Australia has developed immigration Stockholm syndrome

Check this out from Michael Fullilove at the Lowy Institute:

We have just come through summit season. The pace of regional diplomacy has picked up. Recently Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing. The very next day Abe hosted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his home near Tokyo. The big three of Asia were meeting, sizing each other up, playing the game.

…While others are making the running, however, Australia has lost a step. How could it be otherwise when our new prime minister will spend most of the time between now and next year’s election introducing himself to his counterparts?

…By turning inwards, Australia has taken itself out of the deal flow. We need to move urgently to thicken our connections with countries such as Indonesia, Japan, India and South Korea. We need to try to draw other like-minded powers such as France and the UK further into our part of the world.

We have for years pointed out the problem.  Australian household’s material living standards are burning:

The polity is perpetually enraged by a political class that either point blank refuses to address the problem or actively misdirects it. That creates a perpetually febrile political environment in which incumbents cannot sustain polling support and, before too long, the internal party machines of the major parties panic and replace their leaders. New leaders do nothing, polling support falls again, so and so forth into the abyss.

There are two primary drivers of the underlying income recession. The first is the terms of trade (ToT) correction that began in 2011 with the shift in the Chinese growth model to lower commodity intensity. The resulting falling commodity prices was a big national pay cut that was always going to be shared by all. However, that is long over now as bulk commodities have been rising for three years.

Which brings us to the second factor: the mass immigration growth model. It was very unwisely deployed by pollies to pass an unfair proportion of the ToT adjustment onto wages. That then segued into today’s perverse alliance between the mass immigration winners – banks, retail and development (the growth lobby) – and the rise of the Fake Left, which defends immigration ahead of wages and/or everything else.

We have been baffled by senior commentators refusal to engage with the simple fact of the declining per capita economy. They are either not doing so keep their jobs in media shops that are also addicted to mass immigration support for realty revenues or out of fear of being branded racist.

That has now reached the point where Domain is pointing out the problem with one eye closed:

Scott Morrison has a cost-of-living problem and it doesn’t look like going away.

Australia’s longest running survey of community concerns – the Ipsos Issues Monitor – shows “cost of living” has now been rated the top issue facing the nation for a more than a year.

Kitchen table politics is always hot. But it is unusual for living costs to be entrenched as our No. 1 worry for so long. That hasn’t happened since the Issues Monitor began nearly a decade ago.

Cost of living is an issue, especially in basics such utilities, but concern in polity about it is the flipside of the real political problem which is falling wages resulting from the mass immigration labour supply shock.

Alas, not only has the national economy been kidnapped by the mass immigration loons, we’ve lost our ability to see or discuss it. It is some whacko form of economic Stockholm syndrome in which we have had our living standards hijacked while also being forced to love those responsible for it.

There are some indications that Labor could address the real issue. It is making noises about stopping the abuse of temporary visas. Much of their economic reform is admirable and much needed as well and will, in time, deliver higher productivity and therefore income. But they are also now wedged between tax changes that will hammer house prices and the need to sustain mass immigration (and the wages crush) to prevent the housing market from crashing. Labor also clearly has far too many blind faith mass immigration believers.

Making matters worse, China is slowing and it is looking increasingly likely that the ToT adjustment will return in H1 2019 as iron ore corrects, dropping another anvil on wages and wider political pain.

The mass immigration model has destroyed the Coalition Government via the rise of One Nation. The suicidal politics of internecine climate change has flowed from this destabilsing core. But it will visit upon Labor next as wages get worse not better in its first term. The housing adjustment combined with mass immigration guarantees it.

The national security threat of political instability identified by Michael Fullilove is not at an end.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. The youth have.

    Their careers have been hijacked by immigrants – be they next to them in “uni” and riding the coattails of group assignments (done mostly by Aussies) or next to them in the train on their way to government-funded jobs in the NBN.

    While Owen Jones and other globalists gaslight the youth and insist that mass immigration is not destroying anything.

    • Most perspicacious of you. I had this very conversation with my 2 children on Sunday. One is leaving Australia for better opportunities in the Middle East.

