Planning Expert: Tassie’s population growth a “runaway train”

By Leith van Onselen

While the Tasmanian Government rejoices at the recent acceleration in the state’s population growth, planning expert Irene Duckett has labelled the population boom a “runaway train” with health services and roads struggling to cope with the increasing demand. From The ABC:

The warning came after the Federal Government announced plans to force migrants into regional areas to ease congestion issues in the major population centres such as Sydney and Melbourne.

But without appropriate forward planning, Ms Duckett said, Tasmania would face similar problems, with its already strained health, housing and transport sectors coming under even more pressure.

“If we increase the number of overseas migrants coming to Tasmania, if they’re not redirected or planned for in particular areas, we’re going to see massive growth happening in Hobart at a much faster rate than anywhere else,” she said.

“At the moment, I feel like we’re a runaway train … it’s all happening, and we’re chasing it, but no one’s driving”…

Recently, the state has faced a housing crisis with extremely low vacancy rates and dramatic increases in rental prices. In addition, the Royal Hobart Hospital and Launceston General Hospital emergency departments have struggled to cope with demand, and traffic congestion issues were felt in Hobart…

“At the moment, I just see a tourism strategy that’s trying to increase numbers with no integration with the population strategy or a settlement strategy”…

Labor spokeswoman Sarah Lovell said Tasmania was already struggling to support its own population.

“How can we possibly support an enormous growth in population when we can’t even provide those services to our own population?” she asked.

“We have people living in tents at the showgrounds and in people’s backyards, we’ve got a crisis at the hospital where we’ve got ambulances ramped every day and mental health patients sleeping on the floor in our emergency department.”

Welcome to the East Coast population ponzi, Tassie, and all the ‘vibrancy’ that it brings: crush-loaded roads, hospitals and amenity, not to mention unaffordable housing. This is your future as well.

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  1. Tasmania is our ‘get of jail card’ on migrants.

    First re the ‘migrants to the bush’ nonsense.
    There no jobs to steal in the Regional or Rural areas.
    They have 15% unemployment rates.
    Up to 40% youth unemployed.
    Much higher than the Australian overall rate of 10%.
    (Roy Morgan – Aug 2018)

    Roy Morgan say we have:
    1.3 million unemployed Australians.
    10% unemployment. An all time record.
    1.1 million seeking work. Same.
    And much worse in the regional & rural areas.

    And we are talking about the 2.43 million TR migrant guestworkers now in Australia of which 1.6 million are on a pretext visa work illegally.
    And 1.9 million migrant PR of which various ethnic groups are already 45% unemployed & on welfare being left as is..
    And we are talking about 440,000 illegally working tourist visitors (5% of 8.8 million tourist visitors- ABF/DHA)
    That’s 4.8 million in total.
    2.9 million non residents.
    86% in Sydney & Melbourne.
    🔹1.3 million in Sydney, 1 in 4 people.
    🔹1 million in Melbourne, 1 in 5 people.
    1.6 million working illegally.

    With even more new migrants to be funneled into the regions & rural areas to further distribute that impact.

    They don’t create jobs or wealth.
    They are 90% third world, poor, unskilled no wealth or capital, no skills and can only live either by stealing an Australian job working illegally, in vice or illicit activities, cash in hand, labor services rackets or living on welfare or all of the above.

    And how would a ‘migrants to the bush’ apply ?
    Will the current 1.91 million PR / citizen grants be exempt?
    Will the current 2.43 million TR be exempt?
    Will the 440,000 Illegally working Tourists & visitors be exempt?
    If so – then it achieves nothing.

    And how would this be enforced?
    Each new migrant with an implanted transponder so their activities & locations can be checked?
    A Chinese hukou system of internal pass controls around all our cities?

    ➡️ Time to face up to reality.
    We either need to exit at least 1.6 million TR migrant guestworkers in visa breach.
    Or if the goverment really wants that ‘GDP’ activity here (never mind that each migrant lowers Australian GDP per capita considerably..)

    Move all foreign student & partners the entire international education industry restricted to only Tasmania.
    With air & sea border controls between Tasmania & the Australian mainland.
    That’s 641,000 moved out of the mainland cities.
    The 59,000 Asian sex Workers & 14,000 pimp ‘secondary visa partners’ as part of the foreign student racket will help create Tasmania tourist trade.

    Move all bridging / protection visa holders also to Tasmania. They can bridge & have full work rights on an island with no bridges. That’s 160,000 moved as well.

