US Pacific Fleet heading for China?

Via CNN:

The US Navy’s Pacific Fleet has drawn up a classified proposal to carry out a global show of force as a warning to China and to demonstrate the US is prepared to deter and counter their military actions, according to several US defense officials.

The draft proposal from the Navy is recommending the US Pacific Fleet conduct a series of operations during a single week in November.

The goal is to carry out a highly focused and concentrated set of exercises involving US warships, combat aircraft and troops to demonstrate that the US can counter potential adversaries quickly on several fronts.

The plan suggests sailing ships and flying aircraft near China’s territorial waters in the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait in freedom of navigation operations to demonstrate the right of free passage in international waters. The proposal means US ships and aircraft would operate close to Chinese forces.

The defense officials emphasized that there is no intention to engage in combat with the Chinese.

While the US military carries out these types of operations throughout the year, the proposal being circulated calls for several missions to take place in just a few days.

While one official described it as “just an idea,” it is far enough along that there is a classified operational name attached to the proposal, which is circulating at several levels of the military. Officials would not confirm the name of the potential operation.

How about “Operation she’ll be right”.

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  1. All the people out there who rubbish America dismiss that they saved our arses in ww2…Britain didn’t want to know about us as they were knackered themselves.
    Thank goodness for pine gap and trump having a personal relationship with rupert and the shark. Otherwise we r alone on a big bad world

    • Your eyes & ears must be shut tight if you don’t recognise America as being a World Class Bully & Butcher.The fact that Australia has gone along with most of their evil deeds does not make me proud of being an Aussie.

      America has for too long bashed their way to being Top dog – – their rule without opposition is almost over and frankly I’m very glad of that. The Chinese despite BS to the contrary have an obligation to ensure their own survival by asserting their domination over those islands in the South China Sea. There is NO need for American or other ships to sail close to those Islands. There are vast clear waterways in which to navigate the SCS. What’s happening now is a travesty & it’s obvious that America is going to keep pushing. Well good luck with that — the Chinese will NOT back down.

      • This message has been proudly brought to you by the CCP. Emporer Xi Authorized for publication.

      • You seem to have missed the point that it isn’t just those “islands” that China claims, but the WHOLE of the SCS, and it’s got nothing to do with self-defence and everything to do with controlling all of SE Asia.

        Jeremy, the US acted out of self-interest in WW2, nothing to do with wanting to save the world and they’ve done quite well out of it. Given the choice of China or the US, well I guess the US is the lesser of the two evils.

      • I hate US (their policies and ideology) but have to say, I agree with Dennis for same reasons. Though history is probably o China’s side. Though, we do tend to only go back to English imperial times and everything else prior to that does not apply. My hypocrisy..

      • Hardon, you win the award for the most naïve comment I have ever seen on this site. Well done,.

      • There is far too much US hate – BUT, OK, they are the less of two evils!!!

        What total bollocks, what evil have they propagated?? Its just tall pappy syndrome.

        You are the guys who bagged the US for years, but now are shitting your pants. Because there is no real choice. Pathetic…

      • Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        There is far too much US hate – BUT, OK, “they are the less of two evils!!!”

        What total bollocks, what evil have they propagated?? Its just tall pappy syndrome.

        You are the kind of guys who bagged the US for years, but now are sh1tting your pants, because a real alternative is appearing, and your first world delusions are crumbling. Because in reality, there is, was, no real choice. Pathetic…

      • Research.. if you are referring to my comments then – I am not sh1tt1ng my pants and there is choice. Choice does not have to be between US and China. But if I have to take side I will still take US side as I can still openly say what I think in US. Even though US is slowly becoming China in terms of freedom of speech, jus US controls that bit differently, but it is better of the two evils.

      • RT,

        You should stick to IO and your fairy tale beliefs.

        Start with South America during the 1900s, Support for dictators L, R & C, including the Shah, Marcos and dictators put into power throughout South America. Amazing how a serial sex offender like Trump is so concerned with civil rights in Iran now, but didn’t give a damn for them when they were busy training the Shah’s secret police in torture etc, same in Philippines and Saudi. Two M.E. wars, with millions displaced and hundreds of thousands dead for what? RT, have I missed anything? I’m sure I have, what’s there is just the main stuff.

        Imo the US has likely been as bad as the British, French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese

        Btw, I’m not sh1tt1ing in my pants, what will be, will be, though I despair for what will be left behind for my daughters.

      • Whatever happen in South America, or the Middle East will happen anyway…

        Dial back the PC rhetoric. Gross generalisation, under-estimate China’s military abilities and label US as evil doers, does no one any favours!