  2. We really need a Great Orator.

    An unholy alliance between the progressive Left (multiculturalism) and the neo-liberal Right (big business) means little if anything will be done to cull the monster of the long running massive Third World immigration program

    • Exactly – this is a horrendous devil’s alliance between capitalists at their most destructive, and useful idiots of the Left. Besides the mass immigration which is being given its “Baptists” cover of respectability in multicultural “human rights” and western historic “guilt” to atone for, there is also “save the planet” urban planning that ensures the property bubbles, rent-extracting opportunities in urban land, and infrastructure shortfalls. Environmentalism, part of the same set of SJW mantras as the multiculturalism, is the “Baptists” cover for this. I refer to the “Baptists and Bootleggers” syndrome where a “moral” cover is given to a profiteering racket, with the moralists being useful idiots and refusing to confront their own role as such.

      It is no accident that the world’s 0.1% are liberal funders of certain types of activism; the activists being funded regard their sugar-daddies as genuine humanitarians who want to “give something back”. Actually the sugar daddies know very well why, as Thomas Piketty demonstrated, they are increasing their share of the world’s wealth. Stigltz, Rognlie, Wasmer and others showed that Piketty’s own data reveals the cause to be almost entirely movements in the prices of urban land. Piketty himself doesn’t get this.

      The global 0.1% didn’t get to where they are by having the same shallow understanding of how everything works, as Joe Average does. It is a great pity that there are no principled politicians of sufficient integrity and intelligence and charisma who would be prepared to front an intelligent push-back. Anyone who is a threat in this way is “taken down” as quickly as possible by a well-co-ordinated smear machine (they are a “racist”, a “planet raper”, whatever).

  3. people support immigration for a couple of reasons:

    -they bizarrely think that being pro-immigration is the anti-establishment and rebellious position which makes them feel cool

    -theyre trying to impress someone

    -they want money

    -they work for someone else who wants money

    -theyre ethnik and want more of their co-ethniks around

    -they hate their own ethnicity

    -theyre just plain low IQ

    -alternatively their iq is so high theyve convinced themselves into believing dumb things

    -they hate racism and think cutting immigration is racist

    -they LOVE racism and want to start a race war

  4. Yes a good post. Truly stuffed we are. Thinking about where me and lovey could go…leave this madness behind… Mexico? Might get a job in manufacturing

      • Afund note The Guardian story you referred to did not have a comment section. That’s a new development in Guardian Big Australia propaganda. Previously the comment section on these type of stories were increasingly seeing comments hostile to their propaganda stories. So any story about immigration or Big Australia rarely if ever has a comments section. Marr of course was all go for mass immigration and claimed Melbournes people were fine with it.

    • One thing I’m sure of is we’re being scammed and manipulated by interest groups and their bias, in general, is to rent seek and or derive greater wealth for them and a few mates. This is not for the betterment of the tax paying citizens. They will use all means to get their way and the R word is usually part of it. There is no way that we’re not going to be taxed to the extreme to support them also, as in general the corporations can seem to avoid that nasty practice.

  5. The sellout happened long ago, and after yesterdays post we find that the ALP are going to continue with these policies. The future costs to Australia are massive and the wholesale destruction of manufacturing and even real scientific and other focus doesn’t seem to bother any of them regardless of what they say. Just look around as real jobs are being destroyed by their model. No one in power seems worried..

    • Why would they be worried. It’s not like they will be held to account for any of the stupid decisions they make, hell, they might even be revered for it. I’d run amok too if i could hide behind my position and the structures that allow me to do so without consequence. People need to start reading between the lines and looking for alternate sources of information rather than the 6 o’clock news.

  6. Mass immigration dilutes the host countries population and lowers the standard of living to accommodate the migrate. In all population projections in these host countries, the scales will tip to where the local inhabitants are in the minority within the next 25 – 50 years or sooner. These very same people (the West) are the very reason why the world has flourished in the last 100 years, the Golden Goose story comes the mind. And we are being destroyed from within, from our own people, utter madness…The argument that we need to replace our aging population because we aren’t having enough babies is hollow, Japan is a classic example, faced with the same issue, what did Japan do, they battened down the hatches, accepted that things will get a little tuff, but under no circumstances are they willing to import mass immigrates to plug the hole. Japan is preserving their culture, their way of life, Japan is for Japanese people, not for 2nd and 3rd world immigrates, nobody calls Japanese racists. This will end in blood shed, living pressures will continue to mount, resentment, fear and hatred is on the rise, people gather along tribal lines and when people see their tribe at risk, then they will and I hope take action before it’s too late.

  7. robert2013MEMBER

    Not surprisingly, Australia has signed up for the UN’s “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration”. Countries not signing up include the USA and a bunch in Eastern Europe for reasons of preserving sovereignty.