Shock! Selling houses to Chinese triggered racism surge

Via Domainfax:

When it comes to access to housing in Australia, the playing field is far from even.

Our recent research has found that race matters. Many Australians experience racism and discrimination based on their cultural background.

This is particularly the case for Asian Australians. They experience much higher rates of racism across a variety of everyday settings, but particularly when renting or buying a house.

An online national survey of 6001 Australians measured the extent and variation of racist attitudes and experiences. We examined the impacts of where Australians are born and what language they speak at home on their experiences of racism.

Published findings for New South Wales and Queensland in the 1990s revealed that 6.4 per cent of Australians reported having experienced ethnic-based discrimination when renting or buying a house. Our recent national study has found this proportion has increased dramatically. In recent years, 24 per cent of Australians have experienced housing discrimination.

As with the broader pattern of everyday racism, Asian Australians are feeling the brunt of housing discrimination. Almost six in ten (59 per cent) Asia-born participants in our study experienced racism in accessing housing. This compares to only 19 per cent of non-Asian-born participants.

The survey was conducted during 2015/16 when the surge in Chinese buying of Australian realty was at fever pitch:

Of course it resulted in a surge of anger and racial abuse. These are people we are talking about not some programmable snowflake machines. Australians rightly thought that as Australians in Australia they had certain privileges, such as not having to bid for a roof over their heads against wealthy and often corrupt foreign nationals. The government must take the blame for letting it happen but the anger is more than understandable. We warned it would end this way.

The answer is not to punish those who were sold out by their own country, it is to stop the selling out.

Eh, Domainfax.

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      • Wasn’t that Kelly O’Dwyer’s contribution to the government of the commonwealth? I think the Liberels need fewer women in Parliament

      • Not really.
        As you’ve noted, the rules are similar to the above, but there is a rubber stamp agency for exceptions.

        If exceptions are the rule, then ‘the rules’ are little more than a facade.

      • It’s worse than that. There is a rubber stamp agency but virtually no one even bothers getting the rubber stamp. Changing the rules changes nothing without changing the will to enforce them. You are attacking the wrong part of the problem.

  1. Yeah, nah. All those Chinese nationals buying up EXISTING houses in my suburb and neighbouring suburbs to stratospheric prices would have no impact on sentiment towards Chinese people. None at all. Especially because none of those people would be like the criminals who bought billions of dollars worth of properties in Vancouver. They’re all really nice people. /sarcasm

  2. I amused my missus (not) by enjoying the dance of the traditional owners performed on the Kirribilli foreshore under the bridge.

  3. lol at the end of that article is this

    Authorities need to act
    Exclusion from an important urban resource like housing can generate profound levels of substantive inequality….

    WHAT THA F%$#$$^%&^*(……..this has been happnening on a massive scale for a decade with Australian citizens of any background being displaced from Sydney and Melbourne and yet when its people from china the AUTHORITIES NEED TO ACT!

    • In recent years, 24 per cent of Australians have experienced housing discrimination.

      Hmmm… is discrimination where you can’t buy a roof over your own head because you’ve been economically outgunned by QE and LOWER TEH RATES! and Negative Gearing and Infestors? Coupled with foreign buying? If so yeah I’d say it’s higher than 24 percent.

      • +1000
        99% of citizens have no clue how they’ve been shafted by all the aforementioned policy measures. It brings to mind that famous quote from Henry T Ford:

        “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

    • Hah! I tried posting ‘I am shocked” in traditional chinese and the MB spam filter killed it.

  4. Article implies that anyone who is concerned about the effect of Chinese money on our access to housing is a racist nasty person.
    They are reduced to playing the racist card. SAD!

    • Neolib globalists want all our money, not just a little bit of it, and anything standing in the way would be the R word. The governments we have are complicit as they make it harder to save for a home, save for retirement, yet the corporations can hire the big accounting firms and pay zip tax , and via lobbied booming immigration, lower wages, but that matters squat as they’ll still outsource your job, buy back stocks that are in your super fund, destroy the environment. The reality of what we’re living is not apparent to most people who don’t educate themselves. Give it another 10/20 years and we’ll be lucky to have a job.

