Muslim leaders boycott extremist Morrison

Muslim leaders are not playing ball with Scott Morrison:

Proposed Government Roundtable

We, the undersigned members of the Australian Muslim community, would like to outline the reasons why we will not be attending the proposed Round Table meeting with the Prime Minister this week.

Many in the Muslim community including the undersigned are deeply concerned and disappointed with statements made by senior Government Ministers and the Prime Minister in the recent past which infer that the community is collectively culpable for the criminal actions of individuals and should be doing more to prevent such acts of violence. These statements have achieved nothing to address underlying issues, but rather, have alienated large segments of the Muslim community.

In order to have a meaningful meeting that will result in positive outcomes, attendees must be confident that their views and concerns will be genuinely respected and that such a forum will not be used to emphasise the very sentiments that the Muslim community consider to be invalid and divisive. The stated objective of the meeting does not provide any such confidence.

We request that the Prime Minister re-schedule the proposed Round Table meeting to allow for a concrete agenda and mutually acceptable objectives to be agreed beforehand. This will ultimately be in the interests of all parties including the government.

I don’t blame them. It is the Muslim community that is the primary and most effective source of intelligence for police in the prevention of attacks. It’s the main reason we haven’t had any.

You’ll never stop individual loons and blaming it on the community is incendiary.

Meanwhile, Roman Quaedvlieg is a former commissioner of the Australian Border Force has slammed Morrison’s bumbling extremism on Jerusalem, at Domainfax:

His motivation for doing so, while still not plausibly explained, is now moot. The consequences of him doing so though are not moot by any stretch. Initial murmurings of discontent from Indonesia, soon turned into a roaring protest from Arab nations and a threat to the ratification of a critical Free Trade Agreement with our closest Muslim neighbour.

…The Coalition government is playing a provocative hand with our national security. It seems to have forgotten that hundreds of confirmed foreign fighters, and thousands of probable ones, from Indonesia and Malaysia have fought for Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. So many arrived that IS reportedly formed a Malay-speaking military unit to fight on its behalf in the Middle East. The Coalition also seems to have forgotten that many foreign fighters have returned from those battlegrounds hardened, more radicalised and with lethal war-fighting skills.

Too right.

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  1. Incompatible culture with Western Society. Has been since the days of Ancient Greece (like, haven’t you seen 300…)

    IMO anyone who migrates here no matter the religion needs to pledge their loyalty to Australia with Religion coming second.

    • I have dealt with some high ranking Muslim individuals in regards to halal certification. When you sit down to a table and 12 out of the 13 representatives are named Mohammad I find it hard to take them seriously.

    • Oh come on! Ancient Greece is incompatible with modern Western society. We don’t like slavery any more but the ancient Greeks thought it was fine
      “Some Ancient Greek writers (including, most notably, Aristotle) considered slavery natural and even necessary.”

      Is it just me or is this place starting to sound more and more like ZeroHedge? (where I just about always regret reading the comments)

      • Are there any Ancient Greeks looking to immigrate here?
        How many have we taken in the last 10 years?
        Are they practising their slavery here?

      • So the original statement was the assertion that Muslims are from an:
        “Incompatible culture with Western Society. Has been since the days of Ancient Greece” [1]

        Firstly, no evidence is presented for this racist statement and just saying it doesn’t make it true.

        Secondly, I was pointing out that Ancient Greece had aspects to it that makes it incompatible with modern western culture, so the original statement [1] makes even less sense.

    • Ah yes, we should all ‘pledge loyalty’. That creeping nationalism is, in itself, incompatible with our society. The vast majority of Aussies will tell you where to go if you told them they’re expected to pledge loyalty.

      • Yet this site constantly criticizes individuals in Government and banking for not pledging loyalty to the people and country they are supposed to serve. Can’t have it both ways mate.

      • Andrew,

        “Yet this site constantly criticizes individuals in Government and banking for not pledging loyalty to the people and country they are supposed to serve. Can’t have it both ways mate.”

        We can, individuals in Gov are elected to represent the people, not themselvess and those in banking have a licence to do so as long as the people decide they can, i.e. social licence. I will not pledge loyalty to this country, as for starters what have I pledging? If it’s the way we treat and dog whistle minorities, the country can eff off.

