ASX, Aussie banks, Australian dollar smashed

See the latest Australian dollar analysis here:

Macro Morning

The Australian dollar has gapped lower this morning on lousy Chinese data:

XJO is down heavily and looks likely to close at new two year lows:

Bonds continue to boom:

Big Iron is solid on hopes of MAOR from Pooh of China:

Big Gas is down despite OPEC:

Big Gold is flying as the Fed pause gathers fans:

Big Banks are getting flushed as a dumberer RBA says the next move is up as the housing market implodes:

And Big Realty is still pretty deluded about what’s coming:

Which is a house price crash right now!

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  1. You really should warn me when you look to post headlines saying the AUD smashed. The AUD always seems to jump almost immediately

  2. Unlike the poor chumps in the so-called “Balanced” options, I’ve only got about 5% of my super in Australian equities. Even that’s starting to give me the shits.