Labor savages Andrew’s Chinese secession

Via The Australian:

Amid growing concerns over the strategic implications of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s signature foreign policy initiative, a number of federal Labor MPs told The Australian they were astonished the Andrews government had decided to break ranks with federal Labor to back the controversial initiative.

“This must be stopped. Everyone knows that Andrews has messed up law and order in Victoria. He can’t now be allowed to mess up national security as well,” a senior Labor MP said.

Another warned it could help Beijing expand its influence in the state and take strategic stakes in key infrastructure projects.

…A third Labor figure said it was disappointing the Andrews government had decided to ignore federal party policy, given China’s human rights violations, disregard for the global rules-based order and predatory lending practices in developing countries.

Damn right. Let’s have the MOU out in the open. Who pushed it? Why?

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Perhaps Andrews has a better grip on the reality of Victoria’s economy than anyone else. He understands that he needs to sell Victoria to whomever the hell he can just to keep the wheels on the cart and prevent a near term social breakdown.
    Qld Labor may follow closely!

  2. So what about east arm in port of darwin
    everyone was outraged about that
    Nil happened.?
    Slowly Slowly catchee monkey s

  3. a number of federal Labor MPs

    yeah but who?

    “”Valar Dohaeris”. All men must serve. Faceless Men most of all.”

    • Absolutely. Can you imagine the stink China would kick up if we engaged with some provincial governor of Tibet / Inner Mongolia? Although it wouldn’t happen as all provincial governor are Han Chinese, and they’d be executed if they did something that the central government didn’t approve of.

      • States are not entirely free on trade. Chapter 4 and cl 90 of the constitution provides exclusive powers to the Commonwealth in a range of areas.

  4. proofreadersMEMBER

    Dan realises the reality of Straya and wants to get in early, before all the dominoes fall?

  5. if it was ever needed (but it isn’t really?) …. this has to be the best measure yet of the mindless cupidity of our politicians and their advisors …..

  6. Falling stamp duty revenue has forced comrade andrews to sell his soul to the devil, i’d guess the deal included a monstrous debt.

    But it won’t matter, when the piper comes to be paid, he’ll be long gone….. six months after the election i’d say.