IPSOS: Scummo a goner

Via Domain today:

The Morrison government has suffered another setback after weeks of campaigning to gain ground against Labor, trailing by 46 to 54 per cent in a two-party result that would trigger a landslide loss at an election.

Voters have swung against the Coalition in a trend that would cost it at least 18 seats if repeated at the next election, in another sign of the backlash from the electorate since the Liberal Party leadership spill in August.

The AFR is also reporting this as the lead:

As Opposition Leader Bill Shorten mounted a spirited defence of his tax plans while launching Labor’s national conference in Adelaide on Sunday, the poll found 43 per cent supported limiting negative gearing to new homes only, and 44 per cent were opposed.

Similarly, 48 per cent opposed plans to halve the 50 per cent capital gains tax deduction for investors who sell an asset after holding it for more than a year, while 43 per cent were in support.

Apparently it is more important than who runs the country.

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  1. proofreadersMEMBER

    “Apparently it is more important than who runs the country.”

    Well, of course, what would you expect. It is a country heavily biased to leaners – not lifters.

  2. There is an interesting psychological effect whereby support for a new government and their policies actually goes up after they win the election.

    Basically people find it easier to adjust if they get on board with the winners and determine that it won’t be so bad. It reduces cognitive dissonance.

    What’s happening here is that it’s kicking in early. People know Labor will win so they are adjusting their opinions accordingly.

    Scummo doom.

    • Leadership change probably would help the Liberal party but the Labor wins outcome is already set in stone.
      What politician, in their right mind, would put their hand up only to be credited with being the Liberal Leader when the LNP suffers it’s most humiliating defeat in over 50 years?
      I suspect Peter Dutton might win an uncontested vote…but as MT allegedly said, if PD is the answer than wtf was the question?

      • proofreadersMEMBER

        Wouldn’t be surprised if Josh Frydendebt, that other Steven Bradbury (after ScoMo), would put his hand up?

      • Josh is positioning himself to be the leader of the recovery post election. Something Scummo should have done if he was smart. But he’s not. And his god endorsed ambition + lack of intelligence = gazumping Dutton at the last spill, rather than playing the long game.

      • If all the seats in Vic get the same swing that the state election did Fryedhead wont be reelected.

      • Libs can’t swap PM’s again because Scomo change the rules to prevent it.

        Rudd-Gillard-Rudd was bad enough but the Libs would have Abbott-Turnbull-Scomo-???? which would be even worse.

        On the topic of Frydenburg – does he seem both angry and arrogant to anyone else? I watched part of his MYEFO speech this morning and he came across as though the viewer should be grateful to have him around.

        To use a great aussie saying “Yeah, Nah”

  3. This’ll help:


    Assistant minister Andrew Broad has quit the frontbench in the wake of a sex scandal that could rock the Morrison government, amid claims he met a “sugar baby” in overseas hotels on a trip funded by taxpayers.

    To which I say, if you are going to scam taxpayers at least do it on something worthwhile like this, rather than attending Karl’s wedding.

    But it wouldn’t be a Scummo Ministry without a little target practice on the messenger now would it?

    “I have been advised that the person making the allegation may have engaged in criminal activity,” Mr Broad told Newo Idea.

    As always we can look to the classics for insight as to how life will play out for the LNP this long hot summer:


    While we’re on the classics, recall that this was all foretold by the great JB in another great tune:

    Well the last plane out of Sydney’s almost gone
    And only seven flying hours, and I’ll be landing in Hong Kong
    There ain’t nothing like the kisses
    From a jaded Chinese princess
    I’m gonna hit some Hong Kong mattress all night long

    • proofreadersMEMBER

      It all makes sense now – no wonder, ScoMo wanted a Clayton’s ICAC for politicians, bureaucrats etc?

  4. Apparently it is more important than who runs the country.

    Maybe they’re trying to highlight the fact that some people who oppose Labor policies say they will vote for Labor regardless.