    • Forrest GumpMEMBER

      Sure…Let them arrive here as desperate refugees singing advanced Australia Fair, Waltzing Matilda.
      Then we throw them into an off shore detention centre where there babies are raised on detention watching suffer and torture around them.
      Then watch how many of these grow to hate Australia for that they have been put through by our government.
      Then watch as this unfolds and bites us on the arse in the coming years as these kids grow up and become marginalized radicals

      • Yes let’s blame it on Straya mate. Not the ‘religion’ that has used the writings of it’s book to conduct unprovoked attacks on US ships more than 200 years ago (which led the US to declare war on them). These attacks caused the US to pay in ransom over 20% of annual revenues for a number of years.
        Jefferson told them to get stuffed and declared war on them. The payment demands soon stopped.
        Another bout of unprovoked attacks from Muslims ended when the rape and slaughter of European citizens was finally stopped at Vienna. This was September 11 1683. Interesting date don’t you think?
        Islam has a long history of unprovoked attacks on the West, and it is written into their book.

    • there were no muslims in ancient greece lmao. islam wasn’t founded as a religion until the 7th century a.d. the greeks were fighting persians who were zoroastrian at the time.

    • Huh? Islam didn’t exist until centuries after ancient Greece was a memory.
      The successors to the Persians depicted in 300 were amongst the people that were wiped out by Muslim expansion after the death of Muhammad.

    • Ivan

      It’s pretty obvious you get your knowledge of Islam from the msm. For starters ALL the crap you hear about how how Islam views Jews and Christians is absolute rubbish. The Quran refers to both as “children of the book” and they are to be treated well, as well, you cannot call yourself Muslim and not believe in JC, except they view him as a Prophet, not a son of god.

    • The Quran refers to “the children of the book” and their “favorable” treatment by way of their existence being tolerated as long as they pay the Jizya tax and “accept subjugation”. Those who are not “children of the book” get the options of “conversion or death” as opposed to “conversion or pay the Jizya”.

      Yeah, a really liberal religion.

    • @Dennis. Phil’s comments are straight out of the Koran. For example, the jizya and submission stuff is Koran 9:29. It’s right there for you to read and understand at

      How can you be so emphatic about things you clearly know nothing whatsoever about? Read the damn book, as well as the hadiths.

    • Yep, agree, aren’t all non-muslims “infidel”?

      Well yes – as ‘infidel’ just means ‘non-believer’ that’s a trivial observation to the point of tautology.

  2. “Havent had any attacks from Muslims” but just about all of the attacks here have been from members of one religion. Oh dear.

    Denying there is a problem isn’t helpful, it just makes it worse.

    And who cares what Quadvelig thinks? Turfed for being a corrupt so and so as the head of the agency responsible for screening these potential nutbags entering the country.

  3. If he was smart enough, he would have started to realise a while back not to bring religion into the picture.
    But then again, without any decent policies, I guess hes hoping God will save him, because hes a liberal.

  4. Pentacostal extremist!!! Well that escalated quickly. I’m not sure that’s a very accurate or objective description.

  5. “too right” ….. no it isn’t HnH. It is more than time that Muslim nations and their populations accepted that ‘the West’ has legitimate interests to protect and pursue and that their offended outrage about everything Israel has had it’s day.

    It is also more than time that Muslim adherents living in Western nations accepted that while they have a right like other migrant groups to have their views heard, they do not have a right to dictate how our countries operate.

    Pandering to Muslim exceptionalism and victimhood hasn’t worked real well for the UK and Europe. Australia is well launched down the same path – enough is enough

      • The only people who have been successful in fighting this war in modern times have been the Israelis.

    • rob barrattMEMBER

      Yes, appeasement worked really well in the late 30s. A case of collective head burying in the sand. They took the last guy’s passport away, not at the airport before putting him on the plane, but allowing him to go home and plan. It’s no good arguing that that is international law, there is a collective threat the the legislators never envisaged. If there’s evidence you are radicalized it should be “off you go”. Of course the Left will bleat loudly, but then, it’s usually someone else who loses their limbs. Only 50 killed today in Afghanistan. Is there a problem? Good Lord no…

    • Australia should not be supporting what Israel is currently doing to the Palestinians. It is a moral issue.

