Chinese tourists and students abuse Australia’s protection visas

By Leith van Onselen

The great Australian immigration rort has hit a whole new level of ridiculousness today, with Chinese tourists and international students helping to drive an absurd 311% increase in asylum seeker claims. From The ABC:

Key points:

  • People claiming to be Christian, LGBTI and love children are among those seeking asylum
  • All arrived by plane using temporary visas, mainly for study and tourism
  • Experts warn bogus asylum claims are a way to overstay visas

The number of Chinese nationals applying for refugee asylum in Australia has risen by 311 per cent in just one year, according to figures from the Department of Home Affairs…

Onshore protection visa applications from those who arrived by plane from the People’s Republic of China jumped from 2,269 in 2016-17 to 9,315 in 2017-18, the data reveals.

Despite the surge in claims, Chinese nationals had one of the lowest success rates for protection visas, with the Department only recognising 10 per cent of those claims as being genuine.

The total number of onshore asylum claims for all nationalities soared 225 per cent from 8,587 in 2014-15 to 27,931 in 2017-18 with Chinese nationals making up a third of all claims over that period.

Refugee Council of Australia director of policy Joyce Chia told the ABC the number of student visas had increased with the booming international student industry in Australia, now worth an estimated $32 billion.

“I think the fact that Chinese people have increasing access [to Australia] is a large factor,” she said.

“We are seeing a massive increase in people coming by plane generally, and obviously with the massive increase in international students from places like China, it’s now much easier for those students to get to Australia”…

Transcripts from hearings at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), which has the power to overturn decisions made by the Department of Home Affairs, reveal a range of reasons applicants claim to be refugees, including being: a love child, Christian, a cult member or LGBT…

Many claimants are arriving on temporary migrant visas such as international student visas, of which there are 652,000 currently studying in Australia — including almost 200,000 are from China, according to the federal Department of Education.

Associate professor of law at Murdoch University Mary Anne Kenny said an obvious reason for the spike in questionable protection claims was the bridging visas you could obtain while awaiting a decision.

“Once you are in the country, either as a tourist or a student, if you then apply for a protection visa, you are eligible for a bridging visa,” she told the ABC.

“Depending on the type, [it] may give you the right to work and can take some time [to process] depending on how long it takes the department to process the application.

“It doesn’t cost very much to make an application and you can then extend your period of stay here, because you will be on the bridging visa while your application is [being] determined.”

In August 2018, there were 176,000 people on bridging visas in Australia — a massive jump from 40,000 at the same time last year…

Experts say the significant number of appealing applicants who do not show up to hearings raises further concerns that the process is being abused by fraudulent claims in a bid by some visa holders to extend their stay…

The average time the AAT took to decide migration cases was about a year, allowing students who had a visa cancelled or expired to extend their stay by appealing.

If unsuccessful they could then apply for a protection visa, which took an average time of about eight months to be decided…

Associate professor Anne Kenny said it was possible the number of false claims was rising because word was spreading among temporary visa arrivals of the success of others in lengthening their stay.

So, foreign students have been ‘gaming’ Australian immigration system by appealing their decisions en masse to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) to extend their stay.

The reality is that Australia’s education system has become an integral part of the immigration industry and Australia’s population ponzi – effectively a way for foreigners to buy backdoor permanent residency to Australia.

Not only are these students helping to crush-load our major cities and placing downward pressure on wages, but they are dumbing down education standards, as revealed by two recent Australian reports (here and here).

It’s time to put a leash on the university sector, starting with removing the link between foreign students studying at university and gaining work visas and permanent residency, as well as lifting entry standards. Let our universities compete on quality and value alone.

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  1. Ship ‘em all off to f’n Nauru or Manus while they wait for their asylum application to be decided.

    • CaptainFeatherSwordsGhostLivesOn

      Despite Nazi connotations, I’d rather ship them to madagascar, with nothing but a box of matches and a fishing rod.
      laterz parasites

    • We should run a program with the CCP that rewards Aussies financially to report in deserters. Aussies get the cash to pay off their next 2 mortgage installments and the CCP gets on ground intel from the source. Would have been awesome side gig at auctions but nowadays no one is bidding.