  5. Yes but when Australians who can’t afford to buy in their local suburbs, oftentimes suburbs their family goes back generations in and have to leave family, friends and support networks behind to move to affordable outer ring suburbs, that is all right. It’s not racism if it happens to existing residents.
    Better to have people who just arrive in this country come and enjoy the communities that we and our ancestors built up over generations while we get pushed to the fringes.

      • What’s there to elaborate on? Would you like an example?

        Have you seen how all the supermarket trolley collector jobs are performed by people without an Australian accent? And people with an Australian accent are excluded from those jobs.

        That’s not racism.

      • That’s because they exclude themselves since their not willing to be exploited and know they have certain rights.

    • If we want our current lifestyle in terms of imported goodies like SUV’s, IPhones, BMW’s, TV’s, Booze, etc etc etc then we HAVE to sell houses, along with all our resources and industries, to foreigners.
      It’s one of the symptoms of countries with chronic and severe CAD’s that young people cannot afford homes as foreigners can.
      This is a CHOICE we have made.

      • Not if the properties were purchased with cash by the spouses or family members of Chinese triads.

      • Flawse, I think ‘choice’ is a little wide of the mark — at least to the extent that no one explained the ‘costs’ to the people before they went out and bought all this shite, but yes, in retrospect history will record the episode as such.

      • This is a path we’ve been (easily) led down by our elected sellouts – only needed a lightly bernaysed carrot of avarice. The flipside has been obscured by a thousand veils & very few ever looked past the Orgy Porgy! Had we been properly informed along the way I wonder if more would’ve shown more restraint? Of course that would’ve required an honest operator, certainly not seen in my lifetime, if ever. It might’ve only slowed a similar outcome though. Greed is a universal Good apparently, but by gee there’s been some low acts.

  6. reusachtigeMEMBER

    That’s a weird survey. Everyone I knows actually prefers to rent their places to the Chinamen-type races as you can cram many of them in and they won’t complain. So I think this is wrong, there is no racism against Asians.

    Here’s my list of preferred races when choosing tenants –

    Dapper Gentlemen
    Thais (the lady looking ones)
    Single mums
    Lesbian couples
    Successful people

    And here’s the list of races I stay clear of –

    Blue collar workers
    Bogans in general
    Curry Munchers
    Poor people
    Groups of males
    (and homos)

    • Post of the month, so far.

      With only a few days left in November, you have a good chance of getting the trophy!

    • adelaide_economist

      Sadly Reusa is on to something with his post and it makes me very suspicious of these ‘racist’ experiences. Do they objectively know it was racism or they just didn’t get what they want so it must be because they were Asian? More and more I’m seeing what are clearly just outcomes of people’s poor social skills, cultural differences or atrocious language (because who needs to speak English?) turned into imagined ‘racism’.

      Rental discrimination is by and large centred on Aborigines, anyone obviously different (eg disabled), those with low incomes/no job, children and anyone who appears on the ‘secret’ database of ‘bad renters’. Many landlords these days are themselves of Asian background and if reading forums on places like whirlpool or ozbargain is any indicator, being a terrible human being seems a common affliction of landlords regardless of their ethnic background or that of the people applying.

      As for discrimination against buyers – no. Entire suburbs turned into ‘diverse’ Han enclaves in a decade suggests very strongly that money speaks very loudly and racist sentiment, if it exists, certainly doesn’t get in the way of a good sale price.

      • More and more I’m seeing what are clearly just outcomes of people’s poor social skills, cultural differences or atrocious language (because who needs to speak English?) turned into imagined ‘racism’.

