Amusing Liz Allen parody emerges on Twitter

By Leith van Onselen

This is hilarious. There’s now a satirical spoof account on Twitter mocking “DrDemography“, Liz Allen. It’s called “Professor Demography” and purports to be an “environmentalist” living in Sydney’s wealthy and insulated Rose Bay:

Professor Demography believes that Peter McDonald is being far too conservative and that Australia should lift its migrant intake to 500,000 a year:

The irony, of course, is that Rose Bay is part of Woollahra Municipal Council, which is projected to experience the lowest population growth across Sydney to 2036:

There’s also no better way to destroy Australia’s natural environment than to rapidly grow the population.

Funny stuff.

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    • The Lizzard of Oz? 😀

      We’re off to see the Lizzard,
      The wonderful Lizzard of Oz!
      Because because because because…
      Because don’t be a hateful raÿciss!

  1. Yeah, it’s one of you guys.

    I’m not on the tweeter so can’t be me.

    But I’ve got my eye on youse.

    • I’m not on twitter either – and besides – you’d know if it was me – after all 3D1Ks has me number to a T 😀

    • Wish I could take credit, but I’m not a Twitter user. Signed up for an account once, never tweeted lol.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      I got followed by “Professor Demography” on twitter yesterday, followed her back, and noticed I was one of only 4 she had so far followed.
      This was not long after I recieved a reply/repost from “Dr Allen” on another matter.

      I initially thought I was a Parody account set uo by Dr liz to troll her opponents,

      But after a while I was not so sure,…I put it to Dr Liz as a reply to one of her posts,….but that post of hers is no longer avaliable.

      The deleted reply that followed from “prof demography” said no but I have similar qualifications and hobbies/interests (lol)

      Not Gunna replied late to the thread and I replied with an apology if my post had made him depressed,

      After which I recieved a “Direct message” from “Professor Demography” stating the following,

      “Hey mate. Please DM Gunna and tell him it is a hoax account. Thanks for the twitter support on this one”

      This disapointed me as it meant, that unless Gunna was shagging Dr Allen,…it had to be an MBster for sure.
      Sigh,…I really wanted it to be Allen.

      • That post about free education is especially baffling in the context of her going from eating maggoty chicken to holding a doctorate (no matter how spurious it seems to be).

        Talk about pulling the ladder up after yourself!

  2. We really should be doing 1M/yr immigration. If a little bit was good, then heaps must be heaps good-er-er.

    Social responsibility only looks like this; everything else is vile hatred!

    /end sarc

    • Population doubles every 7 years?! That has a certain “je ne sais quoi” to it 🙁

      *dons fluoro vest* Let’s ride!

      • darklydrawlMEMBER

        Winner! as it means property would also have to double every seven years as well. We can all be property wizards and filthy rich (rather than just ‘filthy’).

  3. OMG!! Leith you may have saved me from embarrassment, I was so outraged, I nearly responded to that account. Now I get the joke…Brilliant!!

    • All I can say is get behind it. It’s been great to follow. A Drum guest was interacting with her last night without realising she was being satirical with an ‘infographic’ showing three Tiananmen Squares on Uluru for illustrative purposes.

      I don’t reckon the Rose Bay reference is lost on the Professor either.

  4. I had a shot at her racism and xenophobia for daring to suggest restricting immigration to a pitiful 500,000 people per year. 🙂

    Felt good, man.

  5. Hell, MAKE IT 2 MILLION Extra heads allowed in each year!! …. lets get this #BIGAUSTRALIA thing really cooking!! #Cram #Jam #Jamming #Growth for days

  6. Wow the ANU really did just p!ss up against the wall any credibility it thought it might have had !!! Ha

    #Expert of #Bullsh!t
    #BigBusiness #Puppet

  7. scootytootyMEMBER

    The Scanlon foundation will be breaking down the professors door with the offer of unlimited funding and her own ‘research’ institute.

  8. Can we get a hard luck story from Professor Demography along the lines of the binned chicken? Tell us how hard it was back in the day before we had vibrancy and enrichment.

  9. Stormy WatersMEMBER

    It’s Ruesa…said “racilaist”
    He’s kept up his current persona for almost a decade so likely time for a new one

  10. I’m offended she didnt retweet what I tweeted! At least it responds though unlike the “real” fake Liz.

  11. Sadly i have to report Professor Demography @PrDemography is not a parody its for real – i just got blocked – She? cant stand the heat and is just a shrill for BIG AUSTRALIA