Why Labor ought to love, and Liberal hate, Mark Latham

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Exclusive Herald polling revealed One Nation has a primary vote of 7.5 per cent statewide, while internal Coalition research indicates minor parties could secure as much as 20 per cent of the primary vote in some seats. One Nation alone is polling in the “low double digits” in some areas.

The Coalition needs to lose just six seats before it is plunged into minority government – a real possibility given it is defending six seats on margins of 3.2 per cent and under. Four of these seats are held by National MPs, making them particularly vulnerable to Mr Latham’s rural push.

…In a clear pitch to disaffected country voters, Mr Latham, who is vying for a seat in the NSW upper house, described his party as an alternative “for people neglected by the Sydney-centric major parties”.

The media snowflakes won’t admit it but this is why Malcolm Turnbull lost his job. He embedded a conservative splinter group that has within it the power to marginalise the Coalition from government for as long as it exists. It is a rerun across the aisle of the dark of days of Labor’s B.A. Santamaria and the Democratic Labor Party (DLP) split, which put Bob Menzies into power for twenty years.

Turnbull not only did nothing to prevent it, he made it worse at every turn. This is why a boofhead like Peter Dutton got a look in. Even he was preferable to Turnbull given he could at least repair the fundamental split with his QLD and lower immigration credentials. The Coalition would have been much better advised to go that way. Although Dutton would have trashed the city vote he would have hammered ON support and given the Coalition a base from which to rebuild in opposition with a new platform built around lower immigration.

But long came Scummo with his coup without purpose which has delivered the worst of both worlds, a collapsing vote in city and country, and a rampant ON that has professional new leadership.

If Mark Latham gets going and consolidates ON power over the next few cycles, he could absolutely turn ON into a Coalition’s nightmare, its own DLP.

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  1. The Broad Church just burned itself down. It’s always a problem when you have arsonists as parishioners – or just arses even.

  2. One Nation is not big enough for Mark Latham and Pauline Hanson under one roof, however they only have to last 6 months to do real damage. Now that ScoMo is ‘backstab proof’, Shorten just have to bury himself somewhere deep underground, and he’ll be PM in 6 months.

  3. Latham gets in as a MLC, then resigns with One Nation retaining the seat (by convention) and then he enters the Federal Arena. The way I see it is Hanson is looking to retire and Latham will take over. I would think discussions between the two over a orderly handover has already occurred.

  4. I think Mark Latham will be the 3rd party alternative
    I think he will accumulate very good support
    Hopefully he moves to federal ?? Will he ??

  5. Mistake to think ON will primarily take seats from coalition with Mark Latham at the helm. Once voters realise the ALP will sign Australia up to the UN’s Global Compact on Migration which gives anybody a right to asylum anywhere….sparks will fly! Good luck thinking the ALP will stabilize politics in Auz….utterly naive! In fact, the ALP will increase the current social-fragmentation in Auz which the “globalist white-collar bureaucrats” will take advantage of further signing Auz up to all sorts of global initiatives. Social fragmentation is like leaving a permanent “draw-bridge” DOWN across a nation and with political correctness currently out of control in Australia, giving the ALP the reigns, will exacerbate its disorder. Stupid…….

  6. “He embedded a conservative splinter group that has within it the power to marginalise the Coalition from government for as long as it exists.

    It dies with Pauline. She isn’t a young woman any more.

  7. I’m unconvinced that ML has really stabilised his pancreatitis, and the associated damage that affects other endocrine systems and therefore behaviour. It’s an erratic veering from good strategic thinking to a state of unhelpful visceral reaction. When he can choose his appointment he can manage it but a leadership role is ‘always on’. Can it last 6 months, maybe. After that, there’s no evidence he will be a nett plus for ON.
    It will be an interesting year.