        When I belonged to Engineers Australia I used to see this on their website all the time. Many, many imported engineers posted long diatribes complaining that they couldn’t find work in racist exclusive Australia, and the complaints were nearly always full of poor grammar, lack of punctuation, spelling mistakes etc so it was bleedin’ obvious why they couldn’t get a job. Why would any employer pay a professional salary to someone who couldn’t write a bid, or a user manual, or a technical report or other customer facing document, or even put comprehensible comments into source code?

        But no…racialism was to blame, not their incompetence.

      • adelaide_economist


        Yep, great example. I’ve had to run recruitment programs in years past and it was incredible the number of people claiming advanced degrees in subjects from business to psychology who couldn’t write a coherent paragraph. The jobs they were applying for would require them to be reading, understanding, analysing and then writing about subjects at a level (and at a pace) that they clearly wouldn’t be able to deliver.

        I have no doubt many of them ascribed their lack of success to endemic racism. In fact in one memorable case I received two suspiciously similar applications for the same job (hell, they were virtually identical) except in one the name had been Anglicised. Not only did I find this offensive but it also just raised my suspicions that something wasn’t right. I’m not sure what game they were playing but both were rejected (by myself and the gender balanced panel, I might add) because the quality of the application was just so poor in both cases.

      • Yup, the bottom line is that when the large number of people of Caucasian origin (mainly men) fail at something they have only themselves to blame whereas if you fall into any of the minority groups you have someone or something to blame every time — which is precisely what happens. I fear that most of the ‘skilled’ migrants that win the lotto of a visa to work here believe they’ll just waltz into a well paid job then get the shock of their lives when their inferior experience, pisspoor grasp of English leaves them on the scrap heap. The streets here are not paved with gold — far from it.

      • True story. In my early career days I worked with a truly fantastic and highly intelligent Chinese guy who was smitten by blondes. Unfortunately he never had any success in this area. Eventually he concluded that Australian blondes were racists. While I suggested that garlic breath, wearing the same shirt for three days and using the romantic endearment of “my little white pig” might have something to do with the situation, he was having none of it. Regardless he took Australian citizenship. It left me wondering, why would you take citizenship of a country that you believed to be full of racist blondes?

        Maybe he’s right though? Perhaps blondes are behind all of the bigotry in Australia? Maybe this will require a Royal Commission?

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Rent seeking, Plutocratic, Tory Capitalist Pig that you are Reusa!,…I can’t help but like you.
      You make me laugh out loud.

    • DefinitelyNotTheHorribleScottMorrisonPM

      Well you’ll no longer have the choice under a Labour government. You’ll be forced to rent to dog-loving satanic homosexual centrelink immigrant paedophiles, and the worst part is they’ll be allowed to put picture hooks in your walls! Communism gone mad!

    • Why no poofs? They don’t have kids and generally are very “anal” about cleanliness. I’ve heard they are good / desirable tenants..

  7. In my area of bris agents still target wealthy foreigners…
    I have been bid out of places that foreigners have got firb approval
    Why can’t they rent whilst temporarily here??
    Good thg the qld govt bought in the foreign buyer surcharge. .its 8% added on to normal stamp dury

    • They can’t rent, because renting isn’t conducive to money laundering!

      That said, I think I have a business idea! Buy real estate and lease it out to foreigners at an inflated rate, remitting most of the money back to them (or their nominee). Laundromat without a stamp duty cost.

      The kicker is that the same property can be rented to a dozen foreign launderers!!!

  8. Look at that chart.

    It clearly shows at one points ONE IN FOUR SALES IN THIS COUNTRY were from foreigners (we all know who) and that’s the stuff that IS reported, let alone the real figures.

    Time and time again we’ve seen pictures of auctions in Syd / Melb with 70 to 95% Chinese attendance. We’ve heard the stories, I have heard dozens of them, dozens. We’ve seen the stats – those 2 animated gifs of MElb and Sydney, clearly showing the massive demographic change. We’ve seen Melbourne CBD have areas that have changed so intensely in the past 5 years (yes, just 5) that they’re unrecognisable as being Melbourne at times.

