NSW Labor right China links turn nuclear

Via The Australian:

The NSW Labor Party’s head office in Sydney has been raided by the Independent Commission Against Corruption today as part of an investigation into ALP donations.

Officials of the NSW ICAC are believed to have searched the ALP’s Sussex Street office for financial documents linked to an annual party fundraising event called the Chinese Friends of Labor.

The ICAC declined to comment on the raid with a spokeswoman saying the corruption investigator did not provide detail on operational matters.

Well oh dear.


  1. Good. NSW Labor needs a good clean out.
    They are the epi-center of Chinese political corruption in Australia.
    Sam Dastyari was just the tip of the ice berg.

    • It’s odd that the Liberals are immune to this, I’m thinking of the half a million China donated to Julie Bishop’s Glorious Foundation

      • Yes, likely more Labor traitors, even though it stinks of a the Libs which hunt in an attempt to deflect news of Labor talking about “good for Australia” policies of which the Libs seem to have none. The great thing is when Labor get in they should return the favor & nail Julie & mates.

      • ResearchtimeMEMBER

        Comes down to money, Liberals have wealthy individuals and corporations more likely to give… labour has the Unions, but they no longer recognise a lot of their policies, and membership is declining.

        Chinese have lots of money, and want someone to take it. Labour is just a bit more (or should I say a lot more) desperate than the Liberals.

    • <tinfoil codpiece>
      What are the chances that the ICAC was sent in as a titties-for-tattas after the sugar-baby affair from yesterday?
      </tinfoil codpiece>

      • I think it was probably the intelligence services that tipped them off. ASIO ASIS are listening to these United Front CCP guys for national security reasons. They might have heard what is going on and tipped ICAC off via an anonymous tip.

      • @Gramus

        They sure as f❀ck didn’t hear anything when Robb leased out Port of Darwin…

        Seems to me they are afflicted by some weird-ass selective deafness.

      • @Ino
        Thngs have changed a lot since the Port of Darwin Fiasco. My guess is that it was the intelligence services who tipped ICAC off about Daryl McGuire the former Liberal member for Wagga Wagga was just exposed and subsequently thrown out for having taken bribes from a major Chinese developer.
        https://www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/wagga-wagga-mp-daryl-maguire-to-resign-gladys-berejiklian-says-20180721-p4zstb.htmls. So it is not just Labor party who is feeling the heat from ICAC on Chinese corruption.

      • @Gramus – they really need to send in the swat-team and clean them all out before I can trust that it’s not just a dob-in revenge raid.

        Multiple raids at 3AM, coordinated across states and I might consider changing my mind.

  2. Those sweet and easy but totally compromising dodgy political donations are the sleaze gift that keeps on giving.

    Give it up fellas.

    There is honor in a lamington drive and a meat raffle.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Love a good chook raffle… remember a time when it was the major social event in some parts of straya
      ……was in a place recently where it still is

  3. Stand by for tomorrows SCMP, Peoples Daily, etc and the PLA’s troll army of article commentators to attack this raid.
    China Bob? what does he have to say about this? Ultimo is only a 15 minute walk from this place.

    • or 2 minutes with the police flashing lights on :P…

      Just sayin’… you know – they’re that close – might as well knock on his door bust the door in and come and say “hello” 😀

    • St JacquesMEMBER

      I think it’s going to be one below the belt election. Disgraced v Disgraceful. otoh, maybe since both sides knows the other has chemical weapons, they’ll tend to avoid the issue? Still, I’m going for the former because of LNP desperation. Treacherous bastards, the lot of them.

  4. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Scomo has turned the dial to red …..let’s hope
    It flushes the lot of them down the drain …..

  5. How many mainland born Chinese communists in Australia?
    It’s an interesting question and answer.

    Almost 1.3 million onshore at any point in time.
    And highly concentrated in Sydney, Melbourne then other urban centres.

    🔹396,000 Chinese Communists on Chinese sole passports as PR (ABS 2016 plus trend), most Chinese stay on their Chinese national passport as the PR gives them all the Medicare & Welfare, pension etc and they can return to China to live off that plus take back ths Medicare PBS drugs (to resell) & all the other booty to find their trip.
    As PR they can’t vote – this is why the communist Chinese in Australia aren’t a powerful voting bloc, they just buy the imfiure they need, it’s easier.

    🔹120,000 Chinese communists now with Australian citizen grants. Early wave or else unwelcome in China sent as part of the Hukou clearance.

    130,000 Chinese Communists that have come on via NZ SCV (690,000 of which 245,000 are now non NZ born) / including the Chinese via the Pacific Islands & other passports scams.
    (I didn’t include the mainland born communist Chinese who came in via South East Asia & other routes but that’s at least another 100,000)

    202,000 Chinese communists as foreign students.

    That’s 848,000 permanent and long stay Mainland Chinese Communists so far.
    Plus another 370,000 Chinese communists at shy as part of the 8.8 million visitors/ tourists – long stay & repeat stay, many working illegally.
    That’s 1,218,000 Chinese Mainland communists onshore.
    90% in our cities.
    1 in 10 basically.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Thats a real fifth column your describing there Mike.
      Something that needs to be vigorously resisted

  6. The old quote goes:
    “When China is buying my house, this is ‘Capitalism and we are Open for Business’
    . But When China is buying my politicians , this is ‘Communism and Corruption’ ”

    from the book : ‘Hypocrisy 101’