Toxic Turnbull intensifies

Via The Guardian has a nice sccop:

[Malcolm Turnbull] urged his Liberal colleagues to revive the Neg – abandoned as a casualty of the August leadership fight – arguing it was a “vital piece of economic policy and has strong support, none stronger I might say, than that of the current prime minister and the current treasurer”.

Labor is proposing to keep the Neg with a 45% emissions reduction target. The text of the speech the former prime minister ultimately delivered on Tuesday morning, now uploaded on his website, did not address the impact of Labor’s higher target.

But an earlier draft of the speech, did.

“Labor has announced it will adopt the Neg but with a higher emissions target,” the early draft, seen by Guardian Australia, said. “Ours, as you know, was 26% which was only just above business as usual so it obviously had no adverse impact on prices”.

“There is some modelling already from Frontier Economics which suggests that Labor’s 45% target will not result in higher prices,” the early draft said. “That assertion deserves sceptical assessment, but it is also important regularly to review these models in the light of the latest technology and market information”.

“A great deal depends too on whether a 45% reduction means simply that emissions in 2030 – in that year – should be 45% less than in 2005. If that were the case, implying a hockey stick, the additional cost may not be as high as it would appear”.

Backing costings for Labor policy but not releasing it, only to see it leaked the next day!

What is this, Toxic Turnbull psy-ops?

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  1. Member for Goldman sachs has received program instructions, the right sorts have positioned themselves accordingly and he is executing. Wonder how Alex Turnbull fund is playing this game.

  2. Just put in a Google tax and use the money to build solar power stations:

    15 hour ago

    If Europe Can Tax Google, So Can Everybody Else

    The two countries released a statement in the early hours of Tuesday morning declaring their support for a 3 percent tax on digital ads, providing a breakthrough in European Union wrangling on how to deal with big tech. It’s essentially a levy on Facebook Inc. and Google

    Instead of putting up fuel taxes and having riots like the ones in France right now.

    • Just put in a Google tax

      Or think outside the square (as you can).

      What about an Aussie-govt competitor to google? Free search engine with no ads and no bias. Life tenure given to a decent and honest university statistics dude (look for one who resigned before student rorts). His/her only job is to ensure there is no govt-bias in the search results.

      Free map guidance alternative to google maps. Google banned from tracking citizens movements.

      What else do they have? GMAIL. How about a free alternative email with encryption that is provided by Russia. The Russians would have an interest in preventing CIA, China etc from knowing the contents of Aussie emails. They are probably the most trustworthy software developers around.

  3. Rudd, Gillard and Abbott just white anted from the back bench. Turnbull is going nuclear adopting much more sophisticated techniques. This is fantastic viewing.

    • I hope it intensifies once the election is called. He is just warming up … and his goal is to get those 25 odd Liberal MPs out on the street at the next election. Give him another Q&A exclusive!

    • I would prefer to see him run in Warringa- under any flag- as opposition to Tony Abbott. True entertainment value.