo rejects..

      Chinese communist origin in Australia.
      396,000 mainland communist PR
      420,000 mainland communist TR : students, business & skilled visa & via the NZ SCV racket.
      225,000 long stay, repeat stay (at any one time) Chinese communist visitor/ tourists – most working illegally.
      And another 100,000 or so via other countries, the detritus of Chinese misfits & undesirables expelled from Indonesia, Malaysia, Pacific Islands & other passport scams.
      1.1 million communist Chinese.

      Invariably unskilled, their ‘wealth’ only as a mule to wash the Party & Chinese criminal syndicate money.
      Highly concentrated in our cities.
      The epicentre of organised crime & corruption.
      It would be interesting and in the public interest to see and publish the Hukou status and social credit score of every Chinese allowed into Australia.
      It would prove to Australians exactly what every Chinese already knows.
      What comes into Australia is China’s slum clearance, unskilled 2nd generation peasantry, low life criminal and social misfits.

      That’s the ‘rebalancing’ that is going on.

      • (another post of mine that disappeared into the ether) so in summary, that’s just a load of rubbish.