        BTW – with a little historical hindsight accuracy here, there is a massive difference between British, French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese colonies! I have been blessed to visit many, and the British are miles out in front, so far distant, in fact. Despite what happened to various relatives of my own in Eire under, living under “British justice”! But they were brutal to their own, and perspective needed.

        The US as evil is utter complete bollocks.

        In fact, better still compare the above to what the Germans and the Belgium’s did as colonists – and its a gasp and a OMG moment. In Namibia, a whole tribe was pushed into the desert… and guess what happened???

      • What total bollocks, what evil have they propagated??

        Since merely the turn of this century, the US has (illegally):

        * Started two wars and invaded two countries.
        * Not merely condoned, but actively engaged in torture.
        * Executed hundreds of people in foreign countries with neither charge nor trial.
        * Kidnapped dozens (if not hundreds) more – again from foreign countries – for internment, interrogation and torture.

        And that’s just a warmup for their behaviour internationally, before delving into what’s going on domestically.

      • RT,

        Apologies for the delay in responding, I did but moderated and deleted. Dr Smithy about covered it, though.

        Re your evil rubbish, I would suggest you should purge your brain of your fairy tale guff as you should be aware of the saying “lesser of two evils”, here’s a link for you education:

        It’s because of people like you, Morrison, Abbott, Leyonhjelm, Abetz et al why I have nothing but utter contempt for Christians who like to spout their beliefs. My experience is they’re usually contemptible and hypocritcal.

    • That’s right Jeremy. USA is the best and only choice to lead the world. It’s enough of Brit and EU hypocrisy. Brits were never held accountable for their crimes and endless atrocities committed by their so called royals.

      • The only choice to trash the world I think. Just another empire in decline and where Pax Americana has deceitfully hidden behind the twin lies of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ while it has trashed countless countries.

  2. It should be lead by the USS Missouri, while completely useless in modern warfare it would be a pretty good site to behold leading an armada of ships.

    China wouldn’t dare touch it for its symbol of US might and cause an up rise with democrat voters against China.

  3. Operation Light the Blue Touch Paper and Stand Back.

    Operation Collision Near Miss Leads To Initial Salvoes.

    Operation Chinese Navy at Bottom of Ocean.

    The naming possibilities are endless.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      someone told me a joke last week

      Q……why should China put glass bottoms on all their brand new navy ships
      A …….so they can see what’s left of the old Japanese navy .

      However if this all goes pear shaped it will not be a rerun of the 40’s ……..and for straya it will be catastrophic

  4. She’ll Be Right!

    I was just remembering this…
    Published 1:33 PM ET Tue, 19 June 2018

    Big investors — including Buffett, Tudor Jones — aren’t worried about a trade war with China
    Several experienced market veterans predict the U.S. and China will eventually reach a satisfactory trade deal after some short-term saber rattling.
    Warren Buffett, Lloyd Blankfein and Paul Tudor Jones all agree the blustery trade rhetoric between the nations is just a part of the negotiations.

    “In similar fashion, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Tuesday that he’s not worried yet about the escalating trade conflict between the U.S. and China.

    “Right now, this is not serious,” he said on “Squawk on the Street.” “I’m waiting for something serious to hit my way.””

  5. This all smacks of the Dreadnought fever, pre-World War 1, after the new battleship was launched in 1906. All it did was launch a massive global arms race and convinced the Prussian militarists that war with Britain was inevitable and which they then set about gearing up for. Ditto the hard heads in the Red Army today I guess, when they read about this armada proposal. Steve Bannon will be pleased.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      No we couldn’t
      Of our 6 Collins class subs, 4 are in docks awaiting repair and overhauls and of the other 2 no one will volunteer to crew them.
      to surprising given their failure rate.

  6. I agree with the US. And symbolism matters. Send Big Mo there. If they send their coast guard ships out and cut in front of her she’d slice them in two…

  7. Emperor Winnie the Pooh has over reached and now the tide is going out fast. Last time I held meetings with investors in Singapore all the chatter was about being long China – that was in april. On my visit this week, one or two whispered the words “Minsky Moment”. Times change…

  8. The Chinese people want to be liberated from their communist dictatorship.
    We can learn from the boxer rebellion & similar events in China’s history.

    The Chinese people hope the trade war will escalate, and the Chinese communist party grow increasingly belligerent, arrogant & aggressive in military behaviour.

    At first threatening & then emboldened, the Chinese communist party will attack the US & Australia / allied navies in South China Sea international waters.

