Coalition offers fund raiser for Hayne response insights

Talk about not getting the memo:

Assistant Treasurer Stuart Robert will headline a Liberal Party fundraiser that promises political donors an insight into the government’s potential response to the banking royal commission.

…”It’s appalling and disgusting that after voting against a banking royal commission 26 times, Scott Morrison and the Liberals now want to make a profit out of it,” shadow treasurer Chris Bowen said.

Will they even make to Christmas?


  1. The only thing that could (maybe) save the LNP from a glorious route come May, is if they come clean on all of the below:
    * Admit the failings of mass-immigration-led population growth as a primary (only) driver of economic growth
    * Admit the above has slowly eroded the quality of life of Aus residents over the last 15 years
    * Admit Wage stagnation is a result of the above
    * Admit massive youth unemployment is a result of the above
    * Admit housing unaffordability is a result of the above
    * Admit the structural changes made to CGT discount 20-odd years ago, coupled with ‘negative gearing’ has led to the largest RE asset price bubble in modern times, which has essentially skewed the nation’s wealth into the hands of the Boomers, while impoverishing Australia’s Youth.

    ….Yeah, admit this, then have the BALLS to propose real and meaningful fixes to all of the above…. DO THEY HAVE THE BALLS ? OR will they simply spill more lies and bullsh!t leading up to May and get smoked at the ballot-box…?
    hmmmm #Straya #IntergenerationalTheft

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      i was going to say “corrupt will be corrupt”

      but “doing gods work” says it better

  2. Ronin8317MEMBER

    The political donors attaining the fund raiser will gets to decide what the Coalition’s response to Hayne will be. Government policy for sale, and it’s cheap and legal!!

  3. FMD. This is appalling. Offering insight into potential Government responses has equal potential for corruption. Where is the outrage?

  4. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Was this meant to be public knowledge? This Stuart Robert fella strikes me as the type who collects money for fake charities.

    Maybe Caretaker PM Scummo and friends didn’t know…

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      Stuart Robert is Scummo’s right hand man and “numbers” man.

      that’s why Roberts has been protected despite all the breaches of ministerial codes of conduct, expense claiming (he of the $30k home internet bill) etc

    • MB, I move that from now on, until his demise, Morrison shall on this site and hopefully others be known as The Caretaker.

      • billriskasMEMBER

        PM #30 now known as the “The Caretaker”, brilliant just brilliant. Will he be making a WWE appearance. The Libs may as well make a few bucks cause come May when the music stops there will be no chairs.

  5. ‘Assistant Treasurer Stuart Robert will headline a Liberal Party fundraiser that promises political donors an insight into the government’s potential response to the banking royal commission.’

    ‘ows ‘e know what alp are gunna do?? stupid lying spiv.

  6. The ALP have already said that they will adopt all of Hayne’s resolutions – no need to spend money so the LNP can tell you that.

  7. They ought to wait until Kenneth Hayne reports. He is a clear writer. There won’t be much wriggle room for a ‘potential response’.

    His interim report was damning, interestingly recommending against any change of laws or regulation – merely the proper administration and execution of our existing rules. He thereby condemns this entire government.

    • lol, an RC report is all wriggle room. It is nothing more than a bit of infotainment for the government and has no legal standing at all. The government can completely ignore it and in most cases ignores at least a significant mount of the RC recommendations. Given the likely fallout of the recommendations from the banking RC I expect a bigger ignore factor than usual.

  8. MountainGuinMEMBER

    I recall when the first Murray Darling basin reports came out farmers conducted public burnings of the report. Later reports had that plastic kinda paper that wouldnt easily burn.
    Perhaps initally go long in companies that make effigies then go long in firestarters?????

  9. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Scomo the real estate salesman doing what Scomo does ………perhaps he could invite a few Chinese developers to set up pop up stalls in the foyer to flog a few skyboxes at the event …….that could raise a few dollars too .
    ………Malcolm’s intellect abandoned him in the job …………Scomo is just idiot material …….this would seem to say so ………if indeed it is so

  10. I’ve got no time for Stuart Roberts but this is a beat up – the cost is $50 which includes the main meal and a drink so there’s hardly any profit being made from this. As the minister for the RC it’s quite obvious people would ask questions about the RC. A better question to ask is why directors of super Industry funds get their wages paid straight to unions, or why the industry funds fund a left wing website that breaks the sole purpose test. Or even better still is super even constitutional as per S51 of the constitution.