MB Fund Podcast: Erik Townsend on the future of bitcoin

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Australian dollar smashed as market panic rises

Today on the podcast we have Erik Townsend, a retired software entrepreneur turned hedge fund manager, public speaker and co-author of his own popular industrial grade podcast, MacroVoices.

Erik is joining us today to talk about his new book ‘Beyond Blockchain, the death of the dollar and the rise of digital currency’ and how a global digital currency could unlock US dollar hegemony over world trade.


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Tim Fuller


  1. I still say you guys would do ok setting up a crypto payment plugin – and converting directly to cash.

    You’re bearish AUD but still accept it for payment. What’s the difference between that and being bearish crypto and accepting it for payment?

    Assuming you’re converting within seconds/minutes, isn’t it all upside revenue potential with minimal downside?

    There’s a lot of imaginary money looking for a place to be spent.
    Worth an experiment, no?