      • rob barrattMEMBER

        Actually, it’s an issue of Byzantine complexity. Much as I read with considerable distaste about Israelis taking over the properties of Palestinans who are temporarily away and so on, the issue is much more profound than that. Years ago I read Amos Oz’s book “In the land of Israel”. In that, he went around asking various political and religious shades of Israelis what they thought. They varied from the Hasidim “There are those whose job it is to do menial labor” (that is, you and me, the Palestinians and all other Goyim) through to the Left who wanted a solution but couldn’t think of anything safe – after all, look at the Arabs history of democracy to date….
        Eventualy, Oz, who is certainly no Right winger, was left to say:
        “We may have to win several wars in the future, but the first one we lose will be our last”.
        To quote Billy Joel “it’s always been a matter of trust”.

      • It’s a moral and pragmatic issue. Who is talking appeasement? Western societies have large populations of Muslim citizens. To fight extremism they should be embraced and the nutters weeded out. Any other approach is self-defeating.

      • This map alone should tells you almost everything you need to know about why Australia should not touch the issue with a 10km pole.

        The confiscation of land is still ongoing. As to the other side, East Jerusalem and Gaza are open-air prisons, Hamas is a religious terrorist organization, and the Palestinian Authority is corrupt and ineffective. There are no ‘good guys’ to support anywhere. After Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated, any hope of a peaceful solution died with him.

      • The fact that the majority do not follow the koran is a reflection of the human values of those concerned, not something that arises from the scripture.

        Like the majority of $CHRISTIANS don’t follow their scriptures ?

      • The penny drops smithy. There is a difference in the scripture, and so far no one had been able to say who will become a fundamentalist and who will not.”Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.” as recent events have shown is taken literally as the word of God

      • fitzroy,

        you’re full of excrement and no nothing obout Islam, your entire knowledge is from what you’ve read on the internet and the Oz.

        Btw, don’t believe you’re a lawyer, if you are you must be effing useless, therefore plenty of free time as I’ve not known one who has the time to spend on the internet like you do.

      • “Know” should be the spelling. It is probably the spell check. I know you are big on “context” so here is a former Muslim site that I think explains it well for you.
        They go through many verses that Muslims find problematic and put it in context for you. Up to their apostasy they were of course Muslim and now they find themselves outcasts from friends and family, a big step you will agree.

      • There is a difference in the scripture, and so far no one had been able to say who will become a fundamentalist and who will not.

        Indeed. Much like no one has been able to say who will be a paedophile and who will not.

        Obviously the solution is collective punishment. Lock everyone up until they can demonstrate they’re not a paedophile !

      • Fitz,

        The internet, again. Like all the sites from former Happy Clapper Christians, Mormons, Seven Day Adventists, etc, etc.
        Have you ever lived in a Muslim country? Tell you what, far more accepting of different cultures than this place.

      • Pakistan, Turkey Malaysia Indonesia (India and Sri Lanka) I have many Muslim friends and my best friends wife is an apostate. I could show you my copy of the Koran but I think that a website run by Muslim apostates in Belgium where they are not under threat of being killed is more convenient. In my experience Islam is intolerant of other religions.

      • Collective punishment is required to confront collective aggression.

        Ah. So should we apply that principle against, say, men ?

    • What other cultural constituency in the world, simultaneously is granted to be “inherently peaceable” AND utmost sensitiveness is required to avoid “radicalizing the moderate majority”????

      For Pete’s sake, if Christians were as hair-trigger as this, there would have been no cultural shift towards secularism over the last century. One of many hypocrisies and contradictions among secular progressives, is their respective attitudes to Christianity and Islam. How much “avoidance of radicalization of moderate Christians” has been necessary over the last century? Moderate Christians have been the secularists allies, not prospective enemies at the bump of a hair-trigger.

  6. If i was PM, I’d simply ignore the Muslim leaders refusal to participate in a proposed Round Table meeting. They are insatiable.
    What he needs to do, is quietly,subtly change the immigration criteria so that cultures that don’t fit our European lifestyle find it difficult to immigrate to Australia.

    “Immigration mistakes are big mistakes. They don’t go away. They only get bigger.”
    — Meyer Burstein, Director Strategic Planning and Research Directorate, Canada Employment and Immigration Commission

      • Another straw man massacre.

        So, how many generations does it take until you’re “Aussie enough” ?