    And that allows the US with Japanese, Korean, south East Asian, Canadian, Australian, European & Indian allies plus Russian support to liberate China.

    Once the Chinese communist party attack & sink several US & allied ships, the predictable outcome is:
    A full trade shutdown and a unified global response with massive strikes on the Chinese navy & mainland that will quickly disable the Chinese military.

    The Chinese communist party will then issue a party decree declaring war on all the foreign powers.

    China will go into full civil war.
    It’s never far from the surface.
    Foreign nationals will be imprisoned with war crimes by the Chinese communist party. Resulting in deportation or reciprocal interment of over 7 million Chinese nationals in the US, Europe & Australia as a sovereign & terrorist risk.

    Chinese officialdom will then split between those supporting the communist party and major breakaway groups favoring conciliation, or with almost all the young people demanding the overthrow of the hated chinese communist party.

    These Chinese will all refuse the communist party order to fight against foreigners, and blame the communist part for the South China Sea & Chinese expansionist colonisation in creating the problem.

    Hong Kong, most of the eastern seaboard provinces & Tibet & Mongolia as well as the north east will quickly go into open revolt against the Chinese communist party.

    The US Alliance, comprising the US battle groups with European & western allied nations airforce strike power will quickly defeat the remaining Chinese military & armed resistance and invade with Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing conquered in a matter of weeks.

    The cities and surrounding countryside will be pillaged by local Chinese in a long repressed anger & hatred of the Chinese communist party, along with summary execution of all members of the Chinese communist party they can capture.

    The allied forces restored peace & civil order and a Chinese democrat government will be formed under western supervision, liberating the Chinese from their communist party dictatorship.

    Hong Kong, Tibet & Mongolia will be declared seperate sovereign states with autonomy of Xinjiang, Gansu, and Ningxia provinces.
    North Korea invaded by the South Koreans with no resistance once their Chinese backer was taken down.

    Russia will invade to take advantage & claim back parts of Manchuria & other long standing far north claims. India will also invade & claim and be granted large parts of the Chinese south west.

    In the US, Canada, Europe & Australia the Chinese nationals assets & wealth will be seized, most was stolen from China, and over $2 trillion repatriated back to the new Chinese government. These criminals will also extradited to face judgment by the new Chinese government.

    The Chinese will be grateful for the western led global intervention in overthrow of the corrupted Chinese communist party dictatorship.

      • ..and Russia. If US globalist allowed Trump to normalise relations with Russia this could have been played out. Russia of today will most likely support China. If my scenario plays out (Russia to join China) then the Nuclear bit Mr Walker is bringing up becomes really scary. Russia can actually hit US and totally burn UK, France and most of EU.
        I really hope cool heads prevail.. but there is lot of d1ck measuring atm.

      • No nukes.
        US has a 4 to 1 nuclear attack capability v China.
        With allies including India & Russia all hungry for a piece of the China breakup its about 10 to 1.

        It won’t ever come to that.
        Just imagine if China sank or killed US navy in international waters.
        That Chinese aggression will be matched & escalated into a full western trade blockade (Australia being told).
        Then add on the big loss of face on Taiwan & ‘one china’ plus forced South China Sea international navy enforcement & the failure of OBR, plus the 3 major rebellions underway – all tip towards an internal revolt.

        China is long overdue for this.

        Every expansionist era of China since its very formation as an empire has been met with a sudden internal collapse of a regime out of synch with its capability and unable to control its own people.

        The youth & now bourgeoisie of China hate the party.

        Just like the boxer rebellion, totally unexpected externally, but small events will touch off the simmering discontent & weakness of the Chinese empire.

      • US has a 4 to 1 nuclear attack capability v China.

        So after they kill us, we get to kill them back four times ?

        That’s a relief.

    • What a wet dream you’ve just had! Splendid imagination -pity it’s not really modern reality.

      • Read up on the last 10 revolts of China & the little sparks that led to dynastic regime overthrow.
        Long overdue.

  9. Reminiscent of those carny BB gun shooting galleries these task forces are now days. To many times have these task forces had a sub smack dab in the middle of them unknown or wave top missiles shown to take out capital ships whilst the gunnery is back on shore in aircon plonked down in a comfy chair.

    Actually these islands are just foreword OPs and a smart tactical move by China. For any reason some nation attempted too get close to the main land they would have to expend forces on these emplacements whilst taking losses. Then if successful take the remainder towards the mainland whilst experience more losses from land based systems. By the time they might make effective range their force multipliers would be severely curtailed. Not to mention the logistical advantage that China would have or the morale factor by being invaded e.g. the US navy would have to overtime the sailors and fly boys whilst the Chinese could rotate military personal to keep them fresh.

