Labor’s dodgy China links expose leadership

Via The Australian:

Bill Shorten was present with other senior party leaders at a Chinese Friends of Labor fundraising dinner in Sydney that is believed to be the focus of a raid on the NSW ALP’s headquarters by the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Officials from the NSW corruption body swooped on the ALP Sussex Street offices early yesterday in search of financial records related to an investigation into allegedly undisclosed or illegal party donations in 2015.

The raid took place while Labor officials were out of Sydney, attending the party’s national conference in Adelaide. Its timing, three months before the NSW election, also caused internal consternation about possible damage as the state party seeks to make itself electable after two terms in opposition.

Dastayari and Carr friendly uncle, Huang Xiangmo, top left.


    • ” interest-only mortgages, and in particular owner-occupied interest-only lending, remain a higher risk form of lending. ”
      Sound right…so get out there you ADI’s and lend some more of the stuff! Madness….

    • FiftiesFibroShack

      I wonder how much of this is to head off the great IO reset. Can people refinance an IO loan, that is about to switch, with another IO loan?

      Our lenders still have large IO books, when compared to their global peers. I appreciate we have to add some headroom for Australian exceptionalism, but how much can the book grow if current lending standards are adhered to?

      • “Can people refinance an IO loan, that is about to switch, with another IO loan? ”
        Previously this was commonplace, now I have no idea, but we seem to be heading back towards that don’t we.

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        Yes, I remember it happening, although it seemed to stop when the regulators got involved.

        This APRA move seems more about supporting those already in an IO, barely getting by, and determined to HOFDL. Although, given Australian RE exceptionalism, it could trigger some new IO lending to the crazy brave.

  1. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    The ALP might be brought down by this collusion with a potential fith column or It might continue to rule, on and of, like the Liberals, for decades to come.
    If indeed there is a CCP lead conspiracy to infiltrate our main political parties, you’d think they would be trying to stack the rank and file membership numbers with their own also, a few 10s of thousands could take over any political party in this country.
    A practical oversight step any concerned citizen of this country can take to resist these possible infiltrations is to join one of the Parties most likley to Govern.
    Dont rely on others to defend your rights and your Country, get out there and do something yourself.
    Play your part as a responsible citizen.

    If your not going to vote for one of the above then join the one you do vote for.
    Maybe Join one and vote for another,…either way get in there, participate, bear witness and when nessary censure,…from within is the most effective waybto do this.

    • Nah ermo. The chinese are smart enough to know the rank and file have no power. You only need to corrupt the handful at the top, preferably of both sides, and you control everything.

    • Corrupting elites is step 1 of their game. The ethnic branch stacks come later. Note ‘Pierre’ Yang in WA was busy stacking branches with ethnic Chinese…

    • EP….Look at what the Labor party in France under PM Macron is doing to that country. The working class are getting shafted whilst he spends 500,000 euros on new crockery and cutlery for parliament house.

      Maybe it’s time we handed out some “Yellow Vests” and let the anarchy begin; nah, this is Australia, the lucky country.

  2. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    From yesterdays China story,

    December 19, 2018 at 9:32 am
    The old quote goes:
    “When China is buying my house, this is ‘Capitalism and we are Open for Business’
    . But When China is buying my politicians , this is ‘Communism and Corruption’ ”

    from the book : ‘Hypocrisy 101’

    • This article about Labour & the Chinese is just a beat-up —
      played up by the Murdoch presstitutes to bolster the Libs.
      All political parties host ethnic communities —
      FA to see here. Oh + MB has a mission against everything Chinese.
      Hard to fathom why given the $hite we put up with from USA.
      The Chinese won’t bomb us into submission if we don’t sell them Iron ore 🙂
      They may decide to do without from Oz.

  3. And yet … we continue to vote for all of them … maybe switching our vote between the majors when one does something that we think is unacceptable.

    • That wont work, we would be switching back and forward so fast we would cause a ripple in the space time continuum…

  4. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Back in Richo’s day the ALP did a lot of its business in dodgy Chinese restaurants…….now dodgy chinese restaurant owners do their business in Sussex street …..
    ……a natural evolution …

  5. If these fools believe for one second that the Chinese are their friends, they are too stupid to be in government. If they’re taking money from them, as they no doubt are, they should be in jail or swinging from lamp posts. I would prefer the latter, personally.

  6. This is Scomo and co trying to take down Labour and hold onto power. This has plenty to run in the next few months.
    We’re rooted as a nation

    • As much as I despise the LNP, I thoroughly applaud this. As long as the barrel ends up pointing at Robb and Julie Bishop eventually.