      • robert2013MEMBER

        Is Brazil a great success because of multiculturalism? Austria and Germany were very multicultural before WW2 and 1. So were Pakistan and Bangladesh before separation. So was Turkey when it ruled the Middle East and plenty of Europe. So was Spain before the Reconquista. So was Rome under the Emperors. So was Egypt after Joseph and before Moses. Multiculturalism waxes and wanes throughout history. It’s not a permanent, stable solution.

      • Whether multiculturalism is good or bad, obviously depends heavily on the cultures included in the mix at the particular time and location the said “multiculturalism” is occurring.

        Now, there does seem to have been a problem absolutely everywhere that one particular culture has been involved, and this has not been resolved in the modern liberal “transnationalism” era; not only are there festering problems in the same old places from Spain to Timor Leste, it looks suspiciously like a certain bloc of nations of a certain culture, are strategically gaming transnational and secular-liberal utopian blindness to their own advantage.

      • It is not the length of time that is the issue, a cultural quisling like yourself smithy is ample proof of that – it is the lack of say that existing Australians have over choosing who and from where – nearly 60% of existing Australians DON’T WANT THEM HERE.

        Just like every other different “cultural” group in history.

      • So every individual is defined by their culture, then ?

        You sure do love your collective punishment. You know that’s a war crime, right ?

  7. As everybody knows, Muslims will hoot furiously in unison if you suggest that the foundational documents of their stupid religion encourage homophobia, sexism, oppression, discrimination and slaughter of unbelievers.

    That’s OK though, because nobody cares what Muslims think. We can see what they do, and that’s enough.

    “Just stay quiet” – Mohamad Atta.

    • Hahahahahaha LMFAO and the bible doesn’t? Heck, we don’t even need to rely on the bible for that, we do it anyway.

      • Did I say it didn’t?

        The difference is that Christianity has reformed, so the words of the bible are not taken literally any more. Islamic theology treats the Koran as the immutable and eternal word of God that must be obeyed. It instructs Muslims to kill Jews, other infidels and homosexuals, and there’s a bunch of devout Muslims who take those instructions quite literally.

        I wish more westerners would take the time to study the koran, hadith and sunnah and how those documents are interpreted by Muslims. I have, and it’s a fcuking shop of horrors.

      • The difference is that Christianity has reformed, so the words of the bible are not taken literally any more.

        What utter tosh – I go to an Anglican church regularly, and when scripture is quoted absolutely the literal meaning is expected to be understood, and that was even more so at the non-denominational protestant church I attended before that.

        Islamic theology treats the Koran as the immutable and eternal word of God that must be obeyed

        So identical to the way Jews treat the Tanakh especially the Torah (where the commandment to kill homosexuals originates), and Christians treat the Bible, especially the gospels.

        “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”

  8. “It is the Muslim community that is the primary and most effective source of intelligence for police in the prevention of attacks.”
    Attacks from… Muslims.

    • Thank goodness someone else saw the irony in that. I laughed so hard I spat my coffee out when I read that

    • Here’s a Gedanken experiment for y’all.

      Imagine that there are no (ie zero, nada, zip, zilch, none) Muslims in Australia. Under these circumstances, how many Muslim terrorist attacks would there be in Australia, whether huge plots or lone wolf ratbag variety?

      My analysis leads me to conclude that there would be none. Further thought makes me think that the absence of Muslim terror attacks and consequent dead and maimed people like that pool old man in Melbourne would be a good thing.

      Of course, it’s sadly too late for the conditions of my experiment to be realised, but I still think my reasoning is sound.

      • Of course, it’s sadly too late for the conditions of my experiment to be realised, but I still think my reasoning is sound.

        Now apply it to violent crime in general – almost entirely perpetrated by men – and tell us what conclusion you reach about men.

      • However, it wouldn’t have prevented Chris Hudson, Jimmy Gargasoulas, or the attacks on Eurydice Dixon or Jill Meagher, all but the last taking place walking distance from the incident a couple of weeks ago.
        I honestly doubt anyone would be able to tell the difference in levels of violence.

