Australian dollar soars on dirt wings

The Aussie dollar is powering on through the afternoon:

Bonds continue to misprice inevitable RBA action:

Stocks are stalled:

Big iron is on fire:

Big gas too:

Actually it’s all dirt, including gold, tossed up by the Fed for now:

Banks are sagging on the Hayne pain:

Realty is going nowhere:

Australia’s strange bust with a mining boom rolls on.


    • Gee, you couldn’t make it up. I am sure Napoleon is busy plotting his escape from the Isle of Elba.

  1. Something I always wonder – how does all this mining money actually flow into the economy? Most of the mines are owned by companies foreign owned and I don’t see them building new mines anytime soon? Does it actually translate into wages for Aussie workers? I’m not sure of any of these transmission mechanisms now that the “investment” phase is over.

  2. I think we needed AUD higher, market to let long and then come off
    My feeling is we arenโ€™t too far away from the high
    Iโ€™d very interested to know if market has turned slightly long
    HNH what do you think ????