    I can provide evidence upon evidence. We sold the country out to the highest bidder, that bidder was China. This (along with other things) has screwed multiple generations.

    No wonder people are pissed / racist. I can’t afford a house and I blame them myself. @#% them and @#%$ our government for allowing it to happen.

  9. Migrants to the regions also triggers outrage:

    a “no curries here” sign was displayed in a local bottle shop.

    The sign was displayed in Horsham’s Premix King liquor outlet earlier this year while an Indian family was preparing to open a new Cellarbrations store around the corner.

    So, migrants to the regions where they steal retail jobs? Well done fake Greens. It is not even an Indian restaurant – just a bottle shop. They are adding no diversity to the restaurant options but simply importing their relatives and getting them to work for $10/hour!

    • I think that it’s wntirely appropriate for the shop to have a sign saying “no curries here” to ensure that customers are not confused. The shop sells, stubbies, not curries.

      Indeed, if they had a sign saying “curries here” but didn’t sell curries, ACCC would smash them from pillar to post for false advertising.

    • Exactly, my local woolies, supercheap auto and even the local train station is now full of Indian workers. Immigration isn’t creating jobs it’s stealing them from the locals.

      • Yep. If a job used to pay $20/hour and it now pays $10/hour, you can double the population without doubling the unemployment rate.

        Wage destruction and amenity destruction brought to you by Sally McManus!

        At the very least, foreigners should be banned from working at government-owned train stations.

      • The social contract has been torn to shreds. I used to be a lefty. Really very left. I still am in many ways. But I recently shocked the [email protected]#t out of everyone I know by declaring that I was now against mass immigration. The anger was palpable.

        But you have to stand up against injustice, particularly if its being done directly to you and no one else seems to give a s#@t. In fact you get shouted down and accused of rather nasty things for merely suggesting that the pace of growth might be a bit quick. Quite a job theyve done on us the social and opinion engineers.

  10. lol. That is pretty funny. Not a word while a whole generation or two of Australians were thrown under a bus.

  11. Jumping jack flash

    But selling out is required when you have no retirement savings to speak of and banks offering mountains of debt to anyone who asks for it, because they suddenly decided there was no risk.

  12. I lost out at an auction about 18 months ago to a foreign looking couple who spoke a foreign language between themselves and their kids, and heavily accented English to the auctioneer. Given that I was trying to put a roof over my head….well…I certainly wasn’t well disposed towards them then. And not so much now, either.

  13. Does “Asian Australian” include South Asians. There are many rentals in my suburb tenanted by Indians. Given the state that some properties are left in by departing Indian tenants, perhaps the so called racism is landlords being particular as to who rents their property. All in all, another crap article from some shallow, leftoid Fairfax excuse for a journalist.

    • In Ireland I viewed quite a few rental properties that were previously rented by Indians and were left in a state to say the least. Sure not all live in squallor but a good portion of the student rental digs I saw were filthy. When I inspected with my now wife the Irish landlords hand over fist begged us to rent these places. However given the level of cleaning required I didn’t entertain the idea.

    • As a private individual you should be free to rent your home to whomever you wish. Only in an authoritarian state does the law instruct you otherwise.

  14. Not only are we supposed to roll out the red carpet for these immigrants but we’re supposed to lick their feet too! They aggressively take over our jobs, housing and way of life and spit in our faces in the process. I’ve been to India and China and I assure you they wouldn’t put up with it if it was us doing the same to them. They must be laughing at how weak we are and how easily we’ve rolled over to their invasion.

  15. What is an ‘Asian Australian’? Does that mean born here or just migrated? The context suggests the latter. I saw this in reference to some vibrancy in Melbourne recently where the perpetrators were described as ‘African Australians’.


    If I migrate to Thailand / Singapore / China will the media refer to me as ‘Australian Asian’???

  16. The survey is mostly based on perception. Sometimes people are aholes and of you watched their interactions with white Australians you’d raise they dislike everyone risky.

