Migrants to the bush to fix climate change

Check out this triple somersault with four and half twists from Cities Minister Alan Drudge:

Moving migrants into the regions and smaller cities would help fight climate change because congestion in Australia’s largest urban centres will fall, according to Population and Cities Minister Alan Tudge.

Mr Tudge appeared on a panel at the University of Melbourne / The Australian social and economic Outlook Conference with Labor’s infrastructure and cities spokesman Anthony Albanese and Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp.

“If you have less congestion you have fewer emissions, it’s that simple,” Mr Tudge said after lunch.

…Mr Albanese backed part of the idea, at least, telling the audience that the plan is possible but he wants a focus on Australian workers for Australian jobs, which would reduce the temporary migration rate.

So migrants fart less in the bush? Drive cars less? Use electricity less?

Just remember that Alan Drudge is in charge of ensuring that your overrun city is fixed.

Cut the intake.

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  1. so….migrants moving into the capitals do add to congestion, hmmm up until now liz allen and jenny leong have said otherwise, I was under the impression migrants teleported from their home to work place, never became ill and never aged

    • CaptainFeatherSword

      “I was under the impression migrants teleported from their home to work place, never became ill and never aged” – Despite your sarcasm – Liz and Jenny are of that impression also. That’s what happens when you are useless [email protected]#&tard academic who has never lived in the real world or had a real job.

      • I don’t know if you are the real Captain Feathersword.

        I never heard him use such language.

    • I live in the country. I just drove from Hornsby to Woolarha, to Randwick and back to Hornsby via St. Peters.
      Holy [email protected]!
      And this is school holidays.
      I’m amazed it hasn’t erupted into riots already…

  2. “If you have less congestion you have fewer emissions, it’s that simple,” Mr Tudge said after lunch.
    I always feel a little emission after lunch is a good thing, personally.

  3. But… there’s no jobs to steal in the Regional or Rural areas.
    15% unemployment rates.
    Up to 40% youth unemployed.
    Much higher than the Australian overall rate of 10%.
    (Roy Morgan – Aug 2018)

    Roy Morgan say we have:
    1.3 million unemployed Australians.
    10% unemployment. An all time record.
    1.1 million seeking work. Same.
    And much worse in the regional & rural areas.

    And we are talking about the 2.43 million TR migrant guestworkers, of which 1.6 million are on a pretext visa work illegally.
    And 1.9 million migrant PR of which various ethnic groups are already 45% unemployed & on welfare being left as is..
    And we are talking about 440,000 illegally working tourist visitors (5% of 8.8 million tourist visitors- ABF/DHA)
    That’s 4.8 million in total.
    2.9 million non residents.
    86% in Sydney & Melbourne.
    🔹1.3 million in Sydney, 1 in 4 people.
    🔹1 million in Melbourne, 1 in 5 people.
    1.6 million working illegally.

    With even more new migrants to be funneled into the regions & rural areas to further distribute that impact.

    They don’t create jobs or wealth.
    They are 90% third world, poor, unskilled no wealth or capital, no skills and can only live either by stealing an Australian job working illegally, in vice or illicit activities, cash in hand, labor services rackets or living on welfare or all of the above.

    And how would this be apply ?
    Will the current 1.91 million PR / citizen grants be exempt?
    Will the current 2.43 million TR be exempt?
    Will the 440,000 Illegally working Tourists & visitors be exempt?
    If so – then it achieves nothing.

    And how would this be enforced?
    Each new migrant with an implanted transponder so their activities & locations can be checked?
    A Chinese hukou system of internal pass controls around all our cities?

    ➡️ Time to face up to reality.
    Exit the 1.6 million TR migrant guestworkers in visa breach.
    Or if they really want that ‘GDP’ activity here (never mind that each migrant lowers Australian GDP per capita considerably..)

    Move all foreign student & partners the entire international education industry restricted to only Tasmania.
    With air & sea border controls between Tasmania & the Australian mainland.
    That’s 641,000 moved out of the mainland cities.
    The 59,000 Asian sex Workers & 14,000 pimp ‘secondary visa partners’ as part of the foreign student racket will help create Tasmania tourist trade.

    Move all bridging / protection visa holders also to Tasmania. They can bridge & have full work rights on an island with no bridges. That’s 160,000 moved as well.

