Sustainable Australia gains first parliamentary seat

By Leith van Onselen

It was a big weekend for micro-parties, who look to have landed 10 upper house seats in the Victorian Election, according to the ABC’s upper house calculator:

Included in these 10 upper house seats is Sustainable Australia’s Clifford Hayes – an ex-Mayor of Bayside City Council – who took the final seat in the Southern Metropolitan Region:

Being a paid up member of Sustainable Australia, I am obviously delighted with this result and hope that it builds momentum for a tilt at seats in both the NSW and Federal Elections.

For Victorians wondering who Clifford Hayes is and what he stands for, below is a recent speech given at a community even in Hawthorn:

And for good measure, here’s my speech at the same event:

Onwards and upwards!

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Leith van Onselen


  1. So they are officially as important as the Greens in Victoria (although only half as important as the Pissed Off Taxi Drivers Party)?

      • agree.
        as long as he does not go rouge as it happens too often with micro parties, SA can build on this.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Yes I agree to,.. it is a praiseworthy achievement, especially for such a new party.
        A seat much more deserved than those taken by the racist and absurd One Nation, trendy Fkwit Greens and the Cowboys of the shooters party.
        Good luck to the SAP in future elections.

    • Shows how important it is to name the party appropriately.

      I bet most of the people who voted for them did not know that they are a party for taxi owners rather than bicycle owners. Just call the party “Transport Matters” and get votes from those who want cycleways!

    • DefinitelyNotTheHorribleScottMorrisonPM

      They’ll never get anywhere. They have too many policies and they’re too specific. Zero click bait potential.

  2. Heard John Faine (ABC) interview Clifford this morning, the former’s only real interest was trying to get Clifford to acknowledge his election was part of the preference whisperer dealing. Nothing about policies.

  3. Seems like a good candidate, hopefully he can raise the profile of the party, make an impression in the LC. Clever tactical play but overall primary vote a bit disappointing.

    Not sure its “sustainable”.

  4. Good on him if he gets up *but* haven’t they only counted ~50% of the vote so far? fifth seats in multi-member electorates based on preference flows unlikely to be confirmed until full count and postal votes are in.

    • Greens with 12% of vote in that electorate predicted to be defeated by SAP with 0.076% due to preferences – as long as below the line voting (around 10% votes cast) doesn’t change the result.

      • SAP won on Lib and ALP preferences – they don’t seem any less Big Australia than the Greens, so I suspect there’s more politics as usual at work here than anything else. ALP especially seemed to target Greens after they targeted ALP last time. The Greens might do well to work at playing nicely with others.

      • That’s the lesson here. Greens won’t make friends because they are one dimensional and uncompromising. Example being Rudds ETS which has left us where we are now in terms of environment policy.

      • And if the Greens don’t like that, then it’s time that they play like the smarter minor parties and encourage their supporters to vote below the line rather than relying on preferences.

    • Yep! The fake Greens got wiped out!

      Jenny Leong stuck her middle finger up at the people of Sydney and Sarah Hanson Young ranted against the skin colour of ALP ads – even though all Green politicians have the same skin colour!

      Fantastic to see that the only Green politician to be elected in the state election is the one with a dark enough skin colour!

      The fake left is obsessed with skin colour and the electorate demolished the Greens’ skin colour hypocrisy for them.

      • SAP should perhaps try convert some of the more moderate, environmentalist Greens -not just rank and file, but maybe even a candidate or even a sitting member. The Greens are clearly steering towards the radical socialist flank. The major parties no longer feel able to deal with them and will try to shut them out with preferences, so their electoral hopes are fading.

      • yep, the Greens are irrelevant now since same sex marriage their main cause has been resolved. Since Bob Brown left they have become an extremist party who stands for the only policies which were once shown on Oprah Winfrey talk back shows. Touchy feely, fake left nonsense living in the past policies. None of which will actually help a homeless, sick or disabled person or save the environment or animal welfare. They have totally lost their purpose and forgotten why they existed in the first place.

