Another Labor MP with dodgy China links

Lordy, how deep do Labor’s China flunkies run? Via The Australian:

West Australian Labor MP Pierre Yang, under fire for his links to pro-China groups, spent three months on a Chinese government vessel hunting for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that security experts suspect was spying on the Australian military.

The Chinese-born Mr Yang resigned this week from an ­organisation affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party and another that backs Beijing’s aggressive military stance in the South China Sea, after The Australian revealed he had failed to disclose them in parliament.

Sources with a deep understanding of Perth’s Chinese communit­y believe Australi­a’s security agencies are monitoring Mr Yang’s network of associates, many of whom are viewed as sympathetic to the CCP.

Get this up and running before they take power. Via Domain:

South Australian Centre Alliance senator Rex Patrick is seeking to overturn a decades-long convention in Australia that ministers, assistant ministers and parliamentary secretaries – unlike their staff and public servants – are exempt from security checks before accessing classified government material.

…Importantly, the security services would not be able to veto ministerial appointments, which would be left to the prime minister’s discretion.

In an explosive adjournment speech to the Senate on Tuesday night, Senator Patrick fleshed out the backdrop to his proposal and took aim at prominent Labor identities Sam Dastyari and Joel Fitzgibbon over unanswered questions about their ties to Chinese political donors.

Hurry up.


  1. GunnamattaMEMBER

    We should never lose sight of the fact that the ALP – who i strongly support on some of their policy positions – has an awful lot of ideological fellow travellers, an awful lot of members with direct China pecuniary interests, an awful lot of vested interests awaiting China stimulus – bathed in a ‘look the other way’ mindset on China.

    All politicians in Parliament should be vetted and approved by the AEC for S44 compliance prior to sitting in parliament.

    All politicians, staffers, public servants, and members of the public should be vetted by AGSVA or ASIO prior to receiving any classified information.

    It has been well noted that Chinese interests ostensibly looking for MH 370 have had Defence establishments in Perth – notably the fleet base West and Campbell Barracks – under heavy electronic surveillance.

    • Huawei CFO + founders daughter arrested in Canada at US request, suspicion of violating Iran sanctions. Interesting to see whether Brumby et al resign their directorships.

      And did you see the WSJ Boeing story yesterday?

      ALP better wake up fast.

      • Yep I guess we’re going to see a test of US hegemony.
        Last I checked Huawei’s wasn’t a US company and Meng Wanzhou (the finance director…and incidentally the daughter of the founder) wasn’t a US citizen…so by what exact reasoning is she subject to US laws?
        It’ll be on like Donkey Kong, if they go through with this prosecution.

      • Sanctions were imposed by UN, so international laws, though clearly some countries are more interested in enforcing them than others.

      • If I understand you correctly you’re saying that the US intends to transfer her to the International court system and have her prosecuted under International Law at Den Hague.
        That’s not what I read…but even that outcome would be unacceptable…Ren Zhengfei (her father) has a LOT of political pull and he is definitely not a man to be messed with.

      • @fisho The US asserts extraterritoriality (great word that) through its International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) nonsense. The ITAR specifically defines “foreign persons” and asserts authority over them under US law in relation to ITARs.

        Here’s a few words on the matter…

        They recently fined ZTE over $1B and pretty much shut them down, and foreign nationals working for foreign companies can end up in a world of hurt if they don’t comply with US ITARs.

        I dunno if this case was specifically ITAR related, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Arresting the CFO of Huawei certainly sends a pretty big signal, eh.

      • @LSWCHP
        Yeah I know a little more about ITAR than I’m letting on but it’s still complete BS.
        Matter of fact I played a role in the design of some Analog components that were specifically produced to allow companies to source non US designed/ manufactured parts that were otherwise subject to Dual use components.regulations. Yeah so I’m kinda familiar with these regulations.
        That said it is still complete BS from an International Law perspective and they’ve probably picked a fight with the wrong guy (that’s all I’m saying)
        BTW I don’t think they picked this fight by accident, it’s 100% intended to send a message, the ball is in China’s court, lets see what size bat they use to knock that ball back with.

      • I’m expecting prosecutions under the new foreign interference laws. Itching to see Bob Carr go to prison.

        When the arrests start Labor grubs will wake up FAST!

    • Lucky they support removing negative gearing. Completely excuses them for their links to china.

      • At least at Federal level the shadow cabinet gets security briefings from ASIO etc so they are a bit more aware of what those all expense paid trips and campaign donations are about.

        But yeah with so many senior old boys (e.g. Keating, Carr, Brumby) on the payroll there’s a lot of pro-China influencing from within.

      • “At least at Federal level the shadow cabinet gets security briefings from ASIO etc so they are a bit more aware of what those all expense paid trips and campaign donations are about. “

        I’m sorry, but “be more aware”? Do you think they’re not aware now? If they are unaware that all these folks don’t give them money and free gifts just because they’re really nice people, then they should be disqualified from holding public office on the grounds of being stupid.

      • A lot of them seem to think some warm fuzzy stuff about building closer ties between trading partners is harmless and no, they don’t understand or believe the extent to which China is stealing technology, hacking computer networks etc with the intent of establishing a new global hegemony.

        ALP hardly alone in this – universities, start-ups, think tanks, investors, business folk, all easily succumb to the lure of supposedly “no strings attached” cash. Its a well thought out strategy after all.

      • Mr Walker – it’s probably the reason they wanted to get into public office in the first place… Monopoly on power vs. capitalism

    • Any member of the Labor Party fails S44 as the Labor Party Caucus is foreign to the Constitution, yet they are loyal to it.

  2. Serious question.
    What happens if half the government fails the security clearance? They have to direct the security forces to undertake activities but aren’t allowed to see the results? We just stop doing classified stuff? We sack the government and start again?

  3. A vote for Labor is a vote for who? I’m more disgusted by the day by our pollies. I just helped with buying a car for a friend and I had the same feeling.