Goldman: Euro (and AUD) to tank

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Via Goldman:

Question is whether EUR/USD is ready to resume downtrend

  • everything down to the Aug. ’18 low was impulsive in nature. From August into year-end, the market entered a corrective phase, one that retraced/has so far held 38.2% at 1.1780.
  • So far none of what has transpired on the recent decline from September has looked definitively impulsive. It’s difficult to chase the trend under these circumstances. For that reason, there’s a risk the index sees one more recovery towards the 1.1780-1.18 range highs. That being said, any squeeze of that kind should be viewed within context of the broader downtrend.
  • With that in mind, it seems best to either sell the break below 1.12 (range lows) and/or a recovery towards 1.18. Whichever happens first, the target for a C wave from Jan. ’18 is still the same at ~1.0561.
  • Consider eventually adding bearish exposure either from 1.1780-1.18 resistance or below 1.12. Ultimately targeting ~1.056.

I agree. Europe is slowing faster than the US. Once we get past the doving up Fed it will be all about the ECB being forced to follow even harder.

If there is one rule in Australian dollar investing it is that a falling EUR equals a falling AUD as the DXY takes off:

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. Jeez. If Goldman’s is calling it, it’s time to get on the other side! What is the pascometer saying?!?

  2. Looks like I’m barred from making a simple comment re financial matters. No probs else where.
    What are you frightened off ? Who would “pay up” for this?