        P.S The Greens actually did not in any way make same sex marriage become reality. They only bitched and moaned about it but did nothing.

      • Since Bob Brown left they have become an extremist party who stands for the only policies which were once shown on Oprah Winfrey talk back shows.

        Can you do a compare and contrast for us on what the polices were before and after ?

        The Greens actually did not in any way make same sex marriage become reality. They only bitched and moaned about it but did nothing.

        What do you suggest they could have done, that they didn’t but should have ?

      • Nothing, because the minor parties have no real power most of the time, and only very limited power if holding a balance of power in a hung parliament. For this same reason don’t expect any change now SAP have a single seat in the vic parliament.

      • What bjw678 said. Also they did not use politics to help resolve the marriage agenda. No deals were done as they will not compromise…

        Bob Brown who I did personally like lead the party to help save old growth forest and was a champion for the environment. The new Greens are now all about women vs men and anti- white racism. Grouping all white straight men as the world’s evil based purely on skin colour.

      • Also they did not use politics to help resolve the marriage agenda. No deals were done as they will not compromise…

        Equal rights before the law seems like something that shouldn’t be compromised on.

        The Greens campaigned extensively on marriage equality and tried several times to have the legislation changed. If that’s not “using politics”, what would you propose it is ?

        Bob Brown who I did personally like lead the party to help save old growth forest and was a champion for the environment. The new Greens are now all about women vs men and anti- white racism. Grouping all white straight men as the world’s evil based purely on skin colour.

        Right. So you’re just repeating your local Rupertarian’s rhetoric and playing the boogeyman game.

      • Couple of people replied to my “stop over development” line saying they were property developers. We both laughed when I said no point in giving you a how-to-vote card.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        In my endeavors to get people to Join and Vote for my ALP I have many who outright state that they will never Vote for the Labor Party,….it is then that I often say “Have you ever heard of the SAP?,…Good blokes them guys and possibly more alinged with things your concerned with.
        Why don’t you vote for them, they say
        Maybe I will oneday if my party continues to disapoint me,…but I still have hope for them, I say

      • WA Labor party are doing a great job with possibly the best leader of a Labor party since the legend Bob Hawke. Federal Labor continue to pander to big business and USA interests with fake left policies with anti white racism agendas. Until they go back to supporting working class and middle class Australia they may lose my vote for now. I always vote labor by the way mainly to go against the LNP.

    • Smart wife.

      William Bourke said to Tom Elliott that he wants to put massive taxes on foreigners who buy real estate in Vic. Women should be voting to slash immigration.

      • Sounds good to me. It’s worked in Vancouver. It worked well enough that other half-desirable areas of Canada adopted the same surtax on foreign buyers. Since all the desirable areas were similarly expensive from a surtax point of view, and foreign buyers prefer Vancouver, they all flooded back in to Vancouver. So what did Vancouver do? They increased the surtax! If nothing else, their government is generating funds that can be used to build infrastructure and provide services — off the back of non-citizens! There’s really no down side to high foreign buyer taxes. If they scare buyers away and this lowers house prices, win! If they don’t scare buyers away and foreign buyers pay buckets of surtax, win!

  5. DefinitelyNotTheHorribleScottMorrisonPM

    Presumably they were transparent on the floated policy to expropriate private properties and hand them over to the renters.

    • Very transparent. Immediately acknowledged that it is not part of, nor has ever been part of SAP policy. Lol – boo!!

      • DefinitelyNotTheHorribleScottMorrisonPM

        That’s exactly what I said. It’s a policy floated by Sustainable Australia members which was promoted on this site. The policy floated was to seize privately owned property by force and then distribute to other people based on the policy promoters’ own opinion of fairness. I bet they weren’t having those kinds of discussions on the doorstep.

    • Ultimately any government – Dan Andrews, I’m looking at you – that believes renters should be able to live in the houses they rent are borderline communist lunatics. It’s a private house for the enjoyment of the private owner. You’re lucky to be allowed to inspect it, let alone clog it up with awful tasteless furniture or use its toilet facilities.

