Do-nothing Malcolm finds a mission: killing Scummo

Or so says The Australian:

The Australian can reveal the former prime minister has been messaging Dr Phelps, the independent who claimed his seat of Wentworth, and a former electorate office staffer worked for his successor for three days as part of a “handover”.

A senior Liberal source said they believed that Mr Turnbull was advising Dr Phelps on strategy and that “his hands are all over the Julia Banks” resignation.

“He is consumed by bringing down the government,” the Liberal source said.

Well, why not. The other dozen or so former PMs did it.

Meanwhile, Scummo is reeling, at the AFR:

Scott Morrison is battling to reassert his authority after another day of chaos, with Labor accusing him of running a “part-time Parliament”, Julie Bishop fuelling suspicions she has leadership ambitions, and growing calls for Peter Dutton to refer himself to the High Court.

To compound another tough day, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg was embarrassingly forced to withdraw from the G20 summit to tend to domestic issues, while Mr Morrison has been snubbed by Donald Trump and has been denied a bilateral meeting with him in Buenos Aires.

With the Coalition still reeling after Victorian marginal seat holder Julia Banks quit the Liberals to become a crossbencher, leaving the government able to muster just 73 votes on the floor of the Parliament, there is the possibility of further defections with NSW MP Craig Kelly leaving open the option of going if he loses an upcoming preselection contest.

There’s more at Domain:

Liberal Party branch members and sitting MPs have privately urged Dave Sharma to oust Tony Abbott from Parliament, as consensus grows in Canberra that the former prime minister needs to leave politics to let the Coalition heal from an expected election loss.

But Mr Sharma – who lost last month’s byelection in the neighbouring electorate of Wentworth to independent Kerryn Phelps – rebuffed the advances and is focused on recontesting the seat next year.

And Herald Sun:

Kelly O’Dwyer, one of the most senior women in the Morrison Government, would lose her seat to Labor at the next federal election according to a new ReachTel poll.

Finally, lost amid it all is Scummo of Labor, also at The Australian:

Scott Morrison will use his pre-election budget war chest to ­deliver extra funding for schools, hospitals and pharmaceutical ­benefits, in a move to claim back political leverage from Labor ahead of delivering the nation’s first surplus in a decade.

We have six more grueling months of this before they get thrown out!


David Llewellyn-Smith
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      • They were never dysfunctional to this extent.

        Under Labor, government kept functioning and legislation was passed.

        The current state of affairs is a joke.

      • Labor were dysfunctional on factional personality issues. This govt is dysfunctional on why are we here, what does anything mean, what is this all about issues. Far more structural and existential than Labors crisis. Its questionable that the Liberals could re unite in Opposition as quickly and effectively as Labor did in 2013. For one thing Labor had Tony Dumb Dumb and his ineptitude to focus their energies on, its doubtful a Labor Govt could present such an easy target, not out of the question however, but unlikely isnt it?

      • Oh sorry, thought that was directed at me, I do need to renew my membership Nathan, I know that, first pay after Christmas is my target date, had a few financial expenses of late, I always spend out of savings, not credit

      • “Buy a membership, cheapskate”

        How is that relevant to the discussion?

        In response to astrolin and bobalot, the dysfunction seems to be on an upward trajectory no matter who gets in power, as the pollies jump form one soundbite/opinion poll to the next. The way we’re going by 2030 we’ll have a new PM every week.

        “The object of power is power”.

      • Why would anyone who was interested in business and economics, and not into cheap grubby unreasoned name-calling by a bunch of clowns, buy a membership?

      • “Why would anyone who was interested in business and economics, and not into cheap grubby unreasoned name-calling by a bunch of clowns, buy a membership?”

        And despite this, you’re still here.

  1. GunnamattaMEMBER

    This post needs more imagery……

    and some Shakespeare…..

    Blood hath been shed ere now, i’ the olden time,
    Ere humane statute purged the gentle weal;
    Ay, and since too, murders have been perform’d
    Too terrible for the ear: the times have been,
    That, when the brains were out, the man would die,
    And there an end; but now they rise again,
    With twenty mortal murders on their crowns,
    And push us from our stools: this is more strange
    Than such a murder is.


    It will have blood; they say, blood will have blood:
    Stones have been known to move and trees to speak;
    Augurs and understood relations have
    By magot-pies and choughs and rooks brought forth
    The secret’st man of blood. What is the night?

    and ultimately

    Come, we’ll to sleep. My strange and self-abuse
    Is the initiate fear that wants hard use:
    We are yet but young in deed.

    • We should vote to get rid of career politicians and bring in business people that have integrity of there is any

      • Possibly not from the fields of banking and finance,which are overly large private employers.
        Gina from the mining sector- now that’s a monstrous thought.

      • Lols . None in staya, mate.

        We’d have to import them. And change the constitution to allow dual-national MPs to accomodate this.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Agreed! We need a leader from the property industry as they how to keep house prices booming!!

      • Yup. Name a single career pollie that’s ever been any good. You can’t, because they have no clue about the real world. None of them.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      I know its unfair and unkind to judge one apon their appearance,…but that picture of Scottyboys expression, the centre one, just has Fukwit written all over it.
      Mals expression, whilst having to listen to him, seems to suggest he thinks so to.

      • First picture: Malcolm: I’m not even going to bother – got more important things to do…

        Second picture: Malcolm: Hmmm… that horizon looks enticing… how nice would it be to catapult this fookwit beyond that line. Aahhh… a prime minister can dream, no? Oh dear… must not let that show… quick, poker face check… I hope no one saw that.

        Third picture: Mal: Get you slimy hands off me, you creep. I know you’re trying to find where to stick the knife. And you Kormann – You look like you swallowed a sword… Oh ghod… you’re all carrying concealed stabbing implements, aren’t you. Sh*t – better turn my shoulder away from Scummomeister, just a little … he may take a hint and f*ck off… Look at him – we’re best buddies now – it’s as if we wife-swapped last night and then sloppy-seconded each other… he certainly is in a chirpy mood… maybe too chirpy.

    • Though those that are betray’d Do feel the treason sharply, yet the traitor stands in worse case of woe

      William Shakespeare
      1610 Innogen. Cymbeline, act 3, sc.4, l.85-7

      That last line will be ringing strongly for Scomo “yet the traitor stands in worse case of woe’

  2. – It only proves that the our politicians in Canberra live in a bubble of their own making.
    – After being deposed like Turnbull has been, I also would be furious. I also would do everything to take revenge. To get even with ScoMo/ScumMo. Pass me the popcorn !!!!

  3. Scummo spent the night on his knees in crisis talks with god. God received text messages from Turnbull as they spoke.

      • Ita Buttrose was on the radio the other day – she said the key to ageing well is to have purpose.

        There’s a lesson in that for all of us.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        “the former prime minister has been messaging Dr Phelps”

        I immediately thought dick pics,…then realized that was just my infantile personality.
        Then again Ive ways thought revenge a bit infantile as well.

    • When archeologists dig him up in 500 years they are going to ask what he’s holding in his hand and the response will be “I think it’s a grudge”

  4. I think the way this will turn out is that the Turnbulls (probably through son Alex) will create something of a rebirth of the Australian Democrats party (Middle to Centre Right) – harnessing independents in the interim.

    The Liberal Parties lurch further right means it will naturally kill itself within a generation – and the void will be split between the Conservatives and the New Democrats by 2030.

    This means the LNP Coalition of today will become the CDP in the next 15 years.

    • As if Do-nothing would be interested in creation and maintenance of a political party.
      He was only ever interested in his own grandiosity.

    • How do you define a lurch further right?
      A core belief in free speech and thought? A core belief in democracy? A core belief that people should be free to believe and worship as they please? A core belief in free enterprise (pls note the difference between free enterprise and corporate BS which is currently the core meme of both Liberal and Labor)? A core belief in privacy? A core belief that people should not be tried and broken by tribunals paid for and insured by the government? A core belief that we should not send our nation and its children into penury with policies that will achieve absolutely nothing? A core belief in our nation and that its borders are ours to police and to admit only those we want to? (I know this last one is anathema to nearly all commenters here but I don’t give a RA) A core belief that we should not hand the government of our country to mobs of bureaucrats in far away places who really don’t even know we exist?

    • You must have missed the recent polarisation of politics globally? The centre will continue to lose ground to the extremes until a crisis unfolds.

  5. it’s what they do when booted in most cases. why would you with all the wealth, pension, allowances and more important thing to do in life.

  6. @Domian. How long can branch members keep blaming Tony Abbott for their problems, you could sack the mad Abbott today and the liberals problems would still be there tomorrow. This fascination / witch hunt is not about Tony Abbott, it’s about conservatives beliefs he holds and tearing down of people who hold these beliefs. I don’t understand why people don’t get it, the Liberal Party is a conservative party, it meant to have conservative beliefs. There should be no left, centre or right leaning, just be a conservative party and own it. If Liberal Party members want to lean to the Left like Turnbull, join the Labour Party, seriously piss off.

    • It’s called the Liberal Party not the Conservative Party.

      The Libs naturally have two wings, get used to it.

      The conservative wing’s assertion of exclusive ownership – which is exactly what you’re doing – is the cause of the schism. You’re killing your party.

      Or put it another way – ever seen a bird with one wing? It flies in circles and then crashes.

      Keep it up!

    • It was never intended to be a conservative party; Menzies’ aim was to head a liberal party. In any case, the alleged ‘conservatives’ destroying the Liberal party are not even conservative; they’re reactionary extremists who have completely mis-identified the ‘base’ of the party. But the party itself has moved in other ways from its ‘liberal’ roots; it now exists merely to look after the interests of its corporate friends and is unable to govern for the nation.

    • Good luck to you young Jack. It might be before your time but the Liberal Party used to be a broad church that was reasonably comfortable with a spread of worldviews, including for those who held small “l” liberal economic and social views. This handmaid’s version of the Liberal Party only came about during the reign of John Howard and in the longer term context is just a passing phase.

      • There have always been two wings but a love of power and self belief as being the natural party of government kept all that in check. That seems to have dissipated, I still blame Tony Dumb Dumb, never has so much political capital been expended so fast. Along with Shlockey they lost so much poll support so quickly, that its been a crisis for the last three years. In the background the never scary bowling of Bill Shorten but definitely bowls a nagging line and length, accurate and on the stumps with good fielding backing him up. A lot of erratic strokeplayers in the Coalition, Barnaby Joyce, Tony Dumb Dumb, Senator Abetz, Senator Cash, Brandis, O’Dwyer. Very few that carefully play in the V between mid off and mid on along the carpet, such as Senator Cormann or Christian Porter. Easy pickings for a line and length bowler like Shorten, cant play across the line against that type of bowling

  7. Trout à la Crème

    ‘A senior Liberal source said they believed that Mr Turnbull was advising Dr Phelps on strategy and that “his hands are all over the Julia Banks” resignation.’
    You don’t say.

    ‘Kelly O’Dwyer, one of the most senior women in the Morrison Government, would lose her seat to Labor at the next federal election according to a new ReachTel poll.’
    Consequences of all talk and no taking action on FIRB not enforcing property rules and laws on foreign ‘investment’.

    • You seem to forget that Labor popped Mal’s cherry, but then it didn’t work out, so Liberals it was. Why would he do that to his first love?

      • hcheng – maybe you are new here as I don’t know your name. Mal was the absolute darling of the microbusiness site. The saviour to rescue us all and restore the promised land. I think there were about two of us who called him for what he so obviously is.
        Note all the elf-righteous after the event wisdom now predominating.

    • Poor Reusa, so scared Shorten will reduce Neg Gearing and increase CGT. Here, let me wipe your tears with this new $50 bill.

  8. FiftiesFibroShack

    “The Australian can reveal the former prime minister has been messaging Dr Phelps, the independent who claimed his seat of Wentworth, and a former electorate office staffer worked for his successor for three days as part of a “handover”.”

    I’m sure Turnbull is speaking with Phelps over handover details, but “A senior Liberal source said they believed that Mr Turnbull was advising Dr Phelps on strategy and that “his hands are all over the Julia Banks” resignation.” is a joke. A senior Liberal source ‘believing’ something is not evidence for anything other than the fevered paranoia of that particular variety of individual. I’d bet this ‘scoop’ would be laughed at if they actually named the senior Liberal source.

    • Can someone please enlighten us as to how ANYONE knows that TurnButt is phoning Phelps let alone what they’re talking about. Either one or both is leaking or the Murdoch Press have access to their phone calls ??

      • adelaide_economistMEMBER

        Good question. The Murdoch press has form for illegally accessing private phone conversations.

    • Without a name it’s rumor and gossip.

      I was about to say any reputable newspaper wouldnt print this but then i realised it was Newcorp