    Restrict all skilled & sponsored visas & dependents to Tasmania. That’s another 160,000.

    All non NZ born SCV who came in via the wide open NZ back door now restricted to Tasmania.
    It’s the same as NZ but with gum trees.
    There’s another 230,000 shifted.

    All non English speaking working holiday – Tasmania – another 35,000.

    All Chinese & Indian or Asian or Middle Eastern or African tourist visitors who haven’t got proven funds & a long term / multiple visit, staying with ‘friends or relatives) that’s actually another half million.

    That preserves the $133 billion migrant guestworkers GDP but quarintines it to Tasmania.
    And raises the mainland Australians GDP as well as jobs, wages taxation inputs are recovered & the cost of living & housing affordability is also recovered.

    And our mainland cities are cleansed of the third world migrant guestworker unskilled illegally working burden.

    Win win.
    Tasmania- now with 4 million people – ‘GDP preserved’ and our own little migrant guestworker colony.

    • Failed Baby Boomer

      Ahh Mike, welcome back! I like to read your posts to see the corruption and downside of the big migration policy!

    • Mike – did you read about this guy taking Monash to court about failing his course? Chinmay Naik. I wondered if he was an international student (curiously, only the Herald Sun reports that he is, I don’t subscribe so hunted for a link that mentioned it. The SMH was silent on this crucial point).

      Turns out he needed a pass to keep his visa valid. And then when kicked out of court and awarded costs against him, he says he is on financial hardship!!! I thought education was an export LOL.

      “Naik, 23, was handed a video assignment about the negative stereotypes surrounding certain dog breeds last year. He submitted his work 19 days late and got 12 out of 100 points. He failed the assignment again after it was re-marked with a higher score. He needs to pass the assignment to finish his degree and be allowed to keep his visa.
      Refusing to accept that he failed, he took his case to the Human Rights Commission and the Ombudsman, 7 News reports. Those bids were unsuccessful. He also wrote to former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull but did not get a response. The Victorian government responded, though, but it said it wouldn’t be able to help him.”

      “I am on financial hardship and will not be able to pay costs,” Mr Naik said in court.

    • Interesting read Philly. He was studying journalism, and if he did graduate, would go onto a Graduate Visa, because we all know we need more journalists.

    • 4 million in Tassie? All foreign immigrants ?
      Then it can secede (and be bought by China like Nauru,,,)
      Sort of like how Russia sold Alaska to the US …

      • Yep.
        Tasmania has only got 500,000 people and is seperated by a deep sea (for internal sea & air border control) from the Australian mainland – making it ideal as a migrant guestworker colony & economic zone.

        Plenty of spare land & resources.

        The ‘new Mumbai’ & ‘new Guangzhou’ in what is currently Hobart & Launceston.
        All the foreign students & partners on a range of vhsa
        673,000. Moved to Tasmania. No reason why the pretence of international education can’t all be in Tasmania.
        All non nz born SCV
        That’s 230,000 (of 640,000) plus the 190,000 stacked up in NZ waiting to get into Australia. Same.

        All the bridging / protection visas.
        165,000, can do they 3-5 year rorting of the AAT appeals process in Tasmania.
        All the non English speaking ‘working holiday’
        85,000 of 130,000 – same.
        All the illegally working tourists
        440,000 – same also.
        The entire foreign criminal run vice & illicit activity industry shifted to Tasmania.

        That’s say 1.6 million third world Migrant guestworkers flushed out from their migrant slum nests in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane etc.
        but preserving the $75 billion ‘gdp’ they bring, meanwhile restoring jobs & housing & GDP per capita back on the mainland.
        Sydney – 1 in 4 is a migrant guestworker on a TR.
        Exited. Imagine how wonderful that would be.
        Melbourne, 1 in 5 is a migrant guestworker on a TR. same. Houses affordable. No congestion, standard of living restored.
        Then add on the 8.8 million ‘tourist visitors’ with nraeky half being Chinese/Asian & Indian coming in on repeat & long stay tourist visas – their Australian proxy ashore is now in Tasmania – so they would only allowed Tasmania / no permit to visit the mainland.
        Sensible. Enforceable. Pragmatic.

  2. But I thought migrants didn’t use emergency departments, roads or housing, they just magically appear and start contributing vibrancy and economic good fortune like fairies?

    • Read my above post. What about the international student taking the university to court, losing, having costs awarded against him and then pleading financial hardship!!!! Who is paying the fees?