Adani drives mining truck over Scummo

Via the AFR:

State and federal Labor leaders have refused to back Adani’s $2 billion Queensland Carmichael mine after the Indian company said it would fund the project itself, with construction planned to begin before Christmas.

The decision to give the financial green light for the mine, which has been the lightning rod for anti-coal environmentalists for the past decade, and climate change and energy policy are expected to dominate next year’s federal election, with Labor leader Bill Shorten under pressure to scrap approvals for the Adani project if Labor wins the next poll, due in mid May.

Mr Shorten, who is wedged between anti-coal forces in his party and the need to win seats in Queensland at the federal election, dodged comments on the Adani plan yesterday, leaving opposition resources spokesman Jason Clare to point out the Indian company had a history of not delivering on its promises.

Jeez, don’t quit your day job. This is completely backwards. It is manna from Heaven for Bill Shorten who can now nail his climate change credentials to the mast without fear of losing votes given he was never going to win One Nation coal heartland anyway.

Meanwhile, the troglodyte Coalition will have to support the mine to prevent the ON wedge from routing it in QLD. But that’s going to trash its ramshackle attempt to create a climate policy to save the city seats that are deserting it in droves post Malcolm Turnbull.

Adani just drove a mining truck over Scummo.

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  1. You don’t need to caveat your critique “with respect'” HnH. This is laughable analysis from AFR.

  2. Australians should be very shamed supporting any government who supports coal when we have been warned about the environmental and other costs.

  3. The trashing of the Liberal brand has now changed the game to such an extent that the previous scheme of holding Queensland looks plain silly. The mainstream coal industry hates this mine, maybe just a little more than they hate Bill Shorten. It won’t last past the end of 2019.

  4. HadronCollisionMEMBER

    So tin ear Shorten can’t read the writing on the wall?I’d have thought a no adani no way would play well

    Plays well with existing miners/mines (especially with a plan for a just transition from coal)
    Plays well with anyone who gives a fig about the planet
    Plays well with his battery/etc plan

    Does not play well with anti science troglodytes.

    N(trogs)<N(everyone else)

    It's just math and optics Boobs

    This Boobs Scooten Baby is drivin me a -crazy!

  5. Macron does a Gillard – raises fuel taxes but refuses to rebate the poor:

    280,000 people dressed in high-visibility jackets blocked roads across France in protest at rising taxes on diesel and petrol, which the government says are to fund eco-friendly projects and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    Demonstrations have left 2 people dead, and more than 500 people injured

    They only rebate the poor when Paris gets too polluted:

    Paris makes all public transport FREE to cut polluting traffic after worst smog in 10 years

  6. I wonder how the people in Central Qld are feeling today, after the most severe heat wave in their history and the first Catastrophic level wild fires .This with the ongoing drought, and approaching dust storms may change their outlook on Coal being good for humanity.
    Is it worth it for 1100 construction jobs?
    The timing of the announcement , 5 months out from a Federal election, and day’s after the most extreme weather, is exquisite.

    • it wasnt the fires which were the problem
      fires regularly occur, especially up there
      as i told you from the trip to Mt Morgan when I had a look around Gracemere
      its all the dickheads built Mcmansions in the scrub
      and had grass a meter high right up to the house.
      what were they thinking?

      • Me and Mrs. B have just got back from supporting the students Climate Change strike in Lismore.
        What a well informed ,articulate and active group of around 2-3 hundred they are.
        Scummy and friends have bought a fight they are going to lose.
        It restored my faith in humanity.

      • They had on the radio this morning a school student “on strike” claiming the civil war in Syria has been caused by climate change.

      • B good work on those students
        they all need to see what is going on, re damage to the environment
        absolutely no argument about that
        but one of my deleted comments was everyone can stand for anything until
        they realise they are shacked by mortgage payments and there for must do as the big kahuna says.
        debt has forced most into subservience.
        watch how this huge collapse unfolds.

    • A normal day in Aus-Stoopia
      We can’t fight the fire……..we got no water………..wheres the water gone ????
      Ah Adani pumped it all out of the Basin………..ok no probs.
      Australia the Stoopie Country

      • What do you expect from a country founded by Irish grifter & petty thief descendants? It’s all very predictable.

      • The vast majority of the Adani licence is actually to use water released as a result of mining operations. In other words, water encountered during the mining process. Adani paid the Qld Govt $20M for the licence and the volume of water estimated in mining production is around the same as one large cane farm. Australia the “Stoopie” country? Apparently…