Essential: Labor galloping to victory

Via The Guardian:

More than half of voters in the latest Guardian Essential poll believe Bill Shorten and Labor will win the next federal election. Only 21% think the Morrison government can recover from a horror year, and prevail at the polls in 2019.

The disillusionment of Australian voters is also palpable in the final opinion survey of the year – 65% of the sample of 1,026 respondents say 2018 has been a particularly bad year for Australian politics and 57% saying it has been a bad year for the federal government.

That collective thumbs-down about the state of the national discourse is even more visceral than last year – likely reflecting the impact of yet another coup against a sitting prime minister, and a turbulent year peppered with byelection contests triggered by the section 44 fracas. In the final poll of last year, 54% of the sample felt it had been a particularly bad year for Australian politics.

Labor remains ahead of the Coalition in the latest survey, as it has in every Guardian Essential poll this year, suggesting a hard-baked trend. The opposition is ahead of the government on the two-party preferred measure 53% to 47%. A fortnight ago, Labor was ahead 54% to 46%.

The Coalition’s primary vote is 37% and Labor is on 36%.

Yawn. Let’s get it over with.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Labor cannot lose it from here ….. can they?

    Shorten only needs to keep his mouth shut from here on in.

    Btw, where’s Ric?

  2. The main game in town is now the Senate. That’s where the LNP should spend money trying to save the furniture.

    • It’s only the main game for the minor parties, libs have no hope of a majority in the senate, but are guaranteed to get enough that combined with labor they can pass anything they want. any number between these 2 extremes make no difference if they don’t control the lower house, other than more polly pay and perks I guess.

    • We could become a republic, too.
      I find it odd that Shorten publicly aims for what other leaders are retiring. Merkel and May. Macron, military coup?

    • Let’s see after Christmas what happens. You see, big things rumbling in the US. Treason’s greetings for Gitmas!

      By the way Unicorns are fake.