    • I think they may have actually done quite a lot better had they advertised that policy. Greens voters would have crossed over en masse.

      • Disagreed. Most Greens I know are rich folks with a guilty social conscience. They don’t want to lose their investment properties.

  6. Hats off to the SAP!

    What an extraordinary flow of preferences:

    690 (0.32%) votes originally from Transport Matters Party distributed to Sustainable Australia

    827 (0.38%) votes originally from Aussie Battler Party distributed to Sustainable Australia

    1,069 (0.50%) votes originally from Australian Liberty Alliance distributed to Sustainable Australia

    1,375 (0.64%) votes originally from Shooters Fishers and Farmers VIC distributed to Sustainable Australia

    2,992 (1.39%) votes originally from Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party distributed to Sustainable Australia

    3,032 (1.40%) votes originally from Liberal Democrats distributed to Sustainable Australia

    4,508 (2.09%) votes originally from Animal Justice Party distributed to Sustainable Australia

    4,417 (2.05%) votes originally from Fiona Patten’s Reason Party distributed to Sustainable Australia

    2,002 (0.93%) votes originally from Voluntary Euthanasia Party distributed to Sustainable Australia

    3,671 (1.70%) votes (39,654 ballot papers at 0.0926 transfer value) originally from Australian Labor Party (Ticket 1 of 2) distributed to Sustainable Australia

    8,222 (3.81%) votes (80,188 ballot papers at 0.1025 transfer value) originally from Liberal distributed to Sustainable Australia

    Just about every party preferences the SAP instead of the fake Greens!

    Most of the candidates in the Transport Matters Party are from India ( – so the immigrants from India want immigration to be slashed? Music to my ears!

    • It show’s there is real potential for a centrist, evidence-based, science-based environmental party. Particularly as a first preference where voters have an environmental concern but don’t see the Big Australia Greens as offering an environmental solution. This is pretty good?

      • “The secret of Druery’s success has been his ability to persuade all the microparties to exchange preferences with each other, rather than directing them to Labor, the Coalition or the Greens.”

        How totally unemocratic lol. Wouldn’t get that in Melbourne’s sister city NYC (only their mother can tell them apart)

    • WOW !!!

      It appears that almost everybody loves Sustainable Australia Party !! The future looks bright 🙂

  7. Clifford Hayes I take my hat off to you. The integrity level in the Victorian Parliament just doubled. Look out NSW and Look out CANBERRA

    #SAP #SustainableAustralia

  8. Pleasantly surprised. Looks like my 2c and everyone else’s added up.

    I like that fake greens are in the shits too.

  9. This is a great outcome. Hopefully it will inspire more members, and provide a place for those that are disillusioned with an ALP and Liberal Party that are pretty much irretrievably owed by corporatist interests.

    There is so much unwanted overdevelopment going on everywhere, just hanging an SAP ‘stop over-development’ sign on these concrete disasters will provide huge coverage.

  10. Bloody great news. I wish it had been via first preferences, but you gotta do the best you can, with what you have, where you are.

    It will be marvellous to have 4 years of at least one sustainable (not anti) immigration voice in a government somewhere in Australia. Hopefully he picks up a few interviews on the ABC.

    • can you imagine what Fran or PK’s tone will be with him. hopefully he’ll be able to speak a full sentence without interruption.

  11. Congrats Clifford and congrats to Sustainable Australia. Power to your arm. Step into the hole left by Fiona Patten as the voice of reason and people will look upon SAP favorably.

  12. love the shellacking the greens got. thy don’t seem to be grasping they are not representing the environment any more. they either go back to be an environmental activist party or they can follow the democrats into political oblivion.

    • I think oblivian is probably the best for the greens. Theyve been overtaken by latte left, virtue signalling, globalist retards like Leong. I dont want my tax dollars feeding them any longer. Poor Bob Brown must shake his head at them these days.

  13. Is this minor party tidal wave just a result of obtuse and opaque preference deals, or is it genuine ?

    • I live in Melbourne and I haven’t met anyone who heard of any of these newly elected cross bench parties before the election so real seems doubtful. Hi