Scummo loses another MP

Via The Australian:

Julia Banks has announced she will sit as an independent for the rest of the parliamentary term, plunging Scott Morrison further into minority government.

Ms Banks said she had quit the Liberal Party but would give the government support on key issues of confidence and supply.

That would be this, at SBS:

Cabinet Minister Kelly O’Dwyer has told colleagues the Liberals are widely regarded as “homophobic, anti-women, climate-change deniers” during a crisis meeting of federal Victorian MPs.

Ms O’Dwyer has launched an extraordinary spray against Liberal officials and “ideological warriors” for hijacking the party’s positions on social issues during a post-mortem of the disastrous Victorian state election result.

Bring on the negative gearing reform.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • I wondered why he’s gone quiet.

      Its obvious Scomo will be dumped immediately post election and Frydenberg has been standing up and looking like a contender, which made me wonder where’s Dutton? A potential high court experience would make Dutton persona non grata in a leadership race.

      • proofreadersMEMBER

        Josh would truly be doing a Steven Bradbury and the Libs would be going from the sublime to the ridiculous in their delicious death spiral?

      • Dutton knows his is toast at the next election. I reckon he is planning his post-MP lifestyle … cause it is imminent.

    • The Traveling Wilbur


      I’m very proud of that third one.

  1. The ALP is anti-women also:

    Australia Needs A Universal Basic Income, And We Should Start With Mothers

    Women should not need access to a husband to avoid poverty.

    Even when they have a husband, the male often makes them beg for money:

    He wanted her to beg him each time she needed cash

    • again, not you but the article, if everyone doesn’t get it no strings attached then it isn’t a UBI – just welfare.

      I am all for a UBI – but I need to get it at the exact same rate as everyone else.

    • The ALP is anti-women also:

      No one said they weren’t, although the Libs are especially un-subtle about it, get caught looking anti-woman more frequently and therefore get more of the criticism.

  2. Perhaps it is also setting herself up for a run as an Independent in my local electorate of Chisholm in Melb. Esp. given the weekend events.

    It will be interesting to see a battle between two Chinese origin women (ALP and LNP major fundraiser) and a woman with strong links to the Greeks in Oakleigh.

    We will see what influence the Chinese language papers can have this time. The anti-Safe Schools attacks (in Chinese) of last election may be passe.

    • On Saturday’s results in naturally Liberal voting areas you’d think the anti-Safe Schools line of attack was well and truly discredited.

  3. Cabinet Minister Kelly O’Dwyer has told colleagues the Liberals are widely regarded as “homophobic, anti-women, climate-change deniers” during a crisis meeting of federal Victorian MPs.

    To be fair, it’s a perception they’ve put a lot of effort into.

  4. Like the poo, the major parties need a good flushing to get rid of the moronic, parasitic, narcissistic majority in their ranks. A tidal-wave sized crisis with a few behind it might just do it.

  5. So how many women are left in the Libs?

    Kelly O and Julie Bishop. Any others?

    “No, we don’t have a problem with women” – every guy in the Libs. Well, the numbers would say differently and so do the women in the party.

  6. I wonder if by ‘anti-women’, Kelly O’Dwyer means anything other than gynocentric, selfish, egotistical, privileged, solipsistic, irrational, virgin Mary goddess worship.

      • Times they are a-changin’ Gramus. After an incumbent PM (howard) losing his seat and the very blue Wentworth going to an independent, its looking like the old rules no longer apply.

  7. There is now no where to hide with getting the Federal ICAC thru parliament and into law. Hopefully legislation on politician donations and other progressive acts as well.