Scummo to leave Straya half-pregnant on Jerusalem

Via The Australian:

The Morrison government is expect­ed to formally recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s legitimate capital following a cabinet meeting today, but may delay the ­relocation of Australia’s embassy from Tel Aviv.

Senior government sources have confirmed a final decision was made by cabinet’s national securi­ty committee last night.

It is believed the option favoured by several cabinet ministers was a formal recognition of Jerusalem and a commitment to move the embassy at a later stage.

This is totally destructive to the Australian national interest, pandering to the biases of the Jewish lobby.

Labor should erase all of it the moment it wins power.


  1. This is a problem with all sides of politics, policy not on facts and reasoning for the betterment of Australia but more on the cowardly politics of the moment.

  2. On another thread I was asked to justify my claim that this Israel embassy policy was not a unilateral LNP brain fart.

    In the thread I said that the organised Israel lobby in Australia was involved:

    “… the evidence is overwhelming – e.g. Wentworth by-election and the embassy politics was not a unilateral LNP brain fart. If you believe that the Israel lobby had nothing to do with that in Australia then I have a bridge to sell you.”

    Another member replied:

    “Occam’s Razor points to brain fart, sans rational and supported alternative. So, what evidence ?”

    Fair enough, so I provided some of the evidence that is easy to find.

    I’m reposting the general information here once more. I’ve tried to lay out this evidence (although I get to the main point towards the end with the link to AIJAC). This is an important issue as the same academic on the payroll of Scanlon (Andrew Markus) reporting on Australian attitudes to immigration and multiculturalism runs a group at Monash who is also a champion of this embassy shift – and I suspect an active lobbyist prior to this announcement.

    Firstly, I need to make my position clear once more about an important issue that MB contributors are right to be concerned about. This is what I replied to a concerned contributor:

    “It has nothing to do with being a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ Jew. Or a good or bad Chinese/Australian citizen for that matter. It’s about foreign states manipulating their diaspora in Australian domestic politics – and not being naive. One of the reasons that it is difficult to discuss this is that people automatically drop into narratives that assume that entire cultural groups are being blamed – or should be (I noted such responses previously). This is absolutely not my position (and it annoys many people in Israel and the wider Jewish diaspora that it happens as part of the state agenda – many Jews hate this stuff as it sets them up to take the fall). Instead, it is high time for people to bring this to a different level and realise that global and foreign national agendas (especially corporate-state agendas) are playing out in our domestic politics; we just pretend otherwise to avoid asking unpleasant questions. State and corporate perception manipulation has little to do with individuals or cultures – it does not arise here. But it needs to be called out where ever it comes from as it is corrosive to our democracy and driven by state/corporate entities. It does not have to become an issue of cultural conflict if the same standards are applied to all (presently this is not the case and this is dangerous and irresponsible).

    In my response I put in some general references first:,10913

    An article about George HW Bush and the political consequences of taking on the Israel lobby may be of interest:

    I note that the manner in which the Israel lobby works in “friendly” western nations is no longer seriously disputed. There is a massive academic literature on this that you can read up on if the mood takes you. The MO in western nations is very similar. Highly credible academics at major universities have published on this for a very long time. Get a start here e.g.:

    If you are of the view that Israel does not use the same process of high level lobbying in Australia or those fostered through university academics (Incidentally, these two links are from the same centre that Andrew Markus runs at Monash) then you are in effect saying that it is all different in Australia:

    For instance, people might even dismiss the following media quote from the official Israel lobby in Australia as just a happy coincidence after the apparent Morrison brain fart stunk up the Wentworth by-election:

    “The Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) said the Morrison government’s willingness to consider moving the Australian embassy to Jerusalem is a step towards resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.”

    That is until you find out that it is almost certainly cynical media spin and manipulation. Because this apparent LNP brain fart has been actively lobbied for by AIJAC for at least two years (if not much longer) who have detailed the shift of the Australian embassy to Jerusalem as a stipulated policy to coordinate with US policy on the public record, here:

    The only reason that this is not common knowledge is that it is not reported in any of our media and people refuse to join the dots. And just why is that? It’s obvious. You get vilified using the good old shaming tactic.

    So of course the shift of the Australian embassy to Jerusalem was not a LNP idea! But in the spirit of believing in Father Christmas this month you may also want to believe that Andrew Markus’ group was totally taken by surprise by Morrison’s political flatulence (shocked I tell you! Well, I never!). So why not ask him? My strong suspicion is that he is part of the active lobby group coordinating for this change in foreign policy and working with AIJAC who work with the state of Israel and other lobby groups like AIPAC.

    If so, how’s that for a good look? Let me spell it out. The guy who is set up by Pratt and Scanlon money who is telling us all about what Australian’s think about immigration and perception of immigrants and foreign diaspora’s in Australia is also meddling in our foreign affairs via domestic politics and elections on behalf of a foreign state.

    Hardly surprising. The Israel lobby is very powerful and has used universities as a mouth piece for a very very long time as is the international experience. Again, it’s easy to find the evidence:

    But there is much more out there on this issue and mostly it is on the public record. It is only the laziness of our population and the sham that is our media that stops this from being seen as the outrage it is. Our media are shameful cowards who parrot PC rhetoric rather than protecting our democratic processes. Because they know they will be shamed as bigots if they don’t allow the Israel lobby to show us their love.

    So the issue is not LNP brain farts, but the way in which lobbyists for some corporations and foreign states are treated with a disgusting double standard. The LNP is once again allowing Scanlon/Pratt funded think tanks and strategically placed academics to write Australian foreign and domestic policy – and interfere in our elections. This should really piss us off because it is corrupt and anti-democratic. It must be called out and stopped as it has gone way too far.

    Wake up Australia and join the dots.

    • Pretty solid work there, Clive. And the same could be said of the influence that coal mining magnates have over the national debate via donations (mostly disguised) and media ownership (News Corp owned by big fossil fuel investor Murdoch).

  3. Add to this the initiative by Michael Danby of the same persuasion to get Australia a Maginsky Act in recognition of Bill Browder who got it passed in the USA. Bill Browder wanted for 5 murders including that if Maginsky his accountant or suchlike who was in Russian jail ready to tell all about Bill Browder. Then there are Browder s frauds, huge tx debt and the stink of hermitage capital and safra in the 1990s where 85% of Russian wealth eas stripped away. Yeltsin brought in Putin with his advanced law degree thesis on how to fix up Russia, Putin changed the law and the Russian peasants were no longer longer milk cow forever to us uk entities and Russian jewish oligarchs. Anyway Danby informed me as a voter “we” whoever that we maybe, need a Maginsky act of our own.
    Moving our embassy to Jerusalem is beyond disgrace, it’s shameful.

  4. “The Morrison government is expect­ed to formally recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s legitimate capital following a cabinet meeting today”

    Huh? We don’t think it’s Jeruslem? And why are we having a cabinet meeting about this? Why is it not “So you say the capital of your country is XXXX, well OK then”?

    • Do our farmers wants to export to Muslim countries? Because after the declaration it may not happen anymore.

  5. I believe they are stupid beyond all estimates. How this benefits the people, I don’t know, but watch their approval rating drop drastically after this. LNP will be wiped out, and you’ll have the mad Greens and ALP ( incorporating the CCP)…Scott you’re more than a mad muppet, but if this is what it takes to get the religious fanatics out of office let it be…

      • If it weren’t so serious I could laugh, but there was a certain CEO of GS who said that, and now we find out …. allegations of something not so righteous

  6. Next will we here them say that Taipei is the capital of Taiwan of the ROC, not PRC? I bet Scummo doesn’t have the balls to do that!