    • This is the age of the Yu Dynasty – For Yu it is over, get used to it – wev’e sold the farm, houses, jobs, Crown Land & the little bairns for what? To become the great Chinese South Land.

  2. We should welcome real dissident Chinese. These people need protection from Xi Jinping and would be real assets to Australia. I’m for an Australia with more of the Chinese who are being persecuted by the CCP. Artists, creative thinkers, intellectuals, interesting people. We want those.

    We DO NOT want rich international student twits who are just abusing the system as a way of staying in the country after having visa applications rejected. They can go to Nauru.

    • Because ‘artists, creative thinkers, intellectuals and interesting people’ take up less space, don’t use resources and create considerable wealth for Australians?

      • They would help Australia protect itself against united front infiltration by the CCP.
        In that way alone Chinese dissidents would be a massive asset in helping protect the Australian way of life from the CCP.

    • we need xi jingping and the CCP to give them their expertise on how they deal with their own problems, bc i bet the chinese communist party would develop a more effective system for dealing with obvious visa scams like this than whatever the australian government has cooked up.

      withdraw from the refugee convention, eliminate all ‘protection visas’.

    • If you come in under false pretenses, i.e. under a tourist or student visa, with the intent of claiming asylum seeker / refugee status, and if you do get a bridging visa, you should not have working rights. Apply for asylum seeker / refugee status, prove you have funds to support yourself, and go from there. Let the Chinese expat community of ‘dissidents’ support them visa sponsorship visas, if they don’t have the funds to support themselves.

    • They may fit the dumbed down criteria of what a refugee is these days, however since most of these people, if not all of them traveled by plane to Indonesia and lived there for a long period waiting for a boat to travel illegally to Australia, they are really economic refugees. Anyhow there is no requirement to permanently resettle any people found to be refugees, only obligation for signatories to the UNHCR, is an offer of temporary sanctuary till condition return to normal in their homeland.

      The overseas students and tourists are abusing the appeals process today, just as the illegal maritime arrivals did during the last Labor rule and some of traitor Howard’s reign.
      It can all be cleaned up with a pen stroke, however the the treacherous progressive Left is everywhere..

  3. These people are taking the piss. Offshore detention while they wait for their applications to be processed. That’d sort ’em out.

    A word to the Greens, Labor, and other SJW fcuknuckles: You see what you’re done? Almost all my life I’ve been a centre-left Labor voting supporter of multiculturalism, Muslims and other such nonsense. Not any more, and your stupid policies that are destroying the country are the reason.

  4. It is clearly an abuse of process. As soon as you apply for a protection visa as a refugee you can get a bridging visa, and it can takes a year for the case to be heard at the tribunal. Dutton made a lot of noises about children on Nauru and being ‘tough on refugee’, yet the 3 fold increase in Chinese refugee being granted a bridging visa happened under his watch.

  5. Need to get all foreign students to do the English exam at an Aussie airport before they are let into “uni”.

    They already do the English exam but in China – where they can hire an imposter to do the exam!

    And deport them within 12 months of graduating unless they get a $100k/year salary.

    • I thought they only deliver the Chinese food? What’s that food delivery business with the yellow bikes and colour scheme, with the Mandarin writing (no English signage of course)?

      • This one:

        They are essentially Chinese UberEats/Deliveroo the name is 墨尔本送餐 (mo er Ben song can) which translates to Melbourne Meal Delivery. I have friends that work for both 墨尔本送餐 and UberEats and the Melbsc guys earn quite a bit more. Probably because the majority of residents in the city are ethnic Chinese. The customers are often quite something or don’t speak English very well hence why they pay a slight premium compared to other food deliver services in order to have a Chinese and Chinese speaking delivery person. Melbsc offers other services like furniture delivery. basically it’s a way for the Millionaire Chinese students to be lazy and pay the not as rich Chinese immigrant workers to go around and fetch food for them.