    It’s a bit like in the UK with hate crimes. It only has to be perceived to be a hate from to be recorded as such. Keri that dog off my porch…

  17. In all fairness, the Chinese in particular have brought negative perceptions upon themselves by blatantly flaunting dubious money and buying up property in Australia, locking out the local population from home ownership.

    • All those illegal money would be stop dead if the government let AUSTRAC monitor real estate transaction. Anyone sending over 10k needs to tell AUSTRAC where the money came from, but if you buy a million dollar house? No questions asked.

  18. Good to see you using the sorts of words I do when discussing these topics, such as “fairness” and “sold out”. Much more of this and we will be using words like…”traitorous”.

  19. I can’t understand why we don’t love our freshly minted SIV Australians.
    They have many endearing qualities:
    > 1-child, entitled attitude
    > not covering their mouths when they cough in a full elevator or on a train (a personal favourite);
    > inability to walk in a straight line on the foot path;
    > in ability to drive or park a car; and
    > generally an utter disinterest in the welfare of the community they live in.
    I mean come on Straya, what’s not to love?

    • Oh, I see you haven’t been blessed by witnessing some peasant from the Western Gobi desert draw deep and spit on a public bus.
      Get ready for another round of TB public health announcements.

      …. and we thought we conquered that in the 1950s and 60s.

  20. We need an Australian Home Ownership & Occupancy Usage Audit.

    Let’s start with Sydney & Melbourne then Brisbane and the other migrant enclaves.

    The anti foreigner sentiment in housing purchase and usage is well placed.

    Yes, you could blame the authorities & property lobby as you say.
    But let’s not ignore the duplicitous and systematic criminal fraud of our rules and law by the Chinese and others foreign criminal syndicates in exploiting Australia’s inept & lack of enforcement in housing purchase and usage.

    Firstly, the reality is a far uglier picture than shown in the graph re foreign ownership.

    Second – it’s not just Chinese or Asian ‘foreign’ buyers, but Indians & other ethnic groups now as citizens or PR.

    Acting as a proxy for their respective foreign criminal syndicates, to launder foreign & onshore dirty money into modest low level established Australian housing.

    And actively participate in a massive onshore cash in hand migrant only subletting rental racket.

    770,000 now foreign owned ex Australian modest dwellings – 9% of our total housing stock & 55% of our modest low level established housing in the 2 main cities – now purchased to be occupied by 3.6 million new migrant or migrant guestworker renters.

    An estimated $29 billion of rent being collected, but only $14.5 billion declared.

    Fact check:
    The last decade of migrant intake onshore and their housing use.
    1.91 million new PR & Citizen grants.
    With another 500,000 dependents born here at twice the Australian rate born = 2.35 million. (ABS).
    80% plus in the capital cities & over 65% rent (ABS)
    So that’s 1.1 million new PR citizen migrants renting.
    An average occupancy of 5 or more – much higher than the national average (ABS) so that’s at least 230,000 rented dwellings in just Sydney or Melbourne.
    Lower the occupancy density and its even more, so that’s a conservative dwelling estimate.

    Then add on 2.2 million Temporary Residents.
    Permanent Stay (650,000 NZ SCV with 230,000 being non NZ born, 70% rent), 621,000 foreign students & partners VERY LONG STAY (4-9 years not uncommon) with over 90% in Sydney or Melbourne, (Australianeducation gov website) almost all renting), then add on 165,000 bridging, protection, 140,000 skilled, 130,000 plus working holiday (90% in the two main cities) & the other TR categories – all ‘renting’.
    And that’s another 1.7 million renters – at least 5 per dwelling, occupying at least 350,000 dwellings.

