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2018 Arsehat of the Year is the Fake Left press

Crikey announced late last week that Peter Dutton was its 2018 Arsehat of the Year:

In some ways, having two-time Crikey Arsehat winner Dutton in the list of nominees is like drafting Lionel Messi to a local under-12s league. Dutton’s baseline skills — a legitimately breathtaking callousness toward refugees, a knee-jerk tendency for inflammatory racial sentiment, and a seeming suspicion of, well, democracy — make him such a formidable competitor that it hardly seems fair.

I disagree with Peter Dutton on most things but he is not Arsehat of the Year. That honour should, if anything, go to the man he helped destroy, Malcolm Bligh Turnbull. Though I have another even better candidate in mind.

I’ve noted repeatedly the post-facto attempt by the Fake Left press (such as Crikey) to resuscitate Malcolm Turnbull as some ill-treated victim deposed by conservative troglodytes. Usually the argument runs that the Coalition changed leader for no reason. Always ignored is that Turnbull deserved his fate. He had lagged in polls for years by embedding the One Nation splinter movement in QLD that ensured Coalition political doom for as long as it lasts.

The Coalition conservatives were exactly right to move against Turnbull for this reason alone. Where they went wrong was in allowing Turnbull to boost Scummo to come over the top as a new moderate leader. This was the worst of both world’s for the party, swapping one failing leader for another, further embedding ON, while losing the cities. Well done Malcolm and Scummo!

Always forgotten as well is that Turnbull spent years without any policies. Via The Guardian today:

The Turnbull government had a lower rate of passing legislation that most other modern governments, including the Abbott, Gillard and Rudd governments.

The past 10 years of Australian politics have been characterised by chaos and internal division, featuring hung parliaments, leadership spills and governments with a minority in the Senate.

Most recently, the former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull had to engage in messy negotiations over legislation not just with crossbenchers, but with his own party room.

Because of this I’ve updated my analysis calculating the rate of acts passed per day by governments. This analysis makes an attempt to look at the ability of a government to pass legislation, and the volume. This is a quantity over quality approach, and obviously not all governments will try to pass as many bills as another. Some will prefer a “small government” approach, for example (but even removing “red tape” mostly requires legislating).

Only at the end did Do-nothing Malcolm create two policies upon which to hang his prime ministership and both were disastrous. The first was the NEG; an effective coal subsidy that handed ON a veto over climate policy in the senate. The second was an egregious corporate tax cut that should have been complete poison to the Fake Left media. To wit, from WSJ today on the Trump tax cut:

A broad measure of business investment surged earlier in the year, but slowed since. It swung in part not because of tax policy, but in line with shifts in energy prices. Moreover, shipments of capital goods have tailed off after rising robustly early in the year and industrial capacity is rising modestly.

“The tax package did not stimulate or spark a boom in business investment,” said Gregory Daco, chief U.S. economist for consulting firm Oxford Economics. ”There’s been an acceleration,” he added, “but if we’re honest with ourselves, we have to look back at when it started and what’s been driving it.”

The Trump administration put a business investment boom at the core of its tax-policy agenda, and Republicans say they designed the law to spur a sustained increase in economic growth. More investment expands the capacity of plants to crank out more goods and has the potential to increase worker productivity and—in the process—wages and hiring.

Turnbull was proposing exactly this with all of the same arguments. It was to be funded by egregious regressive tax hikes on the poor and middle classes. Talk about offensive.

The Fake Left loves Do-nothing Malcolm for his charm, gay marriage reforms and support for mass immigration. Always ignored is that he was a rabid class warrior for the rich and ‘trickle down’ flunky, the greatest friend ever to ON support, and a complete climate change phony. You know, the stuff that makes up the fight of the real Left’s raison detre.

As tempting as it is to give the 2018 Arsehat of the Year award to Malcolm Turnbull, he has to be overlooked in favour of an even bigger arsehat in the Fake Left media. These include: Crikey, The Guardian, Domain dailies and the ABC.

Congratulations to all for betraying journalism, the working classes they purport to care about, their nation and, most importantly, the truth.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Where do you start the choices are endless from Peter Scanlon to Jenny Leong to Greg Jericho to Liz Allen 🤪

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      100% correctomundo!…….

      Once upon a time there was an outfit called the Commonwealth Employment Service, and if there were jobs to be had they would point unemployed people in the direction of them, and if there was training about they would point the unemployed in the direction of that – and if there was nothing about they would process the dole accordingly.