        So there is a Chinese app just for Melbourne?

        What a crazy world we are living in!

      • That shit is fkn atrocious and gets my goat.

        For all I know that writing says “down with democracy”… who polices his crap?

  6. If you come in under false pretenses, i.e. under a tourist or student visa, with the intent of claiming asylum seeker / refugee status, and if you do get a bridging visa, you should not have working rights. Apply for asylum seeker / refugee status, prove you have funds to support yourself, and go from there. Let the Chinese expat community of ‘dissidents’ support them via sponsorship visas, if they don’t have the funds to support themselves.

  7. It’s pretty simple: all asylum applications made while here on a tourist or student visa should automatically rejected.

    Problem solved.

    Aside from that, these situations are exactly what you get when you run a generous welfare state. People want free sh!t — go figure.

    Education, healthcare, housing assistance, unemployment assistance, childcare allowance, state pension, positive discrimination in public sector job allocation etc.

    The welfare state is on borrowed time because it is bloated, inefficient and it gets rorted to hell. The clock is well and truly ticking.

    • It’s the affirmative action in public sector jobs that really annoys me. There seems to be an over representation of Indians, particularly, in these jobs. Plus, you then have them becoming hiring managers and hire their own. They sure love diversity when they are a job applicant, but ignore diversity when it comes to hiring their own.

    • How long will it be until we have a future Dutton figure that says it was a mistake to have a mass intake of a cohort from two of the most corrupt countries on Earth, i.e. China and India?

    • Ino, I was thinking of how Dutton made the claim that letting in the Lebanese in the 70s, was a mistake.

      • Yeah – because it wasn’t *HIS* mistake. And it was in the 70s … you know – platform shoes, flares and mistakes were made back then.

  8. Finally this rort is exposed. They then appeal at AAT and then the Federal Court and then appeal for Ministerial Intervention – all up they can buy themselves another 7 to 8 years. They then can lodge a fake partner visa when that all falls over and start the process again.

    The entire system is a rort but when you combine a welfare state and the human rights/victimhood crowd, this is exactly what happens.

    • How many have bought a dogbox or several ips that have turned to sh!t and are unsellable?

      Having borrowed from sharks or more dangerous, family, perhaps they have grounds for refugee status

  9. Seems to be more and more emotional anti-immigration rage here. Not helpful for the cause of getting immigration reduced imho.

    I would like to see:

    Reduced immigration.
    Immigration focused on REAL skills shortages
    Immigration that aims for more diversity of countries of origin and gender.
    No foreign property ownership.
    Increased true refugee intake.

    No need to be angry at individuals too much.

    • This cult of the migrant nonsense needs to end. Just because you make a conscious decision to move countries doesn’t absolve you of your responsibilities or make you immune from criticism of you actions. Migrants as victims as the default setting is a joke.

      And diversity for diversity sake? Why? Why do you have an overwhelming need to see people with different DNA? What difference does that make? None, might increase your dopamine levels but that’s about it.

      • I didn’t mention DNA but was more thinking it would be a way of having less chance of having too much cultural domination if that culture ends up being not such a great addition.

        I am not treating migrants as victims. And I come hear to think out loud.

    • But asking for more ‘diversity’ in countries of origin will be deemed anti-Indian and anti-Chinese. You’d then be brandished as a ‘racialist’, despite your good intentions.

      Where has playing nice got us, really?

      So why not go with the full distaste – we are against being jam packed with people who don’t want to make nice with the locals and who want to rip off the system.

      Call it ‘populist’ if you will (and if you want to be lazy and blindsided), but let’s start calling a spade a friggin’ spade – we are sick of being used and treated like a joke.

      • Well. I thought such an approach might match the stated aim of multiculturalism and be a better bet re not having too many from any one cultural background. The US has a limit of 7%.