    Then add another 1.3 million tourist/ visitors onshore at any one time (8.8 million a year – 60 day or repeat stay) predominately Asian or Indian ‘staying with relatives’ etc and many working illegally in these long stay & repeat stay visits. Again a 90% concentration in Sydney & Melbourne. (They just don’t seem to go to holiday destinations or stay in tourist accommodation where the actual tourist rates have fallen..)
    That’s another 600,000 plus non Residents & 150,000 dwellings in occupancy usage at 5 per dwelling.
    They are occupying housing not hotels.

    All up over 3.6 million renters in at least 770,000 dwellings, in Sydney & Melbourne.

    Who owns these dwelling that are being rented out?

    Predominantly Chinese, North & South East Asian, Indian, Arab etc – aligned to the ethnicity of the migrant guestworker renter group.

    How do these renters live?
    Small ex Australian established units or small modest houses, now converted to migrant only occupancy and run as cash in hand bunk share.
    2 or 3 Chinese or Indian etc families per little old unit, or that modest old small house in the suburbs.
    Or else 6, 8, 10 ‘foreign students’, ‘tourist / visitors’, ‘sponsored’, ‘bridging’, ‘protection’ etc visa holders.
    Most working illegally as well as living illegally.

    How much rent is paid?
    In Sydney the going rate for a migrant guestworker in the usual bunk (one of 4 or 6 bunks in each bedroom), rice, toilet rolls & wifi deal is $180 a week.
    A room is at least $220 and beyond most reflecting they are poor third world & in debt to a foreign agent procurer, only here on a visa alibi to live & work illegally.

    Let’s say $160 a week each to be very conservative & allow for an occasional empty bunk in these migrant guestworker crammed dwellings.

    3.6 million at say an average of $160 a week – most are adult single third world migrant guestworkers = $29 billion.

    How much rent is declared?
    Just using legal & normal occupancy ratios and the ABS declared average rent paid per person that is:
    780,000 dwellings x 2.9 per dwelling x $123 a week = $14.5 billion. And the PR / Citizen proxy will also claim negative gearing as well on that false minimised rental income. That’s one of the ‘kickers’ the PR or citizen proxy will get in laundering the dirty money in as well as rounding the illegal cash in hand subletting.

    And that’s $14.5 billion cash in hand sublet not declared as well as illegal occupancy usage.
    There is your housing bubble in the modest establish housing market in Sydney & Melbourne.
    Bought by foreign criminal syndicates via a proxy to house high density illegal occupancy migrant guestworkers cash in hand.
    This is why CoreLogic stats are so wrong – they only use advertised & declared rents, not this massive illegal cash gold mine in housing migrant guestworkers which is well over half the renters in both main cities.
    Which is never advertised or declared as the collective rent being taken per dwelling.
    $900 to $1,440 cash per small 2 bed unit versus only $300 or so declared.

    => Go see for yourself.
    Anywhere in the CBD, inner west, Ashfield, Rhodes, Burwood, Strathfield, Lidcombe. Auburn, North Parramatta, Bankstown, Lakemba, Blacktown, Campbelltown, etc.
    The housing is all packed full of migrant PR & migrant TR – living at 2 or 3 times average occupancy density.

    And then go check who owns that housing.
    Invariably a PR or Citizen used as the proxy to launder the dirty foreign money in as a safe haven, then run it as illegal cash in hand migrant only slum share.

    Why we have over a hundred thousand Australians out on the street as permanent homeless (116,000 now) or another 350,000 seeking affordable housing.
    Denied Australian housing.
    Denied affordable home purchase.
    Literally being ethnically cleansed out of our major cities by aggressive foreign criminal syndicates laundering in the dirty money, the foreign run onshore criminal industry assisting this.
    So these PR or Citizen proxies Chinese, Asians, Indians etc are up to their ears in illegal activity.

    And thus the directing of blame is well justified.
    And also naive government authorities who do nothing & remain complicit in ‘not wanting to know’.
    Let’s see a National Housing Ownership & Occupancy Audit.
    The ‘real owners’ and source of funds behind the dwelling purchase.
    And the ‘real occupants’ living in those dwellings.
    That will expose exactly what I say here.