Young Lib dill misdiagnoses party doom

Where do these dills come from? Domain:

The reality is that the conservative base has not come back to the Liberal Party since Tunrbull was removed from office, but certainly more moderates and swing voters have deserted us.

…Where four months ago it seemed as if Turnbull could have defeated Shorten with grit and a little elbow grease, now we are left with a skeleton crew – steering the tour bus, I mean ship, into the electoral abyss.

…Despite the constant denial from the Liberal Party’s delusional right-wingers, it’s time they admitted they were wrong. They did not return “the base” to the party.

Hugo Robinson is president of the Ryde branch of the Young Liberals.

Nor did they swing the party from Turnbull’s policies, Hugo. The reason it was a pointless assassination is that the conservative’s own candidate was headed off at the pass by Turnbull’s favoured replacement in Scummo.

Turnbull was not going to win the election. He was structurally unable to do so because he had fragmented his conservative base by embedding One Nation support in QLD.

The putsch was supposed to replace Turnbull with Queenslander Peter Dutton who would have cut immigration and destroyed ON support.

Sure, this would have cost the Coalition some it support in the cities. But it would also have won it back the QLD base. And set it up to take on Labor from opposition with a platform that was in-step with the times.

Instead it did the worst of both worlds, replacing its leader with someone less popular carrying the same unpopular policies.

That this is not obvious to Hugo is not a promising sign for the future of the Liberal Party.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. An ideologue lives in the world that should be, rather than the one which does.

    When faced with momentary flashes of reality, they’re completely unable to see a cause and effect relationship between what was, to what is – because they never lived in the world that was.

  2. The putsch was supposed to replace Turnbull with Queenslander Peter Dutton who would have cut immigration and destroyed ON support.

    Dutton would have been more unpopular than either, and though he talked a good game on immigration while he was angling for the top job, whether that would have translated to action had he got it we will never know. Many aspirants have spruiked excellent policies they abandoned as soon as they got the reins of power – even Mr Turnbull himself seems like a probable example.

  3. He is correct that Turnbull was in striking distance to win the next election. Or at the very least avoid a shortenslide. Shouty looks like he is going to lead them to a slaughter like christians to the lions …

  4. Bring Abbott back. Tell the media to take a running jump. Adopt radical immigration and energy policies. Bathe in the tears of your enemies.

  5. Author is only distantly interested in whether he is right. Author is simply virtue signalling. Article is just a large self-penned and rather ponderous ad saying “author is a Turnbull-type moderate”.

    Utterly ignorable.

  6. @Arrow, what I noticed is he is from Ryde. He reflects that comprehension gap between NSW & VIC city dwellers and those that live in the country and smaller towns, and those brought up in more comfortable lives with little understanding of what life is like for many. It used to be that every city dweller had relatives in the country. Not now. And even less so for immigrants, that really don’t live through drought, or understand what it’s like outside a city, and how transient inland waterways are. He’s not bridging the gap because he doesn’t see it.

  7. This blog has no spine or ideological backbone. You seem to be against anything done by anyone.

    First, MacroBusiness was for Abbott, then called him a turd and supported the rolling by Turnbull, then called Turnbull ‘do nothing’ Malcolm, then supported his rolling, but was against Dutton taking the seat, supported ScoMo. Now you are calling ScoMo ‘less popular with the same unpopular policies’, and suggesting Dutton would have been a better choice.

    You need to better articulate your ideology rather this perma-negative commentary.