    • Why not be upset with the individual migrants who are playing us? The ones that know they are rorting the system? Why can’t we not like the player and the game? You can’t have one without the other.

      • I hear you. I feel the anger too. I just think calm argument will more likely get us a desired outcome. I suspect many come from cultures replete with bribery and back doors. Pity we are doing a bad job disavowing them of that here.

    • If the visa processing is outsourced then I expect the number to explode 100 fold!! The visa processing agents will be handling out flyers at the airport urging tourists to apply for a protection visa as a way to extend their stay.

  10. Article : “Many claimants are arriving on TR (temporary resident) migrant visas such as international student visas, of 652,000 currently studying in Australia — including almost 200,000 are from China, according to the federal Department of Education.”

    ➡️Try 673,000 foreign students & partners.
    Not all the foreign students are on an international student visa, but on other categories. Many are not studying – this also includes 53,000 ‘partners’ as ‘secondary’ on the primary foreign student visa & they enter with no English & full work rights & very long stay 4 to 9 years depending on visa churn & extension.
    75% work illegally – (USyd & UTS studies).

    It was 624,001 in Dec 2017 and has increased by 7.8% in 2018. (Dec 2018 estimate – source / AustralianEducation Gov snapshots)

  11. Article: “The number of student visas had increased with the booming international student industry in Australia, now worth an estimated $32 billion*.”

    ➡️It’s $32 billion of ‘economic activity’.
    Not a $32 billion ‘export’.
    673,000 foreign students & partners at an average GDP economic activity of $47.5k each or $914 each a week. (Treasury)

    They lower Australian GDP by -2.7%

    Their income is EARNED HERE – mostly
    illegally (75%).
    NOT AN EXPORT at all.
    A massive importation of negative GDP per capita.

  12. Fact check:
    The entire foreign student intake only brings in $2.4 billion in declared funds & mostly not checked or easily frauded.
    (DHA declared funds / checked & self declared)

    Fees: They only pay $7.8 billion in fees. Source Deloitte Access Economics.

  13. Fact check.
    Job impacts.
    They displace at least 500,000 Australians in working illegally / cash in hand job theft costing $9 billion in Centrelink alone. (We have 1.3 million unemployed & 1.1 million seeking work)

    They don’t pay tax / 75% work illegally cash in hand or fake ID – so another $4 billion negative.

    They lower wages for all Australians costing tens of billions in direct wages loss (no growth) plus lower taxation.

  14. Fact check.
    Huge impact on housing – occupying some 150,000 ex Australian dwellings, crowded, cash in hand sublet shared accommodation, with falsified rent by that owner, no tax paid. Tens of billions lost.

    Australian education fallen 10 places globally as it sold out Australian as a migrant visa alibi. Tens of billions lost.

  15. Social impact.
    Congestion. 90% are in Sydney or Melbourne. Long stay to very long stay (4 to 9 years is common).
    Driving some 100,000 cars on international licences. Congesting trains & public transport. Sparking massive projects such as Sydney Light Rail ($4 billion) they will never pay for.

    City housing affordability crisis.
    (Tasmania issues triggered by University of Tasmania expansion of 8,000 foreign students occupying at least 1,800 existing modest ex Australian dwellings yet no housing built yet – and only 400 beds in accommodation is planned).

    116,000 Australian permanent homeless & 340,000 seeking affordable housing.
    Costing tens billions.

  16. Human Capital Value.
    Of the 673,000 foreign students & partners only 38,000 are doing genuine post grad high level education.

    The other 635,000 are doing low level nonsense courses available free online or in their home country (or as a ‘partner’ no course at all & working full time or working illegally).

    Most courses have no or low international recognition.

    The progression of a foreign student into a high income professional vocation is 3.7%.

    Meaning that 96% fail to ever achieve any human capital value above average – in Australia (where they join the dole queue as a PR) or in their home country.

    Where exactly is the ‘EXPORT?’

    The entire Australian ‘foreign student industry’ is massively economically & socially negative.

    It needs a Royal Commission.