    Restrict all skilled & sponsored visas & dependents to Tasmania. That’s another 160,000.

    All non NZ born SCV who came in via the wide open NZ back door now restricted to Tasmania.
    It’s the same as NZ but with gum trees.
    There’s another 230,000 shifted.

    All non English speaking working holiday – Tasmania – another 35,000.

    All Chinese & Indian or Asian or Middle Eastern or African tourist visitors who haven’t got proven funds & a long term / multiple visit, staying with ‘friends or relatives) that’s actually another half million.

    Tasmania- now with 4 million people – ‘GDP preserved’ and our own little migrant guestworker colony.

  4. That’s hilarious, youth unemployment (and unemployment in general) in the regions is already totally out of control. There would be half the city willing to move to a nice country town where the rivers are clean, the housing is affordable and the traffic isn’t crap if there was a job.

    • Amazing how many you see give up the job hunting & start mowing lawns, & eventually just move on……. they see they’ll never be able to afford even the ‘cheap’ rural houses with the pay on offer & realize the longer they stay the further behind they’re getting…… back they go! At least they showed some go though. Some just turn up & sit on their arse when reality hits.

      • Lol. That’s about it. There’s a hell of a lot more Australia needs to do to turn the regions around than dumping a few shocked migrants in our biggest welfare zones.

  5. These blokes must be spending their overpayment on blow or something – there’s just no other explanation!

    I suppose they use less water too.

  6. They will use ANY LIE (Misinformation/disinformation/fake news ) to give the banks and elite scum what they want at our expense.
    These scum are actually doing us a favor because it exposes just how corrupt they are and just how this country is not being run to benefit ordinary people.

  7. They’ll never give in people! We’ll be debating the same issue in ten years time. 40 million by roughly 2050 they say, but I’ll bet it’s way more and what a sh1t fight it’ll be. A mini America with a bit more chaos thrown in. F all water to drink, but hey import everything. The head locust has spoken, and it’s written in dust.

    • I dunno – this reads like a brain-fart born of desperation and cognitive dissonance. I think plenty of people are onto the con-job of rampant immigration. I say, keep letting the likes of Tudge talk about it. It can only help the cause.

      “Yeah, migration into Australia is very high but…ummm….yeah, we could cut numbers….or……OH! I know! Let’s put em in the bush!

      No? What about growf and viiiiibrancy? Oh. You don’t care about that? Ummm…..OH OH! Climate change! Yeah…yeah….I used to think it was bullshit….but uhh…..nah, nah…. it’s because all the migrants we’ve previously been cramming into the cities are producing too many emissions and..AND…uh, yeah they would produce less emissions if we sent them bush.”

      “So, in summary – we can reduce congestion in the cities and cut emissions if we send the migrants to the bush. And that’s why you should vote for us, the Liberal Party.”

      • Rather than plan for increased immigration, they decided not to. No big picture about what it means for jobs, house prices, services, water, etc. , and what about our overall down stream pension liabilities. Look at the EU now and it’s the thing we do not speak of. I think planned immigration is fine, yet dumb Australia just doesn’t think. You can trace it back to consumption GDP with our lack of a real balanced economy. Never speak of the carbon cost of importing everything either. It’s just pathetic.

  8. I agree, they will never give in. As I said the other day, they will fight an almighty insurgency should immigration fall. In regards to Minister Sludge’s ridiculous claims, I still think Joe Hildebrand’s drivel was hard to top. Those worried about over population in third world countries need to support mass immigration from those countries to here. The reason? Because if they come here Jaunty Joe claims they will have less babies on average here than they would there. So that’s another problem mass immigration is solving in addition to climate change. It also solves third world over population. These corporate lackeys will say anything to save this project. I notice calling opponents of mass immigration as racists has dropped out of fashion. Now its about attaching one self to worthy causes, fighting climate change in Sludge’s case and reducing third world over population in Hildefarce’s case. Is there any problem mass immigration wont solve?

  9. There is absolutely no logic in this statement.

    People in the bush use toasters, heaters, stoves, plastic and cars the same as people in the cities.
    The may also have to drive further to their work.

    This this is without a doubt the most dumbass logic I’ve seen in a long time.

  10. regional migration will not worl, has never worked. We’re being snowed by the government and mainstream media is not challenging this ludicrous idea.