Licence to whore for another six months

Via AFR:

The sex scandal plaguing the Nationals has intensified after MP Andrew Broad quit Parliament altogether.

Moments after his leader Michael McCormack suggested he “consider his future”, Mr Broad released a statement saying he would not recontest his safe Victoria rural seat of Mallee at the election, due in May.

This will avoid another byelection but, come election day, could create a three-corner contest with the Liberals also contesting the seat. But given the government is so on the nose in Victoria, the party fears the seat could fall to an independent.

James Bond has a licence to whore on the tax payer purse for another six months. Just another black mark for Scummo.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • Depends how long he’s been a member. Probably not on the pension yet, but he’ll get $80,000 as an “adjustment allowance” to help him settle into the real world.

      He’ll probably join one of the many lobbying companies that blight our democracy in Canberra and use his connections to the max.

    • Mark HeydonMEMBER

      According to Wikipedia he was first elected in 2013. The pension scheme was closed to new entrants from the 2004 election (I think), so no, he will not get a pension. So sad.

  1. “Coalition sources saying he was willing to repay any cost to taxpayers for his travel.”
    Oh so that’s ok? Stealing from your employer is fine so long as you offer to pay it back.
    It’s like an interest-free loan from the boss that they didn’t know about.
    In any other workplace this would be a sackable offense and police would be called.

    • In any other workplace this would be a sackable offense and police would be called.

      Only if it was done by some low level minion on average wages. It’s standard practice for senior management and board members.
      As always one rule for them and one rule for us.

    • I feel sorry for all women who marry d!ckheads.

      …there’s only so much glans that one can take. And being married to one is just too much! Very sad.

      • A heap of women in these cowboy communities are seriously impressed with butch, arrogant, blunt men who posses the charm and sexual manners of a barn yard animal.

    • lol

      “Senior union and Labor Party officials are in Adelaide for the ALP National Conference and were not present.”

      hopefully they find out what Michael Daley secretly told the Chinese the treasonous piece of scUm

  2. Actually…I think there is a way to force the resignation. Theres more to this story. This guys has had more than 1 sugar baby. All they have to do is ask the question On the parlimentary floor ” how many sugar babies have you had” ..done

    • Parliamentary calendar for 2019 not yet released, but in 2018, first sitting day of the year was 5 February. Gives the LNP time to manufacture several crises that will make old mate Broad not worth the effort.

    • Sure the lib/nat coalition could force his resignation, but why would they want to? They are already a minority government.
      Any questions from other parties will simply be ignored.

    • The Herald Sun is saying the Nationals hushed up complaints:

      At least three women contacted the ­National Party in the past year making ­allegations about sexcapades and sleazy behaviour by federal MP Andrew Broad.

      The Herald Sun can reveal claims about Mr Broad’s brazen indiscretions were well known within the party.

  3. Was the Beet-roota on any of his trips? Wouldn’t be enough hotel rooms in Armidale to house his offspring….

  4. Such a beat up over this story. No one’s actually said or can say what exactly this man has done wrong in this strange feminist PC society. What if it was a woman politician that used a dating site? Shock, horror! People use dating sites. Everyone would be saying it’s none of anyone’s business if it was a woman. What he does in his personal time is his own business. His biggest failing is being so naive about the (technically) prostitute he met who saw an opportunity to be the scum she was and try to blackmail him. Just about all Australian politicians are as stupid as this man – just in different aspects. The years of damage some of them have done and are currently doing seriously deserves public guillotining.

    • Maybe if he was single, but I don’t remember when it was actually acceptable for married politicians to have affairs.

      This bloke was the loudest voice in the National Party saying Joyce needed to go for doing basically the same thing, and amongst the loudest proclaiming the sanctity of traditional marriage. He’s going to have a hard time appearing in public for the next few years without people instantly snickering, so tough as it may be, his position is untenable.

      • Isn’t the bigger issue the fact that he put himself into a position to be bribed/ extorted which, as a Minister of the Crown, has national security implications. He got lucky is that it was just some lass looking for some easy cash – what if it was set up by the CCP?

    • His flight to HK is taxpayer funded, and it seems that’s the only reason why he went there.

    • Such a beat up over this story. No one’s actually said or can say what exactly this man has done wrong in this strange feminist PC society.

      LOL. Yes, only in a “strange feminist PC society” is a married man and conservative moral crusader fishing for a bit of strange on a “work trip” considered to be doing something “wrong”.

      And that’s before even considering the professional negligence involved in the risks of blackmail and foreign intelligence gathering he exposed himself – and by extension his employer, the Australian people – to.

    • Like Barnabeet, it’s not the fact that he’s apparently a philandering tool, it’s that he’s a philandering tool who preached on high to all about religious morals and traditional marriage.

  5. Jumping jack flash

    Just another day for another of our elected and inspirational leaders.

    If they actually had something to do, instead of living it up at the taxpayer’s expense, while private companies do their jobs for them, I’m pretty sure that they wouldn’t have time to get up to all this philandering.

  6. Good to see our hard-earned taxes are so efficiently and wisely expended by servants of the state… Makes me want to pay an even higher marginal tax rate really