    BTW really don’t understand some of the comments about totalitarian CCP, its a capitalistic country and the CCP is a bit more dynamic than some punters think. Not to mention the American political system is captured by Neoliberalism or Third Way economics, only difference between parties is virtue signaling.

      • Its like the battleship Yamato all over again… best battle ship in the world except one fatal flaw… its anti air gunnery was 20MM and not 40MM cannon. Had it had 40MM it could potentially fended off dive bombers and torpedo air craft to enable its main guns to engage.

    • Lol skippy, the US could turn all those islands into radioactive rubble with a single ICBM, or more realistically with either modified icbms with conventional warheads, or more conventional cruise missiles. The problem with a fixed emplacement is you can’t move it so it is really easy to target and destroy.
      Next you’ll be telling me how awesome the chinese aircraft carrier ballistic missiles are.

      • If the chinese were dumb enough to nuke a US carrier group china would be radioactive rubble in hours. The problem is china doesn’t have the capability to do it with conventional warheads.

  10. US has a 4 to 1 nuclear attack capability v China.
    With allies including India & Russia all hungry for a piece of the China breakup its about 10 to 1.
    It won’t ever come to that.

    Chinese aggression will be matched & escalated and that plus the trade blockade, loss of face on Taiwan & the South China Sea & the failure of OBR plus the 3 major rebellions underway all tip towards an internal revolt.

    China is long overdue for this.

    Every expansionist era of China since its very formation as an empire has been met with a sudden internal collapse of a regime out of synch with its capability and unable to control its own people.

    The youth & now bourgeoisie of China hate the party.

    Just like the boxer rebellion, totally unexpected externally, but small events will touch off the simmering discontent & weakness of the Chinese empire.

    • Sorry chum but anglophone colonialism and latent corporatism [banana republic] proceed China’s market based activity.

      • Ha yes it’s tongue in cheek 🙂 but then the boxer rebellion & other massive upheavals in China in regime change also arose quickly & unexpectedly out of minor flashpoints.

        Firstly the Chinese CCP would be stupid to attack an US or Alliance navy vessel with loss of life.
        It gives Trump every excuse to escalate the trade war to a full alliance embargo & also a full military presence in the South China Sea.
        Re Australia, in any major confrontation watch how quickly we will be told to follow the US line. Sea lanes closed & energy exports to China shutdown.

        Any war’ with China will be fought with trade, money, social media & imagery.

        And the image will be of a CCP humiliated.

        Western fleet stationed in ‘their China sea’.

        Loss of Taiwan & the ‘one China’ dream lost, with formal independence recognised (US has major influence of control of that as ex Japanese territory ceded & the practical defence of Taiwan).
        A unified Korea with China’s little mad dog North Korea neutered & no leverage.
        And the failure of China’s OBR collapse as surrounding countries passive resistance & now massive corruption destroy the hope of Chinese owned & controlled corridors.

        The Chinese support the CCP because it has given them improved standards of living & benefits.
        As soon as the CCP fails to deliver that promise of economic prosperity (based on trade deceit & continued expansion) the CCP fails them.

        Major secessionist movements & apathy / disdain & a bourgeois intellectual class plus youth resistance to the CCP all combine to force change from within.

        If the CCP fall into the US provocation trap they will only be lighting the firecracker under themselves.

      • I would point out the US is finding it harder going with trade partners these days which is complicated by being reserve currency, not to mention increasing social dysfunction, or the long lines of logistics and information wrt trade. Also decadal war efforts with increased expenditure [some on boondoggles] in lieu of more socially productive expenditure are with ratchet like effect causing even more social problems, not to mention the environmental aspects short and long term.

        China is not going over there in a show of – force – imo, its just sorting out its own regional affairs. I guess one has to imagine an alternate reality where the Chinese sailed half way around the planet in a show of force in the name of free trade and how global opinion would view it.

        Long gone are the days of Eisenhower style democracy and market trade, you know helping other countries via market based up lift, bit more extractive these days.

  11. Darwin’s port is owned by the chinese company called Landbridge. Its head office is the same port as a major military naval base in China. Landbridge is also a military term to describe the HQ of side of military push often over water.

    Darwin hosts several thousand American troops for several months over the dry season.

    Talk about caught between a rock and a hard place, we could easily end up being collateral damage if the Chinese and the Americans decide they need a neutral battle ground.