      But then one day the government (Howard, of course) decided they should be replaced with lots of private job seekers who were all receiving subsidies to place the unemployed into jobs, and all received a bounty when they placed someone into a gig. That meant that if the gig happened to end maybe 2 weeks later the job network had received its bounty and didnt care. The unemployed ceased being people somewhere along the line and started becoming profit drivers for a dynamic which was only interested in what profit could be made from the system and not what could be done for unemployed people.

      At the same time government policy of the day decided to replace a State government controlled TAFE sector which pretty much was the envy of much of the rest of the world, and really did address skills shortages with specific job focused courses, and genuinely did provide work specific training and liaised with real employers about their training needs. Of course they decided that they should be replaced with private training providers who would offer a range of certificates on a user pays basis. Of course that meant they had to clamp down on the funding available to TAFE institutions and the courses they provided, and then they too had to offer yet more subsidies to the newly emerging training providers – which became a ‘bounty’ for every student placed into training with these. Then to support their private mates a tad more they opened the visa floodgate so that enrollment in any meaningless course (regardless of whether it would end up in a meaningful job in the Australian economy) meant that the the ‘student’ could get the visa, and that the visa could lead to migration to Australia. This effectively turned the course providers into conduits for the population ponzi – where they remain.

      At the same time government policy has revolved around the creation of industries and jobs which have no economic meaning whatsoever (apart from a short term profit motive for those directly buying in) for the national economy, and which invariably revolve around government subsidies, bounties, tax breaks, imputations and amortization which makes those industries effectively a parasite on the only genuinely income earning things Australia does – insofar as they bid up prices [particularly for real estate] while contributing absolutely nothing to the common economic good of the nation – and have effectively captured the political decisionmaking processes, and the media which reports on these, to craft an incoherent and implausible narrative that this is somehow good for us, which is crooned out through every soft sell outlet of the mainstream media so as to make those thinking otherwise wonder if they are losing their minds.

      Of course the only people actually paying taxes are those in PAYG gigs which are increasingly globally uncompetitive, and for which there is increasing competition from the incoming coolies, just to survive – meaning wages go nowhere. Now that Australia’s inwardly focused corporate world has cottoned onto the idea that the locals arent inclined to go any further into debt, they are increasingly focused on getting tax breaks or on the population ponzi as the sole drivers of their profitability, and increasingly enthusiastic to ensure their message is the one carried in the media they own, and exhorted by the politicians they fund.

      Somehow it all works, and has worked [ever more roughly, and with ever more political backfiring] for some time. The only problem is that it is easier to get new people from offshore to buy into the model and increasingly difficult to get locals (who know the model) to want to be part of the dynamic – and this is making the political backdrop – to the government outsourcing and contracting, to the utter notion of ‘market efficiency’, to the political parties which have exhorted this for a generation, and the media outlets which fellate the dynamic for their continued existence increasingly nervous…..

      The key outcome for participants from here is to get out, but to get out they need a buyer of their position in the dynamic…….

      ……..and that means they need just a little additional advertising bullshido to help with the sale – just a few dabs more.

  2. This isn’t going to change because there is still a generation of journalists who fervently believed in Keating disasterism. What choice do they have 1. Admit that they have been wrong for 35 years and their entire professional career has been fraudulent or 2. Carry on sweeping real issues under the carpet and focusing on high drama non-issue fun!
    And journalists are the type of people who never admit they are wrong. Eg. Gittins; just casually jump from one position to another when the Treasury secretary changes.
    Also they aren’t interested in socio-economic issues. That’s the other thing. So they find some cliched one line hand me down answer to things they know nothing about – eg. Globalisation prevents a welfare state ( no evidence, completely wrong but journalists think its true) and then quickly steer away back to nothingness. Watch Q&A and the idiotic way the presenter skips over interesting questions as though they’ve been settled (because he doesn’t have a clue where to start) and quickly navigates back to religious, gender issues. Because it’s fun! In other words most of these people are dummy’s who aren’t interested in genuine politics yet are to arrogant to admit they been wrong for 35 years. Journalism attracts dreadful people imo.

  3. proofreadersMEMBER

    “Well done Malcolm and Scummo!”

    The most recent gold, gold, gold medallists in self-interest?

    Who are the next half dozen in the conga line, which should be enough to see us out to the next federal election?

  4. We can add the environment to the list of those the fake left news media has betrayed, as they pretend to care whilst ignoring the high growth and overdevelopment that is crushing our biodiversity.

  5. Well said. The left media have truly supported mass immigration, and in doing so help destroyed a society where the average Jo/Joe could afford their own house (and am speaking as someone who does own their own house, but recognises that others aren’t as lucky as me).

    The jury is still out on the corporate tax cut issues. There are forests of research supporting both sides of the argument, it is hard to accept that the issue is as clear cut as some claim.