ASIO to vet MPs for China influence

Bravo, via Domain:

South Australian Centre Alliance senator Rex Patrick is seeking to overturn a decades-long convention in Australia that ministers, assistant ministers and parliamentary secretaries – unlike their staff and public servants – are exempt from security checks before accessing classified government material.

…Importantly, the security services would not be able to veto ministerial appointments, which would be left to the prime minister’s discretion.

In an explosive adjournment speech to the Senate on Tuesday night, Senator Patrick fleshed out the backdrop to his proposal and took aim at prominent Labor identities Sam Dastyari and Joel Fitzgibbon over unanswered questions about their ties to Chinese political donors.

Look out Labor’s China flunkies.


  1. It’s not just Labor. Look out LNPs China flunkies. Perhaps the $450,000 donation to the “Julie Bishop Glorious Foundation” would have lost our ex-foreign minister her security clearance?

  2. Public servants and political staff require security vetting but not the ministers they serve. Senator Rex Patrick says this needs to change.

    Also need to make politicians undergo psychopathic testing. No more psychopaths in parliament.

      • No one should have to sit through parliamentary sitting sober. That is cruel and unusual punishment.

        Seriously though, why do you care if they are drunk or not? All the majority do is vote team red, or team blue. A dog could do it with no difficulty at all. Not sure a bit of alcohol is any sort of problem.

      • No it isn’t. They are going for the state seats first (less attention and scrutiny) and infiltrate the major parties that way with a view to then moving to the federal sphere. It is the thin end of the wedge.

    • Well I guess because what do you do if a senior minister fails the security check?
      Kick em out of parliament? don’t let em do any security stuff but still let them make all the laws and decisions that effect people?
      Ignore it and continue as normal?

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