  9. islam is pretty incompatable with ‘us’. its not necessarily a bad religion in some respects; it has decent aesthetics and has a wiser, though sometimes overly draconian, approach to women than we do, but it’ evidently just doesn’t mix to a great degree, and it’s culturally and historically inappropriate for mass-adoption in western, european countries. a lot of the problems inherent to contemporary islamic societies aren’t neccessarily caused by the religion perse, but rather gulf and mahgrabi arabs who for some reason in modern times have assumed the role of the killer bees of humanity.

    there are a lot of theories for why the arab world has fallen from grace in the way that it has, even if you don’t accept the premise that the islamic golden age was as significant as some argue. of course a great many of the scholars of that golden age were not actually arabs at all, but iranian (who consistently appear to be the most robust of all middle eastern peoples), but even then the scholarly culture seemingly embraced by medieval arabs and fostered by medieval islam is long gone. beyond the more obvious potential causes such as the mongol incursions, i think the arab world has undergone dysgenesis in the past 600-700 years, compounded by endemic and widespread consanguineous interbreeding (i.e cousin marriage).

    • FiftiesFibroShack

      “it has decent aesthetics and has a wiser, though sometimes overly draconian, approach to women than we do”

      It’s hard to believe you’re single.

      • meanwhile theres probably like 50 guys within a few kilometer radius of you beating their gf and ur trying to argue that relationship success has anything to do with your idea of justice?

    • Heres a theory for ya stag.
      I’m pretty sure the birthplace of civilisation wasn’t the dusty desert sh!th013 it is now back then.
      As the climate has warmed and dried resources have become more scarce and pressures increased on agriculture, the surplus food simply didn’t exist anymore to support large bodies of scholars and other not directly productive groups.

      • this has been touched upon, though i think it is less to do with climatic shifts and more to do with the development of tools that allowed more northernly peoples to work land areas of land more effectively. flood plains in warm areas are effective places for civilisations to develop due to the regularity of irrigation, the ease of working the soil (which can even be done with simple objects like a stick) and longer growing seasons. despite this, much of europe has a greater agricultural and thus demographic potential than mesopotamia and egypt does, but the know-how required to unlock that potential needed a long period of time to develop. hence why non-east asian eurasian civilisations tended to develop outwardly from mesopotamia through to northern europe last.

      • Improved tooling would explain an increase in standards for europe, not sure how you can claim improved tooling causes a decline in the middle east though?

      • i mean europe’s population was able to expand thanks to better agricultural techniques and toolings, the relative decline of the islamic world compared to europe could have been because of likely dysgenic breeding (upper-classes having fewer children for example), not recovering from the mongol invasions (see the sack of baghdad) and just general cultural stagnation.

    • ‘it has decent aesthetics and has a wiser, though sometimes overly draconian, approach to women than we do’
      I really suggest you study the teachings of Islam in more depth before posting something so flippant. Or better still, perhaps you should do a quick search of stoning of women for doing various ‘crimes’ as well as female genital mutilation in the ‘religion’ with decent aesthetics.

      • Tell us Andrew, where did you study Islam? Oh, the Australian, Bolt Report and the Alan Jones radio show.

  10. Disturbing stats. So we are at 4% already?

    UK is already there. UK and May pander to these 3 million – London has a muslim mayor and now has the highest murder rate in the world.

    Google ‘Tommy Robinson’ and why he was thrown into prison this year – and what happened to him while in there.

    Google New Year’s Eve in Germany 2015.

    Google how Sweden’s largest music festival Bråvalla Festival was shut down for good after 4 rapes and 23 sexual assaults were reported at the event in 2017.

    Welcome to the rabbit hole…

  11. Of course, it would’t be a good religious text if it didn’t constantly contradict itself, to ensure that anyone who wants to can come to any conclusion. No religious text worth its salt can ever allow scholars to come a conclusion on anything, after all.

    Hence, we have
    4:90 ‘ And if Allah had willed, He could have given them power over you, and they would have fought you. So if they remove themselves from you and do not fight you and offer you peace, then Allah has not made for you a cause [for fighting] against them.’
    8:61 ‘And if they incline to peace, then incline to it [also] and rely upon Allah . Indeed, it is He who is the Hearing, the Knowing.’
    etc etc.

  12. If we are to judge all Muslims from a literal reading of their scriptures – regardless of their actual behaviour – is it not only fair to do the same for all religious followers ?

  13. Thanks for links and comments. “Live and let live” is a peaceful and tolerant and simple idea, one which doesn’t seem to apply to the muslim ideology, which seems to be, if you’re not one of us you’re the enemy. Not very good foundation material for a multi-cultural society, which I find very disturbing. I’m beginning to think in this case oil and water just